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  1. I've got everything sleeved. Started off with FFG clear sleeves but because their availability is iffy to say the least switched to Ultra-Pro clear sleeves. i now have all Quest cards and stand-alone encounter decks (i.e.the GenCon specials) in FFG sleeves ansd all other cards in Ultra-Pro. Both good sleeves, the Ultra-Pro's are but have that icon on them which doesn't work for two-sided cards; it can also wear away on cards that are in heavy rotation.
  2. I'm using BCW cardboard boxes. The entire LCG, sleeved, just about still fits a four-lane one (I think that's sold as 5,400 cards capacity, unsleeved), but I've purchased a second one now that the card pool is growing further. They're dirt cheap, although obviously paying a few quid for what is essentially a shoe box may seem excessive to some.
  3. "Quest Action: exhaust and discard Shadowfax Then, after resolving the quest phase (including placing progress tokens if any and resolving any other quest phase effects), ready all Heroes committed to the quest and proceed to the start of the quest phase." Effectively gives you two quest phases in a single turn.
  4. Best score so far: getting to stage 2B in campaign mode Solo. Sam / Merry / Lore Pippin. I have only played 2 games though. Was well set up in the second game but lost a Hide test to a hideous encounter deck pull, two Black Riders engaged, one attacked twice thanks to a Shadow effect and that was that.
  5. I have now received a replacement copy of the full Stone of Erech pack. This means I have a spare deck available minus the Dusk card. I would be happy to send it free of charge to someone in the UK; internationally we would probably have to work out the costs. It's perfectly playable without Dusk, just build up to 8 tokens on Eventide and remember to treat it as Dusk when it has 4 or more tokens. So if anyone is interested, send me a message on here.
  6. First thoughts: "discard & play" decks (which try and get stuff into play from the discard pile) will come to the fore. And Vilya decks of course, which also don't rely on cards in hand to set up.
  7. I actually gave up playing Dol Guldur fairly early on, with exactly this sentiment: I'll wait until mono-sphere is viable. I did play it once or twice in a one deck campaign but never came close to beating it. Now is the time to revisit it. Although with very limited playing time and a number of quests still awaiting initial play (Blood, Vale, Erech, Black Riders) it will have to join the queue. ****...must find more spare time <wishful thinking>.
  8. He can even attack an enemy first and then discard himself to pull another enemy in; that's great use out of a single 2-cost ally.
  9. Copy arrived today but without Dusk. Have contacted FFG so should get the missing card soon. From a quick browse it looks like a very tough Quest which plays a lot of tricks with your Willpower, and with the Spectral and Battle keywords appearing at some stage you will really need to think hard about the stats of your characters. It looks doable because 1B and 2B do not require an awful lot of progress to complete; 3B on the other hand... All this without having actually played it, of course.
  10. Martyn here. Dutch, but living in Scotland with wife and three kids. I'm a medical scientist by profession, a mountain biker, metal head and failed musician by hobby. I have a long history of Tolkien cardgaming starting with Middle Earth CCG, the most fantastic game ever, in the early 1990s. For a while I edited the Middle Earth Card of the Day for that game under the nick Fram Frumgarson. I also played the Decipher movie game but did not really like it - mainly because MECCG was such a hard act to follow. I have played the LCG from the start, always solo as I know of no other players and I wouldn't be able to commit to regular meet-ups anyway what with life getting in the way.
  11. Assuming that Voice of Isengard / Ringmaker will take care of three of the main things missing at the moment (Ents, Rings, and corruption), my wish list would be: - The Blue Wizards - Freedom to Roam quests where there is only one quest card, a stack of locations to choose from and just you and your strategy to decide how to go about visiting those locations to beat the scenario. Essentially: make the LCG even more similar to MECCG - The big baddies: The Mouth, Shelob, Gothmog, Sauron of course. Shelob is a given for later in the Saga cycle, I guess. - Shadowfax. He must be better than Asfaloth, and Asfaloth is one of the game's best cards...very curious to see what Shadowfax will look like. - Returning to the corruption theme: a real downside to walking around with shiny attachments, the more you have the stronger you may be but also the less likely you are to remain pure at heart, which is the main theme of the books. I would like this to be a common theme in encounter decks. Essentially: make the LCG even more similar to MECCG Overall, essentially: make the LCG even more similar to MECCG
  12. I wouldn't call it a come back as I think the Numenor / Agaisnt the shadow cycle is great. Maybe that's because I beat Peril in Pelargir and Into Ithilien early, and have not yet managed to make an Outlands deck work. That's probably the two main criticisms of the cycle taken care of . But Black Riders is looking like a very strong set; it will be interesting to see if the Isengard expansion can keep the game at that level.
  13. The only thing that applies to shadow cards is the shadow effect. So if the shadow effect does not say "add this card to the staging area", they are discarded.
  14. Agree that for absolute newbies Passage Through Mirkwood would be a good start. It has nice enemies to fight, locations and nasty treacheries and is the only easily winnable scenario out there. I wouldn't do Road to Rivendell as it has Sleeping Sentry in it and you can't expose newbies to a card like that. Are they Tolkien geeks? If so, Watcher in the Water is probably the scenario from the main game line that most closely resembles a scene from the books, it's very tough but still winnable and has some crazy twists like the Durin's Doors mechanic.
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