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  1. Yes. If you use a smoke grenade you put the grenade token on the circle with two smoke tokens on it. In every "refresh token" step of a game turn you remove one marker, until you remove in turn 3 the grenade token. With this the effect of the smoke grenade ends. (page 23 Rules of play revised edition)
  2. On page 26 of the revised rules is the problem with the reinforcement and equipment mentioned. ;-) They say, that you should take some proxy tokens to refill the missing tokens, and you should remember what the lost tokens are, and was belongs to the new equipment of the troopers.
  3. In our last game we wanted to play the scenario "Gold saves the queen" but there was a little problem, because the gold tokens from the Wolf pack looks different (more shiny on the backside) than the normal crate tokens from the original game, so it was not really possible to put them on the map not knowing, which were the gold and which was the other crates. In the end we put on all crates an additional rubble token, so you couldn't see the backside of the crates. I'm just wondering, if there is a reason, that the tokens from the bonus packs like Wolf, Yula, Ramirez... looks different to the original ones? Or is it a missprinting? ;-)
  4. I don' think, that Union is easier to play, especially against Reich with Heizinger an Karl in team it is sometimes a little bit tricky. Because of the Patmos amulett and the Hermetica occulta and the point, that the Union mostly win the initiatve (Hermann +4 and Karl +3 to initiative roll), it is not easy to keep your team mates together on an path, and you can't simply run and hit the enemy hard. In this case the Reich player is in advantage, he can keep the team together and do not have to care about seighting and paths and so on. The only thing that he should have in mind, to keep Herman alive. With the right team mates, this is not the probleme. Until now I never won a deathmatch with Union on the Castle Kiaz map, when Herman, Karl, Yula, Stoss- and Schocktruppen stand against the Union. ... and it was always more difficult and tricky to command the Union team then the Reich.
  5. Katsuyori said: I daresay: If Yula manages to fight her way through all the voivods and minions crawling around the map, and by wonder gets a first strike an almighty Zor´ka who has such ridiciously high attributes that she is almost rendered invincible, and has some luck on her side and destroys a weapon that can kill multiple targets with one strike over incredible ranges, then she rightfully deserves this victory. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I do not see the point why this should be such a big efford to destroy the magnifier of Zorka. As far as I understand, is Zorkas magnifier a HtH-weapons, which means, the attacker Zorka herself, or a vovoide, has to stand adjacent to the tarket to attack. In the case that Yula has her combat pack with the close combat bar she always should have first strike (an overwatch attack) to Zorka or the vovoides, which means 5 dices with a good chance for a natural 10. In our games, a vovoide has hardly a chance to survive such an attack and for Yula herself it is to risky losing her only weapon. Or would it be possible to attack with the magnifier not adjacent to Yula?
  6. I think, Miah is right, there is no point, that clearly says vovoides cannot do objectives, so they can. ;-) In difference to the hound dog, which clearly states, that he cannot do any objectives.
  7. Ok, I got a new mail so far... Hey Hendrik, I spoke with the team, and we pored over the rule book to get you a decent ruling. The rules for Overwatch state that when you place a character on overwatch, that character does not receive an activation this turn. Page 18 gives a list of possible Actions, which Overwatch is not included on. This means that when a character enters a room, a character on Overwatch may make an attack, but this is not taking an activation. So another character on Overwatch may not attack them. I understand the frustration and the problem with this. I will make sure to address this issue in the next FAQ update. Until then, the ruling is: Overwatch is not an activation, and so a character may not attack a character making an overwatch attack. (This overrules my previous email from this morning.) Thanks for your question! This kind of feedback is always appreciated. Thanks again! -Andrew
  8. I just got an answer for the question from the FFG-team: Your question was: Can a player on overwatch interrupt another character on overwatch? Or kind of the same question but dealing with character.. can yula use her close combat bar to interrupt the overwatch character. The answer is yes. When a player makes an overwatch attack, this does count as "declaring an action." So, if a Von Heïzinger enters a room with both Yula and MacNeal inside, and both are on overwatch, MacNeal may make his overwatch attack, immediately interrupting Von Heïzinger's movement, but, since he has declare an action, Yula may make her Overwatch attack against MacNeal, interrupting his attack. So long as MacNeal survives, he still makes his attack against Von Heïzinger. If Von Heïzinger survives, he continues his activation as normal. Yula could use her "Close Combat Bar," which does not use up her Overwatch Status. However, you may only declare a single overwatch attack against a single character, so, she cannot make her Close Combat Bar attack and an additional Overwatch Attack against MacNeal. - Sorry for my missleading comment, but I'm still wondering, for some special situations, were Yula or the Schocktruppen (with Keep Firing) are involved, I'm still asking for that.
  9. I also think, that the neutral capital get this bonus of five dies, and any player other then the attacker may roll for them. But I'm not sure, who decides, which units are lost, when the neutral player roll some hits. For instance the attacker comes with 5 mechs 3 tanks 3 bombers and 2 fighters attacking a neutral capital with a tank. Then the neutral player may roll 6 dies (five for the capital and one for the tank), rolling 2 hits. Who decides, which of the attacking units are destroyed? Accordingly to the rules, it must be the fighters before the bombers and the tanks before the mechs, but are tanks and fighters are equaly destroyed or can the "defending" player chose? I'm not sure about this.
  10. On page 16 in the premium rules: "Unoccupied areas may never be the target of attack" Furthermore combat involves always an enemy area, whereto unoccpied areas do not belong. So I think, unoccupied areas may only in the movement phase be "conquered".
  11. I just send this question to the FFG-team, hoping for an answer. ;-) In my oppinion, and how we used to play this in our games, does an overwatch do not trigger another character in overwatch. This is why, as far as I understand, a character in overwatch is not activated, so the "a character on overwatch can interupt an enemy character's activation upon any of the following triggers" do not apply. Although an overwatch attack is ruled like a normal attack, I think this are different things. Just as a counter attack is different to a normal attack, so Yula will not have an overwatch attack to a character announcing a counterattack to Yula, after attacked by her, as far as I understand the rules.
  12. Yeah, I think this is a good solution. Although in some situations it is curious. We played yesterday a game Reich vs. Matriarchy, where Yula did a lucky punch against Zorka, which destroyed his magnifier. For the rest of the game Zorka was useless, because he wasn't able to change the weapon. I think Yula with a little bit of luck is very good against the Matriarchy, because Zorka is nearly unvulnarable (especially with his stamina pack), but with Yula against him, he can't be played so aggressively and the vovoides are also much weaker against her, because of her auto-overwatch. So I think Yula make games between Reich and Matriarchy more interesting. :-)
  13. Thanks for the fine tutorials. :-) They help to clarify some ruling questions. But there is one point of the smoke grenades which seems counter intuitive to me: When there are two characters on two adjacent circles, one filled up with smoke and the other not, so has the character on the field with smoke a -2 dies penalty to attack the other character. But this one on the clear field has no penalty by attacking the character on the field in the smoke, although both characters has the same conditions fighting each other in "real life". But this are the rules, or did I understand something wrong?
  14. First at all I think Yula is a very good character especially in combination with Heizingers command pack and on maps with doors. I lost two matches yesterday because of loosing Barrys and Johns weapons to the ability of Yulas Krueger. Especially her auto-overwatch-attack really hurts when she is standing behind doors and your character wants to move through. With up to 8 points movement and 5 dies in an attack she is a good hit-and-run fighter. With Heizingers Hermetica Occulta it is easy to uses pathes where opponents characters like the Union has problems to follow. But following this forumthread I have a questions regarding to the strategy to attack with Yula and let her stand adjacent to the opponents character. The Close-Combat-Bar of the combat pack allows her to do an attack to an adjacent character "...as if you were on overwatch against the active character..." But, if I read the rules right, the overwatch is not triggered when the character is activated, only when the character is moved on a field on the path or announces an action. This means to me, that the character adjacent to Yula can move a field away from her which triggers the overwatch, when the charater is still on the same path like Yula, but Yula can only attack with the pistol not with the Krueger, which means, that there is only a attack with 4 dies possible, not 5, and this is a ranged attack. I think that this would be much weaker than hit-and-run, especially if face characters like John or Barry. ;-) Another question which I have, belongs to the equipment, which is destroyed by the Krueger. Does the ruling "a destroyed token is flipped facedown... but may not be used for the rest of the game." means, that this token never can be layed down, or be changed with another equipment token?
  15. We had a same situation in our deathmatches, so we decided to play Hermann with another than the command pack, because it's nearly impossible to win the mental duels with the original characters of the union. In comparison to the old rules I think they made the Hermetica Occulta to powerful, especially on maps like the castle with long paths and easy-to-reach key positions. With the new characters like Ramirez it may be a little bit more interesting and balanced, but we have to test this in some matches. I belief it's still hard for the union to beat the Hermetica. ;-) I also do not understand, why they made the union characters so weak on mental state, I mean they have all a 3 except John with a 4... does this mean, that the union has only dump people or that they are all so easy to manipulate? I think it would be possible to adapt this values in special house rules, meaning for the story, that the union characters got a special training before facing the enemy, knowing of the mental weapons of their foes. Or you can give them special objects powering their mental values. I think giving John a 5 in mental or perhaps once in a game a 6 would it make a little more interesting for both sides, if you don't want that Hermann always has to use another pack than the command pack. On the other hand, deathmatch is a special mode, where the reich player can wait and watch... in the other game modes like capture the flak or domination both players have to move their characters a lot, so I think, in this modes it would be more interesting, because the reich player can't camp all the time. But this is I never tested yet, so I'm curious about this.
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