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  1. AldousSnow

    Terrain Tutor looking for a nod

    Awesome post. I think a lot of us owe Mel the Terrain Tutor a ton of thanks for his vids. I know I've found his videos full of useful info and entertainment. I'd love to see him get involved with Legion.
  2. AldousSnow

    First yaay

    Ooh. When did this arrive? So cool
  3. AldousSnow

    Making T-47 Flyable

    I'll start with its not horrible. It's just not great. It doesn't need an upgrade fix, or an errata. We need an Admiral Ackbar commander. Give a cool bonus to air vehicles. Done.
  4. AldousSnow

    Ord Mantel and Legion painting

    And since I had this handy on my phone. Here's my WIP AT-ST.
  5. AldousSnow

    Ord Mantel and Legion painting

    A tiny sneak preview of the Ord Mantel seaside stronghold board. And a couple Stormies for good measure. Got a few pieces from Imperial Terrain arriving soon to make some final details. More to come!
  6. AldousSnow

    Terrain Amounts!!! It has to be discussed lol

    As stated in another thread, I play Legion on a static board. And while there is a discussion of where terrain starts and ends, I'd say I play closer to 50% terrain. And that's about the same as when I used scatter terrain for previous wargames. I don't play tournaments, so that doesn't factor into anything for me. 25% just seems like a flat plane with not nearly enough terrain for variety of landscape. Luke has jump 1. If he has no insensitive to jump or has nothing to jump on, he's built on wasted points. I know I'm in the minority, but for me terrain makes the rules shine. And it forces players to think about the tactics of warfare. Not run towards each other and hide behind a tree over and over. Check me off for 40% minimum coverage.
  7. AldousSnow

    Non-modular play area

    Thanks so much. I work full time and play/tour in a band. So free time is scarce. But the band is taking some time off and I can finally get back into the board. I've made some progress since the last time I've posted, but plan to do tons of work in the next two weeks. I'll post some stuff soon.
  8. AldousSnow

    Non-modular play area

    I've been gaming a long time and up until Legion have used and built modular aka scatter terrain. The pros and cons list comparison to non modular aka diorama speaks for itself. Scatter terrain is easier to make, easier to store, portable, cheaper, and allows for different set-ups each game. The things that non modular terrain had going for it, in my opinion, were big, but definitely not enough to outweigh scatter terrain in convienance. Diorama boards simply look better and have better depth of play. Huge points, but it was never enough. Until Legion.... Legion has a really great scenario and condition setup. Making every single game unique in win conditions, point scoring, battle scenarios, and army setup. This, for me, tipped the scale. A static board will see endless playability with these rules. Furthermore, the rules tend to shine when you have more than a flat surface with a few items blopped in the middle. I play at home and have room to store. So portability and storage doesn't weigh in. So for Legion, it's diorama style all the way. I started my Ord Mantel board last fall. I'm sure the posts of the beginning stages are still around. But my second job is on hold and frees up my schedule. So I'll be working on it and posting progress. My question is, why don't we see or hear about diorama style playing areas? I listed the obvious reasons that scatter terrain is preferable, but is nobody else going all out on a static play area?
  9. AldousSnow

    Scum and villainy faction talk(Solo spoilers)

    Ah, you mean the Hutt Cartel who owned and ran an entire sector of the galaxy. Or the Black Sun, who rivaled the Empire at times. These tiny factions that consist of millions of members who keep the empire at bay with ease. They are definitely not contenders against the GCW Rebels who consist of a couple thousand, with a tiny fleet. Not wanting them. Fine. Not liking them. Fine. But yelling they don't belong with thin reasoning is really really really silly.
  10. AldousSnow

    Luck vs Strategy

    Between the commander system and the mission/objective /condition setup, I think this game brings tons of new elements to the genre. I dont understand any saying this game doesn't do anything new. But as far as luck goes, the key is to tip the scale with solid strategy.
  11. AldousSnow

    Speeder Bike Instructions

    Milage varies on knowledge of Star Wars trivia. I had the Kenner Speeder Bike toy that blew up with the button on the back, and I put together the Speeder model kit in the late 80s. I could of put these little guys together with my eyes closed. That AT-RT though..... ugh. Lets just say i had to do some surgery on that poor thing after gluing it together all kinds of wrong.
  12. AldousSnow

    3rd imperial commander/ special forces?

    Thrawn and Scout Troopers.
  13. AldousSnow

    Shadow Troopers

    I plan on painting up a unit of shadow troopers as well. In the end, storm troopers and shadow troopers have identical armor. Using a gloss finish will make them pop. In regards to the inevitable death troopers, the two units are vastly different beyond "black". Death troopers have a slim tactical armor, and a helmet that is way more angular than a traditional stormy bucket. Not to mention 3 sources of neon green light on the helm. There are silver accents throughout the armor. And the tactical elements are all in a flat black leather which is in stark contrast to the shiny armor plates. With 5 extra minutes of care in the paint process, you can make these two units stand out from across a table even placed next to each other.
  14. AldousSnow

    Proton Charge Saboteur

    ... orrrr the charges detonate upon his demise. Super hyped for more info on this expansion.
  15. AldousSnow

    Painting party Los Angeles

    If anyone is in the Los Angeles area, there is a shop called Next-Gen Games on Wilshire, not far from the Tar Pits. Tuesday nights are painting nights starting around 6pm. Ill be trying to make it up there to work on the piles of Legion minis I just got in the mail. If anyone is looking for a shop to play at or a place to paint and talk Legion, come on up. If the response is strong, a Legion night could be organized.