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  1. I think getting more Imperial droids would be cool, including a probe droid. But I think the whole concept of Secret Mission is that it's the Rebels answer to the Imperial only Bounty. Giving Imperials access to Secret Mission wouldn't make sense. I can see the Rebels getting more units with this mechanic. And my guess is we will eventually see Tripple Zero and BT1 in some way.
  2. I'll be using Vellejo 'light brown' for mine. It's a tad darker than I believe they are, but I think it'll look great. Airbrush prime in white, airbrush light brown, wash and detail. Done.
  3. I'll probably be doing a variation on the "Mountain Tauntaun" from Swtor for mine. Maybe even go as far as an Appaloosa horse pattern.
  4. I don't know if anyone else played the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, but that game had/has a ton of Tauntaun mounts in various colors. Everything from Hoth white to jet black, and every variation of color and pattern in between. I highly suggest a Google search of swtor tauntaun or similar searches. I'm sure there's even a page that lists every variation.
  5. My favorite thing about Star Wars Legion is that it Is to scale. It looks right, feels right, and is right. Sliding scales or grossly powerful units/releases would absolutely make me walk away. I get we are all different. But I don't see these massive ships hitting the table anytime soon.
  6. I own every kind of glue imaginable, so that is a non issue. I'm just excited for sprues mainly because of the issues I've had with missing and/or wrong parts in the little plastic bags. I own an average amount of Legion minis; almost everything for Rebels and about half of the Imperial expansions. I've had to contact FFG 4 times to get the parts that were missing, as recently as my Landspeeder having two of the same engine covers. Give me sprues for everything. The chances for wrong parts pretty much disappears.
  7. Completely agree. Though, if they want to give me minis of the three drivers to place in the open hatch, I'll be a bit happier. Has anyone been able to make out the text on Aayla Secura's pilot card? I'm only making out the top half.
  8. Thank you! The lights are a string of LEDs that you can find at dollar stores or similar places. Whenever I find them from $1-$5, I try to pick a few up. There's a small battery pack that's painted black and super glued into the ceiling. Most of the length is super glued into the ceiling as well, but some is fed out around the wall to the outside light. The 3d printed building already had molded wiring, so I just glued it on top, drilled a small hole and fed the LEDs through. Then I covered it in some white, thin plastic. The plastic was actually from the inside tray from a citidel paint set. The tarps are pretty easy too. Dominos Pizza napkins drenched in a white glue/water solution, then painted after it hardens up.
  9. Thanks! This is definitely going to be the starting point for the rest of my Felucia pieces. The entire building lifts up and sets into notches I made. It's got enough clearance to slide minis in and out if you want, but moves if necessary.
  10. Difficult Terrain! As explored in last months challenge, terrain can be used for a multitude of game effects. This month, we're focusing on those terrain pieces that give our units a hard time... Unless you're General Greivous. There are 4 amazing charts in the Rules Reference Guide, under the Terrain Types section, currently starting on page 8. They give a variety of terrain examples, and the corresponding rules for Cover Type and Movement Categories for troopers, ground vehicles, and repulsor vehicles. A great gaming board should have balance. Does your current setup give free reign to your troopers, but is absolute chaos for your walkers and tanks? Do your repulsor vehicles have tons of options while your troopers can't make it 15 feet without running into a river, lava stream, or the Cliffs of Insanity? Make sure every unit on your board has a choice between a more and less desirable path. This month's challenge: Create a piece of terrain that provides difficult or impassable movement for one or more unit type.
  11. My original plan of attack was to make something highly tactical, as most of my terrain pieces are based in Star Wars aesthetic. The idea "Felucian CIS Supply Station". The more I designed it, the more I was thinking about the logistics of a backwater jungle outpost. The whole thing became a narrative challenge. How do they protect cargo from the elements? How do the see with a dark jungle canopy? Tactics had gone out the window. All I cared about was the story behind this place. So I present "Depot 16“. A halfway point between more known CIS outposts. Mostly a staging point for supplies, weapons, and gear before their final destination is determined.
  12. I'll be getting my photos up after work today and launching the new challenge! Work has tied me up recently, but nothing can hold me back from my plastic toys lol
  13. Sequel trilogy core set in December of 2020. And the obvious stuff that will eventually come out.
  14. I have to admit the layout is a bit wasteful. But I'm into the sculpts and excited for Legion on sprues. It'll get better.
  15. Mine is based off the Rebel pilot Ibtisam. She was part of Rogue Squadron, and flew a B-Wing in the battle of Endor. Paint colors are mixed.
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