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  1. From everything I can see, the landscape and architecture is all pretty dark. Personally I'd do a range of light cool grays to black. If I had to do a pop of color, I'd choose a smokey blue. I'm sure there's some other cool ideas out there too.
  2. If I had my way, there would be a Cartel/Crime Syndicate full faction. Neutral unit subfactions that can be used in any list. And these tiny, one off groups, like Sand People, should be left to terrain packs with special rules. They would be fighting against both players.
  3. I was around for the Scum release. I actually liked the packs with 3 ships and cards to upgrade existing units. And I've always felt like Scum has worked in X-Wing. But something about cramming every random small faction into a single "scum" faction in Legion has always felt weird. What I'd like to see, but probably won't, is two new factions. One being a full new faction for cartels/crime syndicates. The other would be a subfaction of neutral units, which could be added to any main factions. This is where I see a lot of characters falling, especially from The Mandalorian.
  4. My take is this is legit. It makes sense. Disney and Asmodee both want what's popular. They don't care about factions or game mechanics. If the Mando is popular, they want it made. Probably not soon. As others have stated, there's not much material here for the 4 existing factions. So... What then? Again, assuming this will take a minute, how will they launch a scum/neutral /sub faction. I know it's been talked to death, but this is our first sign of evidence. If "scum" is coming, and based on the Mando in the beginning, how would you want it rolled out?
  5. Man, I can't use my Risk pieces in a scrabble tournament. The nerve of some companies! Trying to keep the man down.... I have seen this sentiment 50 times, and still don't understand why. They are different games...
  6. I've been in retail management /customer service for 21 years. For all those who are saying that this issue is an easy fix, and your flgs will take an open product back, defective or not, is seriously misinformed. And to further say that it would make said store "bad" or not worthwhile in any form, is completely off base and you're living in a fantasy world. Big chains maybe. Macy's, Target, etc. They'll make the exchange. But that's not where you buy Legion. My local game store? Not in a thousand years. As a matter of fact, my local game store is closing soon. Why? And this is directly from the owner: because people buy their games online, and bring them into the store to paint. They sold 1 Clone Wars box the first week. 10 people were painting their Clone Wars box that same week. Flgs can't survive on cans of Coke and paint pots. This new line of action only further makes thing more difficult for brick and mortar.
  7. Exactly this. These part screw ups are not few and far between. They are numerous and common. If they want to shove responsibility to flgs and customers, they need to get their **** together.
  8. I would say this wouldn't be so bad, but the truth for me is that there's a lot of problems. Since launch, I've had the infamous missing at-rt handle in the core set, a missing arm in my Wookiee expansion, two left engine covers in my landspeeder, and just today I opened a new Clone Wars core box, and my Grievous right foot, on the **** spru, has both front toe claws snapped off and missing. That's not bad luck. That's an issue. I must say this makes me upset. Sure, green stuff can mold some new toes, but an entire missing part is going to be an absolute hassle.
  9. If only there was a Star Wars game that involved typing endless walls of unhappy text.
  10. Totally agree. There's always that person who wants to dig into semantics of the rules and try to exploit some vague loophole. I always assume it's the same people who try to "win" dungeons and dragons. Lol.
  11. Then why do sub forums exist at all? I get you're here for comic relief, and jokes are fine and all. But nobody is talking about choosing or any of the topics being "bad" or anything negative. We're talking about forum organization. And since 1/3 of all posts don't have anything to do with Legion, organization is probably needed.
  12. This is almost so false its funny. I could literally invent and/or link 500 topics that fall directly into a general Legion forum as opposed to a specific sub forum. I guess what we simply have here is a number of people use this as their all encompassing Star Wars discussion outlet. They like Legion, so they just use the forums for any random Staw Wars topic they please. And it appears a ton of people dig this. Some don't. The other FFG forums have an off topic section, Legion doesn't. That should be looked into.
  13. The general forum should be for general FFG Star Wars Legion discussion. An Off Topic forum would be for off topic Star Wars discussion. It's silly how difficult some are making this concept. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. I'd be more likely to spend more time here if it did.
  14. Fantastic. I'm not really looking for quantity. I'm looking for quality, and not having to weed through non Legion material. You have made me want it more now.
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