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  1. Wow, this work is amazing! Thank you so much for it. Out of curiosity, where did you get the template for the document?
  2. It was about 5 years ago that I uploaded my first draft of the Dornian Heresy Deathwatch to these boards, and it seems only fitting that, after oh so very long, I upload the completed version here too (assuming anyone still reads this board, that is). Please let me know what you think! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzccq0F7EjYOam91Y2RGeG9JcVU
  3. How I'd choose to differentiate the two is that the Background happened so far in the past, and the circumstances were such that the character was able to work through the insanity and corruption since the Imperium isn't necessarily the type of folks who exorcise someone and then throw back to the streets. Most likely what followed would've been some for of hypno-indoctrination, or intense prayer/flagellation/whatever else to clear that. The body would regain whatever strength it had lost and whatever knowledge was gained would most likely have been "encouraged" to have been forgotten, or simply lost over time. The event of possession/exorcism, everything is still very much raw. Most likely the player character doesn't have access to all the same resources, or their Inquisitor decides that this may be a good thing and decide to NOT to a proper post-exorcism "rehabilitation." I compare it to a bad breakup. One week, six months or even a year afterwards you could still be affected badly by the experience. Five years later and it may just be "some chick I dated who broke my heart. I've moved on"
  4. The easiest way (and possibly the most fun to watch) would be to inflict insanity points on him, or have him roll a WP test of some sort to resist insanity on a missed shot.
  5. I hope this is ok; apologies if it's not. As a collector of the miniatures, I'm looking to buy one of the Gozanti's Blue TIE Fighters w/stand. Anyone care to make an offer?
  6. That would be the best. Sadly too good to become true. It's not bioware, but Neocore (who did Van Helsing) is doing an inquisitor RPG game. It's looking pretty cool http://www.neocoregames.com/tag/inquisitor40k/
  7. I believe you're giving the average joe far too much credit. To live in the Imperium of Man is to live in fear and ignorance. To live in this state means that you will accept the truths blindly from those in charge who say that they have your best interestes at heart (i.e. survival and the promise that your soul will meet the Emperor. Please allow me to provide another interpretation. For example: 1) Xenos - you know they exist, but they are big terrifying and will kill you in a second unless there is a brave guardsman around to protect you. By the way you should join the Imperial Guard so you can be this big, strong guardsman and protect others. 2) There is The Great Enemy, or Chaos, or the Ruinous powers that will corrupt the soul of man. They are not given form, except in the faces of the traitors. Hey is that Bob from accounting? Apparently he thought stealing from The Church was a good idea, now he's wearing spiky chains, waving a sawed-off shotgun and is threatening to kill everyone so he had to be taken away. 3) There is no talk about Horus or any of that. The Astartes and their Primarchs are uncorruptible angels of Purity and Wrath. There is no way that they will ever succumb to the Ruinous powers or turn against the God Emperor. To even suggest that would be heresy. 4) Everything up until the Horus Heresy is, I'm sure, in the various texts and teachings. How the Emperor came to be this way is a grey-ish area but I'm sure it's the "Died for your sins" style thing. 5) Psykers are mutants, and mutants defy the emperor's nature by existing. If you see anyone perform any sort of witchcraft, contact your local arbites. 6) The spirit of the machine must be kept happy. Be sure to dismantle and clean your rifle with only the most sacred of oils thatcan be purchased at your nearby shop for only $39.99 7) The Inquisition may as well be the boogyman. It comes in the night and takes your wife away for no reason whatsoever. Be on your best behaviour citizen. 8) I would think that solid projectiles and las weapons would be the most common. Plasma, despite its prevalence in lore, is an arcane technology and rather rare, and moreso with melta. 9) If it's not boxy and square and makes all sorts of noise when its supposed to move, it's probably xenotech. Please do not touch and notify your local arbites. 10) I think the Astronomicon would be lumped into talk of the Golden Throne. Just my interpretation of things.
  8. One that I was planning, but never got around to doing was the following situation: Players are investigating a strange psy-signature eminating from a dormant, drifting Tyranid bioship. As the kill-team boards, they lose contact with their ship, but most would chalk it up to interferance from inside the bioship. While investigating they start to notice the bioship is coming back to life and spawning Tyranids to fight them - simple creatures at first but as the ship begins to reawaken, more advanced life forms start to appear. Continuing through the tyranid bloodshed, the Kill-Team meet Eldar who are fighting for the same goal. The Kill Team must face a choice: ally with the Eldar and fight the Tyranids until the objective is achieved, then attempt to betray the Eldar before being betrayed themselves or fight the Eldar and face foes on both sides. In my game, I planned the psy-source to be an Eldar Soulwell that was being fed upon by a powerful Zoanthrope.
  9. TechVoid said: HappyDaze said: How would it matter since there is only one set of damage values for Necron weapons? I am not sure, if I fully understand your comment. But it matters, since the threat level of an enemy is based on the assumption that the weapons follow the same guidelines. Thus, for example, if the authors had in mind that an enemy weapon should be equal to a Heavy Bolter than you know that the enemy weapon is weaker, if played according to the Errata. Which makes the enemy weaker. Cheers, -- TechVoid. I believe that everything published since the weapons were revamped are scaled using those revamped stats as a balancing point.
  10. The Russian said: Mkall said: The Russian said: Good work, I'd love to see some Death Guard to make a Deathshroud! Believe me, I've wanted to make the Death Guard too, however I'm waiting on the "official" DH Death Guard before I write them up, which at this rate may not be until 2015 given the writer's constant disappearances for months at a time. "Official" Death Guard? I haven't heard of this… and yes, a Houdini writer isn't good for the most part. Either way, they have been my second favorite Legion for a while, pre-heresy though. Official being Index Astartes article that details the Death Guard in their 40K state had Dorn been the Arch-Traitor instead of Horus. As much as I'd like to claim credit for the whole idea and inter-twining lore, I'm just someone who takes someone's else's creative juices and twists it into Deathwatch-compatibility - with their permission of course. Without the writer's take on the Death Guard, I don't want to get presumptuous even though the recent Forge World book is probably a good indication of things to come.
  11. The Russian said: Good work, I'd love to see some Death Guard to make a Deathshroud! Believe me, I've wanted to make the Death Guard too, however I'm waiting on the "official" DH Death Guard before I write them up, which at this rate may not be until 2015 given the writer's constant disappearances for months at a time.
  12. How do the Necrons compare to their appearances in the Black Crusade books? When I read about them in the Tome of Fate, they didn't strike me as tough enough to take on a Deathwatch Team.
  13. I'm hoping that they take on some of the lesser known chapters that have some great potential in them, such as: Steel Confessors Red Hunters Sons of Antaeus Death Spectres Marines Malevolant
  14. The Night Lords are done! I'm afraid I may have made them rely a little too much on the ability to generate Fear, but I suppose time and playtesting will tell me for sure. Rapidshare Link: rapidshare.com/files/706851798/DHDW.pdf Google Docs Link: docs.google.com/open Note the version number at the top of the document, I figured that's the best way to do this moving forward. This may be the last you guy s hear from me on this for a while. I want to work on the advancements for a while to make sure I know where I'm going with it. If anyone wants to help/playtest/provide feedback/brainstorm ideas or wants to be an artist, please reach me by email: mkall@seibertron.com. I do intend to see this through, but patience may be required.
  15. Gaius said: Just noticed something when some players in my gaming group wanted to roll up characters. The Iron Hands can get two starting cybernetics but there is no limit on what these can be. Sure bionic arms and legs can give you bonus toughness in locations but I have I did think that the as written option to walk into character creation with a combination of two of the following is a bit much MIU, Auspex Array or Servo Arm. I know in regular 40k they use servo arms outside the tech marines but as I pointed out to a player I have only heard of these being used by War Smith level Iron Warriors. It might do to specify if these options weren't your intent and if they were I'd advise considering it more carefully because many players will take these options nine times out of ten, a free auspex, deadly close combat weapon of destruction or +10 to a bunch of things including BS tests is a bit much. Still great work over all as I've said before, just didn't know if you had realised this rule as written. An interesting point and one I should revisit, thanks for bringing it up. I would be very interested to hear more feedback if your group actually starts gaming with these characters! The Night Lords are nearing completion; only a week or so and then I move on to the next part of the project. I plan on having at least one advanced specialty per legion, Thousand Sons Sehkmet Psyker Terminators, Night Lords Prophets, Iron Warrior Siegelords and more!
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