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  1. I've a character advancement question here for you guys. I have a comrade in a game I am playing who is an Iron Hand, and he wishes to take hatred multiple times at the price listed on the Iron Hands chapter advance list. While I am aware that hatred can be gained multiple times through a career, it is unclear if he can select hatred multiple times from the Iron Hands entry. I'm up in the air myself, but the argument that is being made is that for a talent to be available more than once from a given advance list, it has to have the multiplier next to it, much like Sound Constitution. Likewise, it has been argued that if a given talent could be taken more than once per rank/advance list, then a character could spam Signature Wargear into Signature Wargear (master) at ranks 1 and 3 respectively, and the Signature Wargear entry at rank 5 would be absolutely meaningless. The counter argument is that skills can be taken multiple times when the skill shows (skill name [any]), like Speak Language (any), Drive (any), and Trade (any). None of those appear to be locked into a one time purchase. My thought on that is that this is because they are skills, not talents, and as such do not follow the one time purchase rule. If someone could clarify the specifics of obtaining a particular talent more than once per advance list, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  2. Hola folks. I'm hoping there is someone around, still active in the community, to answer a question I have about dragons and combat styles. Mostly, I am curious about the use of natural weapons (claws, bites, tail whips, and gores from horned heads) in place of manufactured weapons in human martial arts forms taken from the catagologue of pain. As the current GM of the group, I feel that the use of light claws in Knife Fighter or the use of a heavy bite in Overkill are against the spirit of the rules and battle system, even though either would technically count as the appropriate weapon type for the martial style in question. I do not wish to force the issue at the table (two players are hoping to skip Ravager in favor of Overkill), but I also look at this as a rules lawyering sort of conflict that I'm hoping there is a clear rule against elsewhere. Either way, I'm hope someone here has some wisdom to impart. Thank you for your time. =)
  3. So some context to this. I'm starting a new campaign in which the characters, regardless of their own supernatural power, are generally ignorant of the supernatural world. They may have great abilities, they may fear their own abilities, but goblins and demons and warlocks and flying spaghetti monsters are all things of myth to them. Suffice it to say that illusion is gonna get broken by the end of the first adventure. One of the beasts they'll be fighting is a creature with a damage barrier. Now as the rules for monster creation state, the creature's damage barrier doesn't protect against attacks which can damage energy. So that begs the question of exactly what deal damage to energy? Some abilities of course are very explicit about it, such as the Aura Extension ki power. But what about a pyrotechnic psychic ability, like Immolate.. or a necromancy spell like Death Beam? Both are clearly supernatural powers, but will do they count as powers that damage energy (Death beam hits the Energy AT, so I'd think that would be the case, but I'm not sure)
  4. Completely unfamiliar with Mr Schwarzwald, but I do recall that line about Eljared's name.
  5. Okay.. that's who I thought he was. Totally forgot he was a Giovanni though. Also, isn't his brilliance due, in part, to the fact he has a few of the Black Coins?
  6. Forgive my ignorance, but which character is Lucanor? I'm still pretty new to this, so not all of the big name NPCs have stuck in my head. He isn't the filthy rich tech pusher with some of the dark coins, right?
  7. In both the Anima core rulebook and in Beyond the Dream, the history presented in both respective chapters is given to us by an enigmatic individual who remarks on the fact that they've been there through every event, witnessing the history of Gaia. From the core book - "All of them can feel it. It has begun. And all of the things I have told... I have seen them. Because I never forgot. That is my damnation." From Beyond the Dream - "The dark legacy that man inherits is on the verge of fruition. Nothing is over. Deep down, this story has only just begun. And as I was present at the beginning… So shall I be here to witness its end." Do we have any clue who this individual is?
  8. Where can we find more information on these theories? And for that matter, where can we find more information on Elhazzared? The only referrence I've seen to her is Rah naming the unshaped entity in the machine at the end of Beyond The Dreams. I like the lore to the world and am looking to start GMing a group soon, but at times it feels a bit overwhelming. Lots of enemies, lots of world altering events and big time names, and yet no real end game or movement. Seems like the only guy whose ambitions are stated is the leader of the Imperium. We've got lots of other big names though, but no real advice on how to encorporate them into a campaign. I'd love to hear some thoughts on the lore, or at least find a place such a conversation is occuring.
  9. Plus, who wouldn't want to be in the middle of this: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lkvwveNPdi1qeeo82o1_500.png
  10. Thanks for the input everyone. As it stands, I've come to the decision to leave the rule alone as is. As I see it, the weight of a horde's attack is represented by sheer numbers of firepower simply overwhelming defenses. A force field is simply not going to negate 100 lasguns all firing at once. But on the same token, it's going to negate a whole **** bunch of those attacks, or very few of them depending on the Emprah's favor. So rolling a successful defense with your forcefield doesn't mean your local Storm Warden with Storm Shield just ate 697 bullets, it means that he deflected enough shots with his field that the remainder that got through simply weren't enough to overwhelm him.
  11. Recently in a game I help coach, one of our players running an Assault Marine turned Chaplain waded into a horde of xeno-barbarians and slaughtered them. While the fight was supposed to be fairly one sided, the issue of his Rosarius came up. Namely, can a force field defense be used against the relentless and massed attacks of a furious mob of pole arms, flintlock pistols and natural fire breath? To keep things smooth we simply opted for a literal translation of the shield rules: Make a check for every attack made. Has this issue come up in other campaigns you guys have run and.. if so.. what were the rulings you made?
  12. It might be easiest to simply read what is read in the Rites of War book under the "Ritual Duel Fighter" deed. As it stands, the two groups will usually send a champion to meet each other on the eve of battle and they'll fight unarmed but fully armored. With that in mind, I'd say a battle based on a point system (X number of hits, keeping an opponant grappled while maintaining the superior grappling position, or fighting until their fatigue forces unconciousness) would suffice quite well. However, as champions of the Astartes, I highly doubt either group would shirk away from a close quarters battle with sword or knife. A battle to first blood would still take time and effort and it's highly unlikely they'd die from the combat.
  13. I'd like to be apathetic to the issue, but my hand has been forced.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I had no intention of originally entertaining the idea. I am well aware of fluff and such and do attempt to keep things pure.. and amongst my players that has been exceptionally difficult because I play with a bunch of entitled pricks who think they should be able to have everything they want the way they want it, and this issue was no different. Truth be told I'm already looking to axe the Deathwatch campaign over this issue alone, let alone some other cry baby of mine who spent half a session derailing the character creation process because he couldn't be a wulfen Space Marine. I figured this was about the only viable option I had, as it retained at least some level of fluff purity. Not that I exactly comprehend why the concept itself is heresy, but I am sure you'll explain it to me in clear and irrefutable terms. Tis been a long day. Anyone here running a game online?
  15. Well.. this issue recently came up in my own group (6 person team, 2 female players who were NOT keen on the idea of playing male characters) and it turned into this big argument of why female space marines can't exist, sexual favoritism and blah blah blah. As GM I took it upon myself to look into a solution that would satisfy everyone. I wasn't just gonna up and bend the rules of the 40k setting to make two of my players happy, but I wanted a win-win.. my desire to keep canon pure while giving them a female character option. What I came up with is this: The first issue against female marines is the genetic enhancement. Since the organs and gene seed of space marines are keyed specifically to male zygotes (and thus I assume stem cells) attempting to do the implanting of the 19 specialized organs would result in.. well.. death. The second issue is recruitment itself.. Space Marine chapters recruit seasoned warriors from the cultures in question.. war children really.. gangers and feral youths and viking boys. By and large males are far more likely to be warriors, criminals and hunters in human cultures the galaxy over. Even if there was a potential female candidate she'd be one for maybe one hundred or even one thousand equally skilled and likely physically stronger male counterparts. So the issues we must get around are genetics and recruitment. The solution I came up with was this.. one would need to have a second founding chapter.. one that diverted thousands and thousands of years ago to be a chapter of females. The gene seed, the organs, the chemicals.. the entire cocktail of genetic enhancement keyed to female zygotes instead of male zygotes. This would be done due to the fact that the chapter in it's ancient origins chose a home system with a feral recruiting world that had a.. well.. distinctively amazonian culture where the women were the hunter-killers, warriors, craftsmen and so forth. To be able to recruit and survive as a chapter the genetic enhancements had to be keyed to the recruitment base they'd be working with: A base of warrior women. So there we have it.. a second founding with amazonian space marines, the whole chapter exclusively female for the same logical reasons as other chapters are filled exclusively with males: Gene seed and recruitment. They're still totally vicious superhuman warriors, still driven to purge the mutant, alien and heretic. I got to keep respect for the canon and science of the setting and they got female marines. Now unfortunately I've been charged with converting space marine models and painting respective chapter colors on em. Hopefully this might serve to help your situation.
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