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  1. if you play Descent and want to find players in your area like myself, check out my site. here is the link.........www.meetup.com/Descent-Journeys-in-the-Dark-Dawsonville/
  2. i'm looking for Descent players! check out this link..........www.meetup.com/Descent-Journeys-in-the-Dark-Dawsonville/
  3. i'm looking for players for the game of Descent. i made a site. here is the link..........www.meetup.com/Descent-Journeys-in-the-Dark-Dawsonville/
  4. i have the same problem! i love Descent and playing it with just my son is not that fun always. so i just made a "meetup" group. there is a site called meetup. you can start a group there and try and find players. which is what i did just tonight. you can check out my site if you want to get an idea of what your group site would look like. here is the link.........www.meetup.com/Descent-Journeys-in-the-Dark-Dawsonville/
  5. Dawsonville Georgia. here is a link to my site i made for Descent players...www.meetup.com/Descent-Journeys-in-the-Dark-Dawsonville/
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