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  1. Thank you so much for clearing that up! I definitely don't mind the steps, I just didn't understand the process. This is far better than pen and paper.
  2. I have never used the site before but today I put my group's campaign in the tracker. Everything was fine up until the point where I had finished on the part where you put the results in the for the quest. It let me put that information in but there wasn't a screen where you add skills and now it is back at the campaign summary screen and I cannot find a way to do anything. There is no button to continue the campaign or add the skill choices in from the last quest. I can't add travel to the next quest or choose anything. I'm not sure if the site isn't working or if it's just not working for me or if I'm completely missing something obvious to be able to continue.
  3. any2cards said: I have been told by someone at FFG that the key word within the statement about Fatigue and Stamina is "forced". If a game effect FORCES you to use fatigue beyond your limit than you suffer hearts (damage). Using a hero ability or a heroic feat is a CHOICE by the hero. They are never FORCED to use it. As such, even Karnon cannot use his Heroic Ability if he has already reached his stamina limit. I understand that point, but for me, it's the wording on Karnon's ability which doesn't say "suffer a fatigue to . . .". The ability isn't checking his stamina before it activates. He's not paying the stamina to use the ability. Taking the stamina is a side effect rather than a cost here and this appears to be intentional because of the wording.
  4. Clearly Karnon cannot suffer a fatigue to his inherent ability if he is at his maximum fatigue. The rule about taking hearts if you are at your maximum fatigue isn't an alternative way to pay fatigue costs. You simply cannot choose to suffer a fatigue when you reach your maximum. This isn't limited to gaining movement points or using class skills. Conversely, Karnon's heroic feat doesn't stipulate that you must spend a fatigue to activate it, but instead suffer a fatigue as an effect of the feat. This would indicate that you can in fact use it if you are at your maximum fatigue and that you would indeed suffer a heart in that case. As far as heroic feats are concerned I believe thematically it makes sense that they can be done even at the hero's lowest point.
  5. Each quest lists Reinforcements that the Overlord may play. Check your quest guide and rulebook on Reinforcements. In the first quest the overlord is allowed to add one goblin to the map at the end of each turn, respecting group limits.
  6. Does the amulet of healing heal all damage, stamina, and remove all poison? Or does it heal just wounds and stamina? Or does it heal an amount equal to your max health? Or does it heal an amount equal to the difference between your maximum and your current health?
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