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  1. Also, if I go into a gate in the Black Cave, do I need to make the special fight check? What about when I return to close or seal it - special fight check? And green-bordered monsters: do their special effect take place at the end of EVERY mythos phase, or only when their symbol is activated on the Mythos card (like in a normal game)? Does Hound of Tindalos move to the closest investigator or towards Black Cave?
  2. Tibs said: Entering gates only happens during the Arkham Encounters phase (not the Movement phase). In other words, as long as you are on the open gate, whether or not there is a monster and whether or not you want to enter the gate, you will enter it. So I don't even fight the monster in the first place? I always thought I would have to fight my way to the gate to enter it
  3. MonsieurPoulet said: Question 2. I'd use the shortest path posssible. Sometimes both paths are equally short.
  4. This may be a stupid question, but do we use the Dunwich board in addition to Arkham board? How do the monsters move towards the Black Cave, exactly? White lines, black lines, or can we decide?
  5. I go to a location where there is a monster and a gate. I pass the horror check but decide to flee the combat. Do I enter the gate immediately or stay in the location to encounter the monster on the following turn?
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