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  1. Hello there everyone, I am in the midst of writing some background and can't for the life of me find a picture of the Tech Witches which I wanted to display. Does anyone have an online pic to post up? It will help me with some details. I know I have it somewhere, it was a witch on her knees with a headdress, looks quite ghoulish and I believe Amicus Tole standing behind them. Thanks
  2. A single tech priest building Terminator armour by themselves? The art of building these suits is nearly lost background wise. You sound as if you are power gaming, your goal to build the 'toughest character'. Is this more important to you than RP? I would suggest looking at DW if you want to play OTT characters who potentially have access to terminator armour. There has never been a case of any Adeptus Mechanicus charcter in the background (that I know of) ever having a suit of Terminator armour. Youd also need to find the plans to build them (not easy in the slightest, and highly unlikely anyone will have them just hanging around), then parts and a workshop/factory to build it and many many hours. Lastly if any othe AM characters got wind of what you were doing youd probably be hunted down.Are you going on any reconaissance missions? Not with terminator armour; consider your cover blown. Trying to 'blend in'? Not a chance.
  3. Boss Gitsmasha said: I do think the -10 penalty on top of reducing their Fellowship by 10 is too much, because it means the character is useless in the early investigative stages. Even asking for a place to sleep or buy ammunition is arduous for them. If anything I'd just keep the -10 penalty while leaving their characteristic untouched. Theres lots of ways round that, like good RP for example…… The character could say they have friends in high places or similar even if they dont. "Are you telling me you won't sell me this ammunition? The Lord Governor Vellus shall hear of this. I would suggest finding another line of work/place of work/planet/system as i'll make sure you never work here again." Who said people cant sleep rough too? If needs must…. Also on the investigative side, you dont have to just be good at enquiring and talking to people, you may have other skills. Searching with a keen eye, logic/tech use, or maybe even interrogation style stuff can work. Who said you have to get along with people to be a good investigator/detective? Though it does help. They can find another place to shine other than fellowship vased tests, and as long as they aren't left on their own to do all the talking it should be fine. In fact it should bring up some good stuff if the player is inventive and has some great RP possibilities. Just because a certain character has a paticular weakness doesn't mean there arent ways round it, including their other strengths.
  4. It would be interesting to see some U.K.ers on too, as i'm outnumbered
  5. Well we've had some great stuff so far, I think everyones benefitted from this in one way or another. So thanks to everyone whos popped in and contributed. I'd also like to put forward the proposal of hosting a GM Skype session, in that it will be open as long as someone is in there and it would allow the conversations to be a lot more free form. Talking over this with Saldre we guessed it could bring up even more stuff than just the chat room alone. The only thing is when using voice it wont be so easy to record information as we could in a chat room, but the use of both could be extremely advantageous. If you're reading this and you haven't been in yet please take just a small amount of your time and pop in, you may leave with some useful stuff.
  6. Interesting grapple mechanics there… lol. Looks very cool, i just found this so ill be reading through it all a bit later. Looks promising o far
  7. Sanguinius has his own day of celebration/worship in the imperium, ill try to track it down
  8. So far this has been great, weve come up with all sorts of ideas and improvements.
  9. Awesome stuff. Ive been thinking about the logistics as well. Skype allows upto 25 people at once so I think that is more than enoughat one paticular time. The other thing would be day(s) time(s). Thinking along those lines if people are at their computer on a certain day they could leave skype open and people could drop in and out whenever sharing just a few minutes or even a few hours depending on what time they have and how good the conversations are. I think leaving it fairly open means people from different countrys can get involved potentially and I think this is a great thing as different cultures can bring different styles to the table and bring about fresh ideas.
  10. After having read many posts given a bit, and received a lot of information and help I got to thinking. I finished another session today and had a chat to all the players (over Skype) asking what they did and didnt like, what they thought could be improved and so on. It didn't strike me till later about how cool it could be to set up some sort of 'GM Meet' over Skype. People could get to know each other, exchange ideas, information, maps, house rules and home made items/equipment/weapons and so on. I think the benefit of this over just talking in the forums is that you could quite easily get a lot of free flowing ideas and thoughts branching off in different directions that coould inspire. motivate and push you into doing things without the restriction of writing a thread in a forum and waiting for a reply. Does anyone else think this may be a good idea? Would anyone be interested in it?
  11. I am with Brother Kane on this. I find it a lot more realistic, and it is also backed up by the advancement in levels, the character is still an Arbite, Adept, Guardsman or whatever. It also feels cooler that they are sometimes whisked away from their everyday lives to do something out of the norm (working for an Inquisitor). The fact that the Acolytes have to be fairly scrupulous with their money is something that grounds them slightly, it makes every day feel more real and indeed restricts them on what purchases they can make. As a GM I am quite tight with handing out money or indeed anything good to the players, they have to work to get it and thats what makes everything so much more enjoyable. My current group is level 4 and they pretty much have the same gear they started off with but im sure theyre going to want to 'upgrade' very soon. I really like the added element that the earning of money bringsas opposed to say RT or the like where its not really so much of an issue. The players feel they have earned what they have
  12. I always have my Acolytes spending time learning something in breaks between missions and use my own judgement in roughly how long it could take and indeed if its possible in that time frame. For example I had a large mission split over 4 sessions, and after each one awarded a certain amount of XP etc. I didn't let them spend it on a lot of things because I deemed they would not have had enough time to learn certain things, obtain certain skills etc. The more advanced the skills (+10,+20 etc) the longer it takesto learn I would say or locate something that enables them to learn (in the case of Tech Priests for example downloading 'skills' etc). For the learning of lore I would say basic would be a few months between missions, with that as the key focus. I would also get the players to RP reasons why, how etc in combination with yourself. For example a Scum character who is in my current group has a contact in a certain place. He stayed there between sessions and gained certain advancements representing he was doing 'underworld stuff' on the world, he did also take some characteristic penalty too which made it seem more realistic and less 'pay for a skill *ping* you now know how to do this.'
  13. As before, we're pretty flexible. So let me know what times you can do. We tend to have a fairly long session (with breaks) and fairly regularly would do 6+ hours. To you both, id like to hold a Skype session where you can listen to and talk to the other players and see what you think, and not just from me this Sunday. Does that sound like something you'd like to do? Id be holding it around 11. If not i could change the time to something more convenient?
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