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  1. Sergeants don't get the Social aptitude either. They only get fellowship, so they are at the middle cost for the fellowship advance. The only specialty I know of that gets the Social aptitude is priest, which means that the only one getting Fellowship for cheap cheap is the Priest. I'm going to guess that FFG's concept with this is that Commissars and Sergeants get Leadership cheaper than any one else and use that to boost their chances with commanding people rather than increasing fellowship to do it.
  2. The fluff for the Spinward Front (including the map) are not yet released for player viewing as far as I know. The beta lacks particular large amounts of fluff and art, which is part of the point of this as the beta was only meant to include mostly the mechanics of the game so people could play it and test it out.
  3. The point of this isn't a mechanic issue or any thing, but I think it would be a lot more helpful for new players playing the game if the Luminen talents were a bit more clear that the Luminen Capacitors are a Cybernetic not part of some trait or talent or something that was simply missing from the book. It isn't a major thing or any thing, but I personally found myself looking at talents/traits for a bit before looking in the cybernetics area. Also, am I right to assume that the actions a comrade uses are completely independent of a player character's actions? Meaning: the player has his actions and then the comrade has his actions that just goes on the same turn as the player, or is it that the player has to spend his actions to get the comrade to do things? I'm not exactly sure based on the wording in the book exactly how the comrade's actions and orders work, so any clarification would be appreciated.
  4. N0-1_H3r3 said: Peacekeeper_b said: A few things I dont like, not too fond of Aptitudes, not because it doesnt make sense or doesnt work, just think its extra book work. Looking forward to how I can work this with Dark Heresy as Alternate Ranks. Did I miss the officer? Scout? Fundamentally, because the careers have been replaced with specialities (which are more or less starting archetype packages), you could build any kind of Imperial Guard character you want from pretty much any starting point that you feel gives the right abilities. The sergeant archetype works as a decent baseline for any leader-type character, for example. On a similar note, different types of regiments will favour different types of characters. I can give an example of this using the Eleventh Hour demo. The Weapons Specialist in the demo is an effective scout/stealth character that is capable of functioning exceptionally well, and there is also the use of Ratlings for that role as well. The other one….any character can develop the commanding skills and the like, but the Sergeant specialty will simply have an advantage due to the special abilities that only they can get.
  5. Fair enough, Rift, I was just thinking that might take a fair bit of time to still do a combat even with hordes. 11 flunkies plus 4 players....It seems to me like that would take at least an hour for one combat though? Do you have a rough estimate of how long each combat takes? I've become quite curious about this. Also, is the no dodging/parrying for everyone or just hordes or just hordes/flunkies? I'm extremely curious about this combination of DH stuff with only War. Also to go onto topic: Only War with Deathwatch, a squad of Imperial Guardsmen working along side two or three Space Marines sent to invade a planet with a special mission to take down some really important individual in the war. A chaos group with some Chaos Marines would make sense to have Space Marines alongside a Guardsman war front.
  6. I felt I should share my opinion here as well....I think the "Storm Trooper" specialty will more than likely be filling the niche of your standard Lasman, but with a far more appealing name obviously. It makes sense since not many people will want to play something called a "Lasman" or simply generic "Guardsman", but if you put Storm Trooper then you avoid gender identification of male or female, and you make it sound appealing and rather intimidating. The only other logical theory could be that the Storm Trooper class is the one with the fancy toys....not heavy weapons, but not your standard lasgun either. Hellguns, thicker armor, maybe a bit less in the skill department or specialization options that the normal Lasman would get, though this gives you two standard front line troopers to play with if that were the case.
  7. H.B.M.C. said: Is a Storm Trooper really another 'level' of play though? I just see him as filling a different role to a Tech-Priest or an Officer or whatever. BYE I agree with this one honestly. I see the Storm Trooper specialty filling the niche of your standard Lasman instead of being something extrodinary.....mostly because the name Storm Trooper sounds better than Lasman or Guardsman honestly. It seems to me like the more logical conclusion there, but it could be that the Storm Trooper is also set as the niche for the big toys that aren't heavy weapons while you still get your lasman....so perhaps maybe the Storm Trooper could be the guy getting all the fancy experimental tech they want to use while you still have your generic Lasman. That said, I'd like for my wish list to include some GOOD sniper weapons and sniper gear that doesn't seem as crap as the stuff in the other games. I'd really like an excellent SP sniper weapon that doesn't massively suck against armor because it has zero to maybe one armor penetration.
  8. Rift said: I'm already running a combo of Dark Heresy and Deathwatch, where the players are stormtroopers sergeants and each has several people under him. I've made up new Orders(solo) abilities and tactics(squad) to use as a small group or part of a larger assault featuring different components (for instance there is a Unit Tactic that improves both armour and infantry if they work together) largely based upon the Orders from the IG tabletop game. Players make DH characters and I make their flunkies at 1/2 XP, give them all things like basic weapon training las/sp, a standard armour and a standard gun with no real chance of looting things in the field(if you requisition it, you’ve got bring it back, and captured guns are nice, but ammo is a problem). Use DH rules for requisition and renown(adjusted to DH chars again). It might seem like a lot of paperwork and that rounds might get bogged down in dice rolling but after a single session my players got used to keeping the speed up. It's also very handy if you want to split the players up, so each squad can achieve their own objective, the player who's squad is in charge gives out the char sheets for his flunkies to the other players so they can have some fun too. Its a lot of fun so far, might have to type this all up into a cohesive document one day... Rift, I don't mean to be rude or disrespectful to this style of play, but it seems to me that this concept would bog the game down needlessly if you went above two or three players. A squad is at the least four individuals, which means each player has three flunkies....so you are looking at eight to twelve characters each time or more....which means you have at the least if you are giving them enemies to fight of equal size...at least ten to twenty turns per round....adding in the factor of additional rounds it would seem like combat has to take a significant amount of time. That aside, I commend the amount of work you put into the concept. It had to take you awhile to do all that. I am curious, does this mean you are using modified horde rules for the enemies? If not, then it seems like you would have a significant draw of time in combat compared to time outside of combat even if you have just one fight a session.
  9. H.B.M.C. said: Is this the point where you provide a string of examples rather than hostile generalisations? I'm not saying the books are free from mistakes - and my God have I spent a long time going through them to specifically find them, more than you'll ever know - but there comes a point where the meaningless bluster about "paying their wages" has to give way to actual examples. BYE Well, I don't generally post on these forums, however I felt the need to weigh in here (both on topic and off topic). First Off Topic: The people who buy the roleplaying games are only a small percentage of where Fantasy Flight Games makes its cash, which means that no individual who purchases the roleplaying games is at all responsible for any thing in such a significant manner as to warrant the statements made by Sign. The overall allowance from FFG is covered by every item they sell, the events they hold, and the licenses on their unique products which means that the RPG community is at best a minority that could if FFG wanted be completely ignored and the company wouldn't notice even a small mosquito bite due to their dozens of other products on the market and other formats of money gain. Now back to the topic......The only thing I'd like from the Only War book is that it be true to the concept of the Imperial Guard. I don't think a form of game play as free as Black Crusade would be accurate since Guardsmen are set at a specific task in their regiment with hardly any leeway in choice, and though, you'd also need some way to cross the formats since Guardsmen do tend to change tasks later at some point such as a heavy trooper becoming a sergeant or higher eventually. The background task of Rogue Trader would be good, but as a background to the character with homeworld being left out of the choice of the players since it is hardly common for Regiments to pull from different worlds, except in the case of replacements like how the Verghastite forces were added to the Tanith First and Only or when the Tanith/Verghast forces were added to the Belladon. Other than that, I wouldn't mind the previously mentioned method of pulling the experience spending method from Deathwatch with the multiple advancement tables to pull from.
  10. Well, it seems a lot of people are having tons of trouble with this book. I just wanted to chime in that after extensive use (I've read the book front to back about five times now since I got it) with no damage happening to the book in any way. No damage comes to the case when I move it around and open/close it a lot nor when I placed it in my bag to take to my irl gaming group, so I'm not sure what happened to those books others have bought. Though, in the cold of winter in some places, that could of made the glue (depending on the kind used) ineffective from the exposure to the point where it doesn't seem like any thing was glued down at all.
  11. I have a few questions myself for this as simple curiosity that may or may not lead to me actually wanting to play. 1) Are there any slots available still? 2) What all is available career wise? 3) Can you be one of the two Xenos races? 4) Is Into the Storm acceptable for use with this? 5) What is your stance on Into the Storm's experience costing backgrounds?
  12. Well, hopefully it'll be there before Christmas, because right when I was getting to the point of being "polite" (not really), I got the e-mail saying I was getting it the next day so :/
  13. I want to point out that the news was apparently they were going to wait two months after the release of the original, which it has been well over three months now this is true, but it very well could take longer or shorter to ship depending on the location of the person in question. However, it could be the e-mail regarding shipping has not yet arrived in the boxes of those two individuals above, because I didn't receive mine till a day after it had already shipped, but for the person waiting for it to arrive before Christmas, it could still arrive prior to Christmas.
  14. I received my copy today in pristine condition without any damage or malformation from the way it is presented on the website. I got number 507 and it is a lovely piece of work so all I have to do now is wait till Christmas to fully enjoy the book.
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