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  1. I'm looking for one in central Ohio.
  2. In the Dread Realm the Reanimated are stated with 2 Threat, 2 Attack, 2 Defense, and 2 Hit Points, but I didn't see anything about engagements levels. Usually they're going into play directly engaged with you, but the Possession treachery specifically says that it goes into the staging area. Plus there are a few player cards that can send enemies back into the staging area as well. How do you interact with them in the staging area and the engagement phase? I was playing that they just stayed there, but could be optionally engaged, but I have no idea if that's right.
  3. I don't think I've ever come across a quest that has beaten me so bad and so consistently as this one. I've tried at least a half dozen different decks, ones that I generally consider quite powerful, and I just get my head stomped in each and every time. I think my record is five progress tokens on the first stage. Any tips? Because I just don't have any handle on this one and it's driving me crazy.
  4. I'm playing a solo game right now! (Just took a break to see if there was a ruling about something.) I like the game a lot both solo and multiplayer. They did initially. Accordingly the first draft of the Star Wars LCG was almost an exact reskinning of the LotR LCG. I guess ultimately they decided they needed to do something more unique and did a complete redesign.
  5. Like I said, it's not bad, it's just that the investigation aspect, which is really the lynch pin of the whole quest, is really abstracted. A bit more so than would be my preference.
  6. Likewise. I love 2nd edition FoD (I also loved the 1st edition), but I don't get to play it very often. So while I'm curious about the new edition, it would have to something really special for me to consider it a worthwhile purchase.
  7. I played in a three person game at the Fellowship event. I had a Dunedain deck and the others both had dwarf decks. It took us a long time, over three hours, against most decks we would have gotten location lock and threated out, but between Dain Ironfoot for the dwarves and Sword that was Broken for my rangers, all of our characters had at least plus one Willpower and we could just let locations pile up in the staging area with relative impunity. We were more than ready for the Suspect when the time finally came. That night I tried it solo and my initial deck (Sam, Spirit Merry, and Beravor with a focus on Hobbit saga Gandalf ally) just got creamed as I kept ending up with too many enemies in my face and sky-rocketing threat. I then tried it with a Rossiel, Erestor, Spirit Glorfindel deck and won handily. I think it is a fun quest and has some replayability, but ultimately will get a bit tiresome as all of the searching will basically be same each time as the only part that really offers any variety won't appear until you make the accusation. Overall, it does have a similar feel to Steward's Fear (explore locations to advance mystery with randomized big bad) and while I think the Prancing Pony will generally be thought of as the better quest, there were elements to Steward's Fear that I felt carried the theme a bit better. The treacheries in SF I thought had more of a unique feel and I liked the mixed in Clue objectives that helped carry a bit of the narrative (we captured a prisoner, from him we'll be able discover what the villainous plot is...). While I thought the Investigate Clue-esq (like the boardgame) worked well-enough, it could also get a bit grinderish as you keep failing to find out the last bit or two of info that you need and I can see people getting kind of sick of dealing with that. I also found it a bit confusing thematically. So what's going on here? We're poking around in various buildings and in so doing we can learn if someone had an alibi and... that some entirely other location, is empty of hiding murderers... Like I just don't really get what's going on there. To borrow a line from Cardboard of the Rings, anybody want to "thememurder" this quest for me? I don't mean to sound so down on the quest, it is fun and I'm looking forward to playing it with my normal group as it has such a different feel from most other quests. I've got my eye on you, Johnny Goblin-Fingers!
  8. It depends on the size of your cardpool. I currently have 9 playable decks ready to go and many don't use any of those cards, or just use them minimally. But I remember back to the first cycle when even with the limitation of a single core set and a few APs I was able to maintain at least four or five viable decks. "Tribal" decks (like Dwarves, Outlands, Silvan, Ents, etc.) tend to have a lot of synergy that lets them compensate for not having any of those other cards. Mostly, though, you can just look at what effect you wanted from those cards and see if there is another way to achieve it. Do you mostly want Sneak Attack/Gandalf for threat reduction? Spirit gives you a few different solid methods of threat reduction and even tactics has Secret Vigil now. Steward of Gondor for resource acceleration? Well, only one person was going to be able to play that any way. So maybe focus on cheaper cards or methods of "cheating" cards into play. (Elf Stone, Very Good Tale, and Vilya can all let you get expensive cards into play without paying their resource costs.) There's also cost reducers like Spirit Theoden, O Lorien, and other acceleration methods like Tighten our Belts, Horn of Gondor, Love of Tales, etc. The cancellation power of Test of Wills can't really be beat, but there has even been an upswing in treacheries that can't be cancelled. Plus there's certainly plenty of times when you either don't have it in hand, or the resource to pay for it, when you need it most. Mostly, though, you just try to make sure you're ready for what the encounter deck is going to toss at you. Scrying effects can do a lot to mitigate a lack of cancellation. So yeah... build away!
  9. Can I bring friends who are just interested in playing? Which is to say, they wouldn't have interest in acquiring the swag.
  10. I recall beating Escape from Dol Guldur with just the core set, but that was only in a four person game. (We may have gotten a rule wrong with the Nazgul too.) It was quite awhile before I could beat that scenario either two player or solo. (And even then the solo game required a reset or two until the "right" Hero was captured.)
  11. I wouldn't entirely object to a re-release of the core set that included the newer scoring system and keywords that have become consistent elements of the game (Archery, Battle, Siege, Time, etc) worked into the rule book, but that's a good sight different than a "2.0".
  12. I've been able to beat all of the quests in the current cycle with a Tactics Aragorn/Halbarad/Mablung deck. Use Mablung for resource acceleration to pay for allies; I've been using eagles, but they could be replaced with other tricks. Get Gondorian Shield and Support of the Eagles on Mablung and he's a super defender. With each of the Heroes having two WIllpower, they can quest for a respectable amount for a Tactics-based deck. Get out Celebrian Stone and Sword that was Broken and the questing potential becomes pretty solid! I know Mablung isn't one of the Dunedain, I just figure that he's partaking in a "Ranger Exchange Program".
  13. I might not be able to make it if it's during the day.
  14. Where at? I asked them to order a kit at the Guardtower, but they needed to contact their rep and I don't know if they managed to sign up.
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