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  1. Oh, nevermind. It just clicked. I must be suffering from post manual-reading overload.
  2. Links/Kate: I'm sitting here having just finished the core manual, and I'm not getting what Links help with in the game. Memory is for programs, but what do Links do for you? And what does the 1 on top of Kate's card mean? If I'm understanding this correctly, Recurring Credits are credits you recieve each turn, but have to be spent that turn. Is this correct?
  3. I just snagged both of the IOS games you guys have made and I want to encourage you to keep putting games over on the Iphone. I've been please with the quality, lack of bugs in both these games. I also like that IOS game take care of the storage space issue, something for you to take advantage of given how many of your games require little bits. I would love to see Arkham Horror on IOS (and other digital platforms) along with the more complex games you guys produce since it's nice to have a computer enforce all the rules for you.
  4. If anyone sleeves their board game cards, they’re screwed in terms of fitting the cards back in the box. Miniatures aren't too bad as there's plenty of reasonable storage available, but deck boxes just don't cut it for board games requiring lots of cards; we need a card storage solution for a game like Arkham Horror. One possible solution would be adjustable dividers that could be combined to make a frame that would fix inside default game boxes.
  5. I'm wondering about the difficulty of this game. Arkham can be brutal, even if you know what to do.
  6. I wish I knew what kind of paint we needed...I've got to buy supplies and tools for this.
  7. Preorder from Amazon, who lists the expected release date as Feb 18th.
  8. Also, I think everyone knows RAFM makes Cthulhu-verse miniatures already, right? Some of these might be perfect for additional material for the base game.
  9. Okay, so we all want the minis, but storage is obviously an issue. What are you using to store your minis? Do you like it or do you wish you have something better? Anyone using custom storage solutions?
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