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    BlackOrc got a reaction from Junglecat in Question about an Action   
    Maik, assign-wise your "please note" is correct, but action-chain-wise I think it is not.
    To deal non-combat damage you have to take an action.
    With that action you started an action-chain.
    In the action-chain I use the Catapults Action.
    As it is last in, it comes first out, so I sacfifice the unit targeted by your non-combat damage dealing action and deal 2 dmgs to capital.
    Then your action would come, but its target became illegal, so your action is just gone for good.
    Sure, if I do not respond in the action-chain, then the Catapult cannot be used after assigning - before applying.
    All in all, different mechanism with same result: sacrifice instead of destroying.
    Anything mistaken?
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