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  1. To answer the original question, yes I do feel that Epic format should include at least 1 huge ship (1 per side for epic dogfight; 2 per side for team epic). Personally, it would be the only thing that would draw me to Epic play.
  2. I'd like to revisit this please. Has there been an official ruling on this subject? I have searched but couldn't find anything. The situation was as follows: Player A has initiative. After end of round scoring both players have exceeded 40 points (48 to player B's 47). Player B argues that you don't go over 40 points and since both players achieved 'at least' 40 points in the same timing window, the game goes to tiebreakers. I believe it is should be based on initiative order. So the moment player A reaches 40 points the game ends 'AS SOON AS' that happens. In either case I would presume this comes up frequently enough that there should be some official ruling. I'm hoping that's the case and I just overlooked it. Thanks for reading.
  3. To answer the original question. Yes they are lacking. What they need...to start: 1 turns on the dial. Native BR and/or boost. Slave 1 title should add 1 torp/missile/bomb (your choice, along the lines of the Heavy Scyk) and that choice should be fired/released out of the front or rear arc. Ship fixed. Now to work on the Scyk
  4. JESIV

    The 3 Scouts

    This only works if your opponent doesn't mind your 101 point list!
  5. A little antisynergetic: What use is Dengar at Range 1 in this build? Also, remember Boba re-rolls 1 die, Dengar can re-roll 1 or 2 of the other dice freeing the action for evade or.... I've been working on a Boba/Dengar firespray for myself. Thematically it's very cool, not sure how it would do in competition (not that I'm all that competitive with my other builds). Boba re-rolls 1 die PER ENEMY at Range 1. ok.... So soontir (or any ace) is alone at range 1 in arc. Taking an evade for his action, Boba rolls his 4 dice: hit, focus, blank, blank. His ability allows him to re-roll 1 die (a blank), Dengar would then allow him to re-roll the focus and the other blank making for a pseudo target lock. Since this is a made up scenario I'm going to say the end result is hit, crit, crit, crit. thanks to Boba/Dengar. Of course Soontir's green dice blank out and he goes poof (could happen!?!).
  6. A little antisynergetic: What use is Dengar at Range 1 in this build? Also, remember Boba re-rolls 1 die, Dengar can re-roll 1 or 2 of the other dice freeing the action for evade or.... I've been working on a Boba/Dengar firespray for myself. Thematically it's very cool, not sure how it would do in competition (not that I'm all that competitive with my other builds).
  7. Nice list and write up, I definitely want to give it a try sometime.
  8. To the OP, the answer is no. No you shouldn't need to spend a focus token for TLT.
  9. I'll 2nd a lot of what I read above. I don't have a problem with a TO playing as long as someone is else is id'd as a 2nd TO. If they do play they should take themselves out of the equation when it comes time to pass out prizes. The missing action thing is troubling but not huge IMO, I don't particularly care for house ruling something that is very clearly stated in the rules. My concern in your example would be if this TO gave himself a super bye of 200-0 to get off to great start without having played a game. That would be something to look out for in the future with this store/TO. Also, why the huge gap in prize support from 2nd to 3rd place? That in and of itself is enough to bring out some questionable score keeping.
  10. I've experienced this but don't really have any advice on what to do. I've just accepted that for some games it's just going to happen. I just remind myself that some people NEED to win at this game, b/c they have already lost at life. I serioulsy believe some people's self worth is directly tied into how they did in their last x-wing game/tourney. At the end of the day I just try to enjoy my game.
  11. I thought the firespray was originally inteneded as a military or 'space police' vehicle for the republic. Presuming that it the case then it could easily be an imperial ship (with imp pilots). Presumably it maybe even could find its way onto the rebel side. Just as the YT-1300 and 2400 could easily be scum ships in some capacity. I would love to see the firespray get some sort of bump (it and the Y-wing are my 2 favorite SW ships). I hope that one day FFG does alt. factory paint schemes (the booster would have the same upgrade cards so wouldn't be mandatory for those that have all the firesprays they want). I know, I know, probably won't happen...but just in case it does, you heard it hear first.
  12. I saw the new MOV rules in effect in a 21 person tourney over the weekend and I will say that it is absolutely perfect for the state of the game. The double IG list still won out, but not by running and boosting after destroying a ship or two, but by going 4-0. 2nd place was a shuttle and 3 ties list (also 4-0 but with a mod win), 3rd went to I decimator and Punisher (3-1). The thing that was most 'screwed' up was the bye, although it was a 'win' I lost the equivalent of 2 ships (which did not happen in my other wins - situational I know but still). The point is that large bases can still do very well in tourney's, it's just now the snapshot of the tourney shows that at times those big bases were not unscathed. The difference between this tourney and the others (pre-MOV improvement) was that the top players had to work for their wins and didn't have false 100-0 wins on their record, but rather wins that showed they did take some damage along the way. Furthermore, the player(s) that managed to get both IG's down to 1 and 2 hit points each, was at least credited for his work with 50-100 loss, vs a 0-100 loss. In practice the new MOV scoring is working just fine. It seems that if you win all of your games you will be at or near the top of ths standings where you belong, if you don't win out, you'll actaully have to fight for wins and not run for wins. Awarding 1/2 points to small base ships, just puts us back to where we were and solves nothing IMO.
  13. I like the idea of allowing Epic ships as your 3 obstacles in tournament play and the dead ship = debris token. I've played with both in casual/campaign formats and it just adds so much good to the game IMO. On paper I like the thought of allowing obstacles on the edges of the map, I'm just not sure that it wouldn't fix one 'problem' to create another. I've played fun games where the two deployment areas were the only places obstacles weren't allowed to be placed and each obstacle had to be range 2 from each other but then you placed as many as you could fit with those constraints. Also a fun play IMO, but not sure how that would translate to tourney play.
  14. I like the idea from the OP. Did this event happen or no??
  15. IMO mines and bombs are as effective as a deturrent as much as anything else. IF they do some damage along the way that's just gravy. From my point of view it's hard to argue with the possibilty of dealing damage out of the combat phase. I think it is worth a few squad points and a little forethought. I will say it does suck when you drop a mine or bomb just right and manage to deal no damage. On the other hand I had a well placed cluster mine trio strip Dash of his shields, that was a great moment in my X-Wing history. I guess with anything in this game YMMV, but I'm liking new bombs/mines so far.
  16. Wait. This is a positive OP with no mention of MOV, TLT, or anything that is 'broken'. SMH, what if this spreads and all threads head in this direction? Think of all of the displaced trolls. Seriously, glad to hear you not only got to play as TO, but had a good time doing it. AND are making progress towards catching your white whale.
  17. Glad to help Wonka! But 1,100+ post and this was your first popular post/'win'. So does that make you the Susan Lucci of the FFG X-Wing forums?
  18. As someone who has been playing Y-Wings since before S&V released, I absolutely love that the Y's are not only viable, but fear (and/or hate) inducing. Since the release of S&V I've flown the Thugs most of the time. I will say this, there are certainly lists that I hate to see, (I've not flown 4 TLT's, but have flown 4 ICT with BTL-A4 many many times and more recently 2 TLTs + 2 ICT's) so there are counters to the Y's. The panic is not at all necessary. So like so many have said, find a way to beat them and get on with your X-Wing life!
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