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  1. I actually use a gnarled, brown paper lunch bag with the opening rolled down a bit. It catches the feeling of the game nicely. So much so, we decided to keep it. It flatens out to fit in the game box and everything. We agree we could not have paid for a better monster cup!
  2. Got mine in today. So far, I just have the 24 miniatures for Base Game & Dunwitch. I really dig them. Least favorite: Rita Young (I wish her pose was the "alert" one from her card, not the "track meet" pose she's in. My top 5 from owned: 5: Mandy Thompson 4: Jim Culver 3: Dexter Drake 2:Harvey Walters 1: Jenny Barnes (Just a really sweet sculpt concept)
  3. I had been looking at this for what seems like years. I always wanted it, but would not allow my self to buy it. Well, after reading what people say about it, I broke and purchased it. Awesome work, It is a joy to own. Plus, when ever a person asks me what is the Mythos I have a good tool to help explain it. Thank the Elder gods for forums.
  4. After seeing the investagators, MoM miniatures, the pre-paint boxes for City of Thieves, and that miniatures are a good market. I will certainly not be surprised to see AH monster pre-paints in the future. I, also, wont be surprised if I am not alive when it happens, but... The thing is they may make them, because they would sell. That does not mean they are great to actually use in AH but thats up to the customer. Those minis could be used for AH, a Cthulhu rpg, or to decorate shelves of Mythos fans world wide. FF knows this, and will probably put them out. AH, has grown into a label over the years that can be used for branching into other things, like a new line of novels, dice, minis. I personally would like to see a set of AH coasters. for game night.
  5. Great advice! Thanks all of you. I think I have a much better grasp on what expansions are & can be. This really relieved some game stess, so to speak. Thanks!
  6. Does it hurt the game to add the mythos cards, encounter cards, investigators, monsters and Old Ones. What expansions offer the best enhances the Basic game? I ask because my group, having a mere 4 completed games want to add more stuff, but are not ready to take on more endeavors like going to Dunwitch ex...There are so many options I am lost as to what to add in first. I have Base game, Dunwitch, Pharaoh, and Black Goat (in the mail). Thanks for the input and general conversation on the subject matter.
  7. $4.00 per is perfectly fair. I will use them for AH and Realms of Cthulhu, I paint miniatures for folks all the time, most good unpainted- unglued minis cost $10+ from store. I usually get paid between 15-25 to paint a like sized model. FF was very smart to pack them all singles for pickers.
  8. Just received shipped conformation on my mini order. I feel like Christmas about these things. I was wondering also has any one seen the Litko stuff for Arkham horror, mainly the Miniature stand: Each stand is designed to fit your *Arkham Horror® miniatures and card tokens. These stands give your player maximum visibility during your game. If you have used or seen these, any feedback is welcome.
  9. Just wanted to chime in. I to am looking forward to this series. I would have read a Mythos series any way, I think being based on the game has added an extra excitement for me. So when is coming soon?
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