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  1. Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors and Kasan Moor.
  2. I´ve watched the first season and a half of the second one. The reason why I dislike the show is, that there is so much obvious bull I can´t stand it. I´ll name a few examples i remember: 1. The "Deathstar" B-Wing. 2. Vader dodges 7 A-Wings laser barrage. (I know Vader is an excellent pilot, and I really love that character, but that was exaggerated a lot) 3. Tie Advanced destroys corellian corvette in a few shots. (Happens a few seconds later) 4. Ezra joins the Imperial Academy and all the guys who like him sympathise with Rebels. The only ******* is loyal to the Empire, of course. 5. When these boys make their escape, the only one who stays behind makes up an excuse and every imperial on the base just buys it. 6. When the crew of the Ghost needs to get someone out of prison, the just assault it head on. And it works. The show just doesn´t surprise me at any moment. I´m not sure which ships came from the show, I remember only the Ghost and Gozanti. Gozanti looks really nice. But the Ghost and Phantom are just... meh.
  3. So the U-Wing carries some troops? Is this the beginning of the ground based expansions? Will we also get AT-ATs and Snowspeeders? Only the time will tell...
  4. The PS8 should be Baby Poe PS9 is a fully grown up ace.
  5. I would love to see more pilots from the original trilogy. Davish Krail Dex Tiree And one more pilot from my favorite game: Kasan Moor
  6. Oo, that would be nice. Considering you almost always have a random Missile slot (or torp slot on the few ships that randomly have it) that would be amazing. I was thinking a bit more about it, and maybe it could be a Dual card. You know, one side is a torpedo, the other one is a missile. And I think it could fill in those empty torpedo / missile slots on X-Wings or Starvipers or any other small craft that doesn´t use these slots too often.
  7. Flares Torpedo / Missile Cost: 1 Small ship only You may equip this card if you have a torpedo or missile slot. While defending, you may discard this card to add 2 to your agility.
  8. Except for the current lack of gunboat, but if you all still get to act smug about it then thats just fine. The gunboat will come one day, don´t worry. And then, we will all complain how underpowered it is, until this thread reaches one thousand pages But seriously, I hope it will be announced before I die. I would love to still be here, just reading the news that the gunboat is coming, and think "We did it". And then I would die.
  9. So, the first hundred pages are behind us. What are we gonna talk about until the next hundred?
  10. I am really curious what will be on the 100th page. I hope for some epic comments. Or pictures. Or maybe the universe will explode...
  11. I love the idea of linked fire / burst fire for the X-Wing. Here´s some more ideas: Closed S-Foils (X-Wing only, Modification, Cost: 0) Your agility value is raised by 1. Your primary attack value is 0. In the perform action phase, you may perform a boost action. Action: Flip this card over. Opened S-Foils. Action: Flip this card over. Power to the shields (Small ship only, Modification, Cost: 0) At the beginning of each round, you may reduce your primary attack value to 0 until the end of the round. Then, gain 1 shield token. Action: Flip this card over. Power to the lasers At the beginning of each round, you may lose 1 shield to raise your primary attack value by 1 until the end of the round. Action: Flip this card over. I´m not sure if they´re useful, but you get the idea.
  12. Try to look up "Buying advice" among the topics on this forum. You should find plenty of info there.
  13. Thinking about that, this is so horribly broken But I think Naeco should be a copycat anyway. So, how about: "At the beginning of each round, you may choose another ship at range 1-2. Treat your pilot skill as equal to that ship." Makes him nice and versatile fighter.
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