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  1. With a bit of a nudge from Raith (Dark is the Fallen Sky), I'm posting my Anima figures for everyone. -WARNING: PICTURE HEAVY- Church Agents: A pair of Holy Soldiers Alius: Saint Hazel and Sephyr: Damien: Justina: Xavier: Marchosias: The Team: Yep, magnetized bases.
  2. Hey Raith! Correction to the result, Samael actually snatched this one. After Marchosias dispatched Nahimana and Dark Cheshire, he launched a berzerk assault on Momiji. Slashing through the fox ninja's defenses, a bloodied and furious Marchosias surveyed his victim's body... only to find a stump of wood with a fox mask on it. Receiving a charge from the sneaky ninja, an enraged Marchosias was unable to defend himself and was taken out. While amazing when berzerked, Marchosias is really vulnerable... Can't wait for the next campaign day! PS Does unsummoned Summons count as being knocked out for victory points purposes?
  3. How many times do can you actually call in a summon? If it dies or expires from a failed instability check, can you recall it?
  4. Can Faction Agents be used in Alignment-based parties (Light or Dark)? Agents normally have the "In a *faction* Alliance party..." clause. And some agents can change their affinity to either Light or Dark depending on the skills bought. Thanks!
  5. True. Though I guess if you leave your best character out in the open and vulnerable to a gnosis charge with the works then you'd deserve it. It's just a scary prospect as most of my figures are naked to the core (0 to 1 Armor only). OT: Games @Mindgames this Saturday right?
  6. Ah. As expected. So declare any bonuses before making an attack roll. Thanks! It's great that bonuses stack. So it's actually dangerously possible to "one-shot" characters... even warriors, unless they're stocked up with armor.
  7. 1) Xavier OOO Primordial Sin (Ki, Charge) Xavier gains bonus Damage equal to the LP he sacrifices (maximum of 5). What is the general consensus on when Xavier must declare the number of LP to sacrifice for bonus Damage? Before or After rolling for Attack and its corresponding level of success? 2) Do Ki Charges confer a +2 Attack bonus like a normal Charge, in addition to other modifiers (such as additional Attack or Damage buffs)? Thanks!
  8. From my understanding, gnosis are dice replenished per turn (1 per full 100 levels) that can be used to add a d10 to any roll. So they're different from actions and I guess kept in a "gnosis" pool where you can keep track of the amount of d10 you can throw around per turn.
  9. Thanks for the demo Raith! Just need to base my figs and I'll be table ready.
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