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  1. MKX said: Mine arrived today, its a top little book with a fair few things I liked seeing expanded on like the Yu'vath and the eldar additions more or less completes the species. Critter creator at the back is pretty good, very happy to see that they've also included a flora creator as well that I think is important when you're detailing worlds. edit- what the fu… I got a book before anyone else? Weird, mine usually arrive 2 months after everyone else has theirs Sweet, can you give a summery of whats in the book, table of contents for examble?
  2. This is going to be a long post so bear with me. My group was (and still is), very interested in playing Ascension and as GM I also saw great potential... but not so great implementing of that potential in the book, so over a long period I gradually, with input from my players, began implementing small and sometimes not so small changes to the careers and system as a whole, and am still in progress of fine-tuning these. I will note anything I can remember from memory. Note: These are changes we are planning to use and I am not recommending that you use them, simply showing them so you can take what you want, if anything. Dark Heresy/ Ascension changes as a whole Firstly, use everything that Black Crusade changed (this includes the amalgamation of similar skills, new talents, the much better Unnatural Trait rules and Psychic Powers etc. except the Chaos worship things obviously), any other changes will be noted below. Skills. We added the third (+30) upgrade to all skill and decided that it could be bought at 100 points more than the equivalent +20 for all classes. Secondly we split each of the Mastery Skills as we found that becoming an undisputed master just like that *snap* was a bit over the top. So instead of getting all those skills at +20 level each Mastery skill function more as a catalogue for which skills are available at that rank, so you can buy any of the skills included at any level (Trained, +10, +20 and +30) for an additional 100 points (so 100, 200, 300 and 400 respectably). for example: In Forbidden Lore Mastery, the character can buy any Forbidden Lore at any level for 100 points for a trained, 200 points for +10, 300 points for +20 and 400 points for +30. Exactly as if their instead of Forbidden Lore Mastery in the rank there was simply listed all the Forbidden Lores with their respective modifiers at 100 points each. This serves to limit the Characters from becoming too good and gives them substantially more things to buy, and doing so more selectively. We considered the little problem with space on sheets a minor drawback. If the characters do gain enough skills to essentially having gained the Mastery Skills they can just write that on their sheets instead. I made one specific change for the Reaction skills (Dodge, and in Black Crusade Parry as well), I changed these from Skills into actions, as such characters (and NPCs) can now no longer increase their chances at dodging or parrying by buying up in them. This has worked like a charm for both Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader as no enemy is impossibly hard to hit and Character are forced to play smarter and more carefully to avoid being killed. Influence Skills. I have made a few small alterations to Peer. firsly the Good Reputation and Enemy were removed and replaced Peer (1), Peer (2), Peer (3) etc. and Rival (1), Rival (2), Rival (3) etc. like in Black Crusade. secondly Peers now no longer requires you to have any prerequisites. In our game they are also often given as rewards than than bought and should make some sense when buying, (e.g. an Recongregator Inquisitor should not be able to take Peer (1) Amalathians, but a Hierophant could without truble take Rival (1) Mechanicus). I have also epanded the Acolyte Network Influence Talent into an entire sub-system, but I won't go into details as that in itself would take up an entire post. Talents. Like skills we split the Paragon Talent into their individual components that could all be bought at that rank for their normal price (averaged from the Dark Heresy careers, with GM having the final word). Traits. A few of the classes have access to the Unnatural Trait, in this case we adopted the Black Crusade system and said that every (x2) becomes (+2) etc. the few career what has access to other traits (such as Fear (1)) had those traits removed from their ranks. Career Relevant Changes We have opened all ranks within a career so characters are not restricted to buy anything particular at any particular time, like a lesser version of the system in Black Crusade. This has worked excellent so far. Furthermore in our game each Throne agent is able to pick from any two relevant career paths (e.g. Our Inquisitor has access to the Inquisitor and Interrogator careers. Our warrior priest has access to the Hierophant and Crusader careers and out psyker has access to the Primaris Psyker and Desperado careers). This however is more a result of our particular style of play and I would not advise it unless the GM things it also suits his/her particular players. The only two careers I made any significant changes to are the Vindicare Assassin and the Primaris Psyker. Vindicare. in my game they are outlawed, not because they are too powerful but because to me it makes no sense what-so-ever that a Temple Assassin is part of a Inquisitorial cadre as a permanent addition. However I did make some changes. Firstly with the reduced Unnatural rules and the removal of the bonuses to Dodge the Vindicare are much less of a game breaker, the only remaining problem lies in the Temple Assassin Dodge, I have simply let it be but suggestions include, give him or her half his AB additional reactions instead of the full AB, or ignore the additional dodges and give him or her the equivalent of a force field with a Protection Rating of 35 that never overloads. When this is done the Vindicare is theoretically not that overpowered any more, note: I said theoretically as I have not tested that particular part. Primaris Psyker. Firstly we have limited any PC psyker's maximum Psy-rating to 6 simply because near godly power are the domain of NPCs, otherwise will be so horribly broken that it won't be fun for anyone. Secondly we changed the Psychic Powers system to work more in alignment with the Black Crusade one. Psychic Powers The full rules are found in black crusade but for a quick summery: a power is manifested by a rolling under the Psyker's Willpower score plus their Psy-Rating (PR) x5 (further modifiers to this test is noted below). Each Degree of Success (DoS) equals one level of Overbleed on most powers. Range damage powers can be Psychic Bolt (Single Shot), Psychic Barrage (Semi-automatic) or Psychic Storm (Full-automatic), alternatively they can be Psychic Blast (psychic bolt with a Blast radius equal to the active PR). When manifesting a power there is usually a modifier to the Focus Power Test, in black crusade this is noted in their description in Dark Heresy my players and I have come up with the following system: Each Minor psychic power gives a +10 to the test, each major psychic power gives a penalty to the test equal to the "tenth" digit in their Threshold (a Threshold 18 power would give a penalty of -10, a power with a threshold of 25 would give a -20 modifier etc.). Ascension Powers follows this but counts their Threshold as ten higher than as stated in the book (e.g. Lightning Arc with Threshold 16 becomes threshold 26 and as such gives a -20 penalty). Any power that either deals an additional amount of damage equal to WB or a flat damage bonus (e.g. 1d10+10) instead deals an additional damage equal to the Psyker's active PR (1d10+PR). Also anywhere where it says WB is replaced with PR. And lastly any power that fires more than one shot or can affect additional targets instead becomes Psychic Barrage or Psychic Storm powers as relevant (e.g. Lightning-Arc would become a Psychic Storm). Some of the powers (such as My Will Obeyed, Inferno, Lift, Barrier, Tempest and Stasis Shell) have also been changed in our game but I won't go into that now. Well I think that was everything, If you can use anything feel free.
  3. H.B.M.C. said: The rest of the book is a detailed armoury, a whole chapter for investigation rules, two mainly background only chapters (about the Arbites themselves, the Arbites in the Calixis Sector, the 'Most Wanted'), and then an adventure. Plus the new background packages/career ranks/Cell Directives. BYE Most Wanted? are these the same as we have in DotDG or some more Arbite focused ones?
  4. While I personally love untouchables and anything related to them to bits I will never allow any of my players to play as one, it is simply to powerful. it puts even the strongest of psykers nearly completely out of the game and is deadly against daemons as well and is immune to the effect of daemon- and force weapons. Added to that some of the deadliest adversaries in my game is psykers and their fear-factor and danger would be completely stripped away by the pressence of an untouhcable. If using an untouchable in your game I would advise either using psyker that can rely on other things that their power or simply limit the use of psykers for when you want the player to shine. since daemons are so naturally dangerous it should not breake the game to have an untouchable in battle with them. DrgnScorpion said: What you and the player should discuss is how his gift takes form. I have seen one where his gift was an oval around him instead of a plain circle. Where does that come from? both the fluff indicates and the rules explicitly states that that the aura of an untouchable works eqally strong in all directions and as such would always form a buble of effect.
  5. That was my understanding at as well. Invention and new ideas might not exactly be a sin but it is heavily stigmatised. It says somewhere (under the explorator career path in RT if memory serves) that since the "ancients" in the Dark Age of Technology created wonders and dispite that (or perhaps becouse of that) fell anyway then to belive that one can create something similar or even better within suffering the same fate is hybris against the Machone god... or something like that.
  6. Brother-Captain Belfire said: A time earlier in my campaign the Pcs encountered a blood letter Our guardsmen goes first and shoots the blood letter with his shotgun. He rolls a rightous fury, gets another 10 and another 10 doing around 36 damage and so and taking out the blood letter in one hit(this was before I knew about sanctified weapons and such) Me:.... Psyker: He just killed it in one hit...thats not supposed to happen is it? Me: Yeah.... Assasin: That was the 'sub-boss' of this mission Me: Yeah..... Psyker: Are you okay? Me:..... I had something similar in one of my missions. the acolytes are investigating a mysterious creature that has killed a lot of personel on an jungle research base. after some search they find the creture that turns out to be a Lictor, the deadly boss of the mission that I expect to nearly kill them all in a epic boss fight where they flee into the jungle followed by the lethal monster. Surprise Round: the lictor jumps out of cover and strikes the psyker. First Round: the arbite fire at the lictor... with an Autopistol... gets about four-five hits, three of which were Rightious Fury (one even a douple fury). The arbite then walks over and put the last round through the Lictor's head, While I sit there with an "What the **** just happend?" expression not knowing whether to laugh or cry.
  7. Dr. Schadenfreude said: I quite like your rules too, Acernis. It's far less nightmarishly powerful but is definitely an anti-warp weapon. Thank you. I think however that as soon as one meet either one powerful psyker or a couple of smaller ones it actually gets a great deal more deadly than the one N0-1_H3r3 made, or at least comparatively evil
  8. Any weapon that operates using psychic energy that is given to an untouchable would fail to operate. as said untouchables cannot focus their power, for want of a better word. stronger untouchables can learn to increase the strength of their aura but this is a permanent thing and not a "now I can unleash it" thing. There are however one weapon that can do more or less precisely what it seems you want it to do: The Animus Speculum (literarily: the Window of the Soul ei: eye) is a large skull-helmet like device that has a specialies lens over the bearer's eye. this device is only given to operatives from the Culexus Temple of the Officio Assassinorum. the assasin wears a special suit called an Etherium (which has its own special abilities etc) in this suit is interlaced the "Force Matrix" several small psychic conduits that capture psychic energy from the very air and surroundings, if a psyker is present it drain the excess energy that dissipate when a psyker uses his/her powers (meaning the closer one is to a psyker and the more there are the better it works). the Animus Speculum can focus this stolen energy into bolts of anit-psychic energy, posibly by holding the psyhic energy trapped so close to the unthouchable for it to receive a "negative charge". these blast are increbibly dangerous to psykers and daemons, see below for homemade stats, and generally deadly but however short ranged. Animus Speculum: ("Pistol", 30m, S/*/**, Dam: 1d10+*** E, Pen: 6+***, Clip: -, Reload: -, Special: Psychic Nagativity****) *the weapon may fire a number of "bolts" on semi-auto equal to the number of psykers present within 30m plus 1. **the weapon may fire a number of "bolts" on full-auto equal to half the collective psy-rating of all psykers present within 30m, rounding down. ***the weapon adds the collective psy-rating of all psykers within 30m to its damage and penetration (Note: if one or more psykers has "Pushed" a power then the weapon adds the effective psy-rating of the psyker(s), this however is not the case with using "Fettered" powers). ****When used aginst a creature with the Daemonic trait this weapon gains the Santified Quality and courses Malediction. When used against a psyker this weapon gains the Volatile Quality. any target hit cannot invoke psychic powers or daemonic pressence for 1 round afterwards. Note: psyker refers to any being with a psy-rating whether human, xenos or daemonic or any other potential carrier.
  9. Lightbringer said: I'd be cautious about using the game mechanic psy-rating figure alone as a guide to the setting-specific psychic rating under the Alpha/Beta/Gamma scheme. I'm just basing this on TS Luikart's comments about how pure psychic "horsepower" isn't the only measure of psychic ability for the purposes of the latter scheme.. I know that his comments were written a couple of years back, and that there have been many further developments in the RPG since, but his approach fits in well with the setting, where a skilled and imaginative psyker with a wide range of abilities can still defeat a psyker with a greater level of inherent psychic strength. Agreed. the list I created is only used as a indicator to give a rough estimate of a psyker's strength, while dozens od other factors also play in, it is a bit like saying that one car is better than another purely by judging how fast it car drive. okay perhaps a bad examble but I think I get your point
  10. The psy-rating for the xenos and daemons are at those points also so that it is possible for the payers to defeat them. the Greater Daemon pf Tzeentch can have its Psy-rating boosted to 10 and have access to every Singel psychic power in the game if you give it that special gift of Tzeentch and if you want a more powerful farseer in the gamer simply give him/her a higher psy-rating, it is not that difficult.
  11. The_Shaman said: Heh, that doesn't seem to go very well with the description of PR 5 or 6 in the DH core book, does it? It basically states that at 6 you are among the premier human psykers alive. Ah well, "greatest human potential" isn't what it used to be . By the way, what PR were farseers again? I think one was statted in one adventure. Well to be fair that was writen before we got Alpha Plus level with PR 14 and ascension raised the bar to 9-10 for all primaris psykers. A Farseer's psy-rating lies at 8 according to Rogue Trader: Lure of the Expanse. Which also holds true for Hive Tyrants and Greater Daemons of Tzeentch all three of which however also have a very high willpower with the benefits of unnatural Willpower which also helps a great deal.
  12. niarBaD said: Daemons can't see untouchables from the warp as they're nothing more than a blank spot (thus can't try to corrupt them) however when a daemon enters the materium it can still see the untouchable, and the untouchable can see it. Agreed. Untouchables are distinctly uncomfortable for most daemons. as said an untouchable would be fearful at seeing a daemon due to its physical appereance, but the unnatural dread that acompany most (escepcially the stronger) daemons does not apply to them. many special abilities that the daemon migh possess (sorcery, psychic ability and other daemonic effects) are canceled in the untouchable's presence, just like normal psychic powers. Daemons also have their connection to the warp cut in the untouchable's presence and physical contact with one courses the daemon intense pain on level with sanctified weaponry or relics. In game terms that would equal, in addition to those rules already present, at least in my games , that Untouchables are immune to the Daemonic Pressence trait and that their unarmed attacks (and when daemons uses natural weapons on them) makes the daemon suffer Malediction. All these effect of course vary with the untouchable, with Culexuses and Necron Pariahs being able to more or less banish lesser daemon with their mere presence.
  13. I made my own diagram to explain it to our psyker player. the describtions are based in the inquisition sourcebook as others have mention and the Psy-rating scaled to the characters in-game (max psy-rating (10) while reamaining sane is Beta, Alpha+ is 14 as seen with the Burning Princess etc.) Note: that this include the entire theoretical scale far beyond what is possible in-game. the scale is only used to measure the basic potential and does not take the "Pushing" mechanic into account. Rating In-Game Additional Notes Omega + PR: 40 Highest theoretically scale. Hypothetically impossible, The Power of Gods Psi + PR: 38-39 Chi + PR: 36-37 Phi + PR: 34-35 Upsilon + PR: 33 Tau + PR: 32 Sigma + PR: 31 Rho + PR: 30 Pi + PR: 29 Omicron + PR: 28 Xi + PR: 27 Nu + PR: 26 Mu + PR: 25 Lambda + PR: 24 Kappa + PR: 23 Iota + PR: 22 Theta + PR: 21 Eta + PR: 20 A being with a psychic talent of this scale would become a non-corporeal entity Zeta + PR: 19 Highest theoretically psychic rating possible in an corporeal body Epsilon + PR: 18 Delta + PR: 17 Gamma + PR: 16 Highest Psy-rating ever observed Beta + PR: 15 Alpha + PR: 14 A human psyker with a rating of Alpha Plus or above is without exception insane Alpha PR: 12-13 on pair with Untouchables in rarity Beta PR: 10-11 Beta is the highest rating a human mind can achieve and remain sane Gamma PR: 8-9 Delta PR: 6-7 Delta and higher are designated “Master-level psykers” these are usually found once per billion Epsilon PR: 5 Zeta PR: 4 Zeta and higher indicates a very powerful psychic manifestation Eta PR: 3 Theta PR: 2 Above Iota the power and rarity increases exponentially for each level Iota PR: 1 Iota and above represent active psi-ability of some degree (Ca. once per 10.000th) Kappa PR: 0.8-9 Upper-limit of low activity, usually also the level where the ability can be detected Lambda PR: 0.6-7 Mu PR: 0.4-5 Nu PR: 0.3 Xi PR: 0.2 Omicron to Kappa is theoretically found approximately once in every thousand Omicron PR: 0.1 Lowest psychic level (Omicron to Kappa), usually unknown to the bearer Pi PR: 0 Upper-limit of none psychic-active sentience, slightly more sensitive Rho PR: 0 Standard human baseline psychic activity (99.9%) Sigma +5 to resist* Blunt individuals who are even less sensitive to psychic phenomena than normal Tau +10 to resist* Upsilon +15 to resist* Severely “Blunt-minded” individual who can barely feel psychic energy at all Phi +20 to resist* Chi +25 to resist* Individuals so “Blunt” that they practically cannot feel psychic energy Psi +30 to resist* Omega PR: -5 Untouchable, negative psychic presence (Approx. less than once every billion). Omega – PR: -6/-7 Information concerning Reverse Scale individuals are only known to Ordo Sicarius Psi – PR: -8 Chi – PR: -9 Phi – PR: -10 Upsilon – PR: -11 Tau – PR: -12 Sigma – PR: -13 Rho – PR: -14 Pi – PR: -15 Omicron – PR: -16 Xi – PR: -17 Nu – PR: -18 Mu – PR: -19 Lambda – PR: -20 Kappa – PR: -21 Iota – PR: -22 Theta – PR: -23 Eta – PR: -24 Zeta – PR: -25 Epsilon – PR: -26 Delta – PR: -27 Gamma – PR: -28 Beta – PR: -29 Alpha – PR: -30 Lowest theoretically scale. Hypothetically impossible, The Stuff of Nightmares *Willpower Tests to resist mental psychic powers only, no immunity to physical powers or Daemonic possession
  14. Buddy said: But what i'm abit worried about is that if i include Mandrakes they somhow need to play a bigger part in my Campaigen ( not that i wouldent like that but i'm not sure that i can do that right now because i already got other plans) but offen when i hear about Harlequins they is always randomly showing up and saving the say or creating problems. But still mandrakes sounds so cool and i really like them to be a part of my campaigen but i'm just quite sure how. In my campaigen its more like Rogue trader V.s. Rogue trader, but it sounds like you have included them somhow in you adventures ? So i was wandering what role do they play ? is they the evil and arch enemy ? is they just another Xeno ( or evil creature from beyond ), maybe they a mystical third part they always come to complicate the plans ? Because i dont like them to just be another randomly enemy to fight again like an ork (never underestimate the ork btw) You could always use the Mandrakes for this simple encounter and leave the case unresolved only for it to come back and bite the players in the arse, keepng them in reserve, I do that all the time, I have at least eight large bad guys included in my Rogue Trader campain (on the level of Chaos Warlord, Ork Warboss, Eldar Farseer etc.) most of which the players have not even met yet, and may not for some time, and that is without counting rivals, one-time-villains and minor xenos and pirate warlords. And about twice that for their Dark Heresy Campain... and these come and make serious trouple for the players at alternate times, so when they concentrate on one and forget another they find themselves in trouble with that one or his/her/its minions. But back to the Mandrakes in my Campain (If any of my players sees this: Do Not Read): The players were in a (rather long, about 6 seasons, each lasting nearly 12 hours) mission to recover a mysterious artefact (a lovely classic tale). when they finally find the artefact they are attacked by a group of Dark Eldar working for the Archon that is one of the Big Baddies, amongst the dark eldar were five Mandrakes lead by their Nightfiend. Doing a deadly fight the group's navigator unlocked the artefact which turns out to be young girl (baby at the time, but growing fast) in a large sarcophagus, along with various trinkets. as the perplexed explorers retreat with their prize they are followed by the mandrakes which have been stalking the characters doing the fight but did not join in. the mandrake nighfiend strangely saved the life of one of the players while giving him an evil smile. Motives: the Dark Eldar were ordered to secure the object that even they did not know what was, except that it was important, but as soon as the mandrakes discovered the girl they instead chose to let the characters flee with her becouse she is important later: the Mandrakes and their Archon serve, or at least is allied to, the dark horrific allies of the mandrakes that dwell deep within their dark shadow realm and the girl (who the Rogue Trader has adopted as his heir) plays a very important role for these dreadful beings at the climax of my overarching campain. the Mandrakes are going to appear several times doing the following adventures serving as malevolent enigmatic foes and their leader is personally interested in one of the characters, who unfortunately for him is afraid of the dark
  15. redhead222 said: mind if i steal that stat line could be useful not sure where yet but it might be Sure go ahead, that is why I put them up
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