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  1. That's because a Unicorn is a follower, not an item. To receive the benefits of a follower or item, it needs to be in your possession.
  2. You could easily add this to the Chapel. Encounter the Monk selling these items after resolving the requisite. This could give evil characters a reason to encounter the Chapel.
  3. I have pinned a lot of limbs in the past. I have extremely small drill bits for this. The other option is the use the testors model cement and hope it holds - it does pretty well on plastic. Another option is here: https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Barmaid
  4. AS-is, it's easily worth 10g. Maybe even 12 but that would mean only a few of the characters would easily attain it.
  5. For the flail, we experimented with a few things but really liked the following: You may roll 2 dice during battle and add them together to determine your attack roll. If you roll double 4,5 or 6, your opponent cannot add his attack roll to his attack score. If you roll double 1,2 or 3 you cannot add your attack roll to your attack score. We also increased the price to 7g.
  6. This plastic is not very tough and really flexible. First step is to make sure the two parts fit well together. If they don's use an xacto knife to clean it up so they do. Normally I would take my really small drill bits and a pin vise and drill out a small hole in both parts. Find a small plastic rod and make sure it will fit a little loose but kind of snug - the proper fit is easy to pull in and out with your fingers so their is room for glue. Snip the rod to the right length for a good fit so both pieces can be pressed together. Then I would take a small amount of rubber cement (testor's plastic modelling cement works well on this soft plastic) and apply it to the holes. Next I take a the small plastic dowel rod and push it into the hole on the miniature. Then I would attach the part that broke off and push it on and hold it in place for a bit. Lastly I wipe off excess glue with a rag and let the miniature set for a few hours. Should be good as new. Keep in mind you can use a metal dowel rod (paper clip) and use super glue, but it will not hold as well. Anyone that has played miniature games learns this technique called "pinning". I am sure if you search you can find better instructions on some miniature sites.
  7. I looked at all the Timescape options out there, and now that we have all the expansions, none of them worked really well with them. I looked at all the cards, modified some of them, trimmed some of their numbers and made a deck of 100 Timescape cards. I wanted the expansion to be similar to the original so there was no need to change the board. The Timescape is deadly and you don't want to hang out there - I also don't want it to be a place you can easily jump in and out of - but if you are really so inclined, you can get there. I think as a community it is time to streamline an option. I read through this thread and I don't see any continuity here. I see some great ideas and I have to be honest, the board being thrown around here does not suit my taste. I want chainswords, powerfists and I want it sci-fi oriented; to me that's the whole point. Azoic ported over a good option from 2E but it is a little out of place and some of the text needs some adjustments to make it congruent with 4E revised. Let me add a card I have in my set: "The Doctor" Stranger. Time Lord. "The Doctor acts as your follower until an Event is drawn at which point he goes to the discard pile. While he is your follower you may not die: your life may never go below 1." @Reedstilt There is a Timescape template in Strange Eons. I find strange eons to be fantastic for building decks. My only problem with it is there is no option to make symbols in the corner for the expansions. I have access to PS but I still prefer SE for the most part.
  8. Move the game to the floor and use the table for the character cards, cards and items. :-)
  9. I am jealous. How do the cards compare to the original POD cards? No matter how hard I have tried I can't match it and finding a cutter to do the corners accurately has eluded me...
  10. I just wanted to follow up - My work has had me running rampant and I have not had any free time. Despite messaging FFG twice they never even bothered to respond to me about my plight, which is a bummer, I was expecting a "sorry, but sorry we can't help" response - not getting any response leaves me a little bitter. I stopped at a few gaming stores and managed to pick up the main game and the dungeon expansion for retail prices but the rest are proving impossible to find. I am really not in a position to pay the inflated prices being offered right now so I guess I will hold out and hope I can find them somewhere down the line... Thanks for the sympathies :-P
  11. I think he is stating the question should have been posed in that forum. ;-)
  12. I was shooting for a design that would be fun, powerful if used correctly and useful in more ways than the original. I didn't want to make it a top tier character just a hair better; I think I achieved that by this design. Obviously an experienced person that killed a st7 enemy wouldn't grab a token, you would take the increase permanently. But the fact you could potentially gain +8 to any combat or battle roll after rolling is huge. And from a design factor it is pretty unique. I was pretty happy with the design and hope to try it out if I get my cards replaced.
  13. Because Ghouls have never raised dead before...in all the games I have played they fed off the dead. I always thought the raising of dead was more necromancer-like.
  14. I disagree. The ability to choose to use tokens AFTER a roll is quite powerful and adds some strategy to the character. Also, you could use them to add life, which could keep the Ghoul going a long time - back end of a game this character could be pretty tough.
  15. As fiddly as the Dragon expansion is, I think it will be great as a digital implement. Excited to try it out,
  16. There are few characters that can just rip through the game on an approximate 75% of the time - The Bounty Hunter is one of these characters. Sure, this is Talisman, he can lose and the Ghoul can win but the Bounty Hunter is severely OP. For the Ghoul: We currently have- When you attack another character, you may choose to make the attack psychic combat. You may not do this when you are attacked by another character. Whenever you defeat a character in psychic combat, if you choose to take one of his lives, add it to your own. When you kill an Enemy in battle, you may raise it from the dead and keep it as a Follower instead of a trophy. You may have one of your raised Followers add its Strength to yours for one battle, after which it disintegrates to the discard pile. You may only use one raised Follower per battle. I would update it to a character with Tokens- ***You begin the game with 4 Macabre Tokens When you visit the graveyard you may heal up to your life value. When you kill an Enemy you may feed on the corpse - Discard the enemy and place one Macabre Token on your character card. After rolling in psychic combat or battle, you may discard Macabre Tokens to add 2 to your attack score for each Token discarded. At any time - discard one Macabre Token to gain 1 life. The Ghoul would still be weak but it would be a fun character to play as the abilities would be useful.
  17. Games Workshop did away with all their forums years ago - I used to frequent them a lot and they were out of control. Rather than moderate it and provide a forum for questions regarding their games they dropped it altogether and wanted you to call their help line or ask one of their specialists in their stores......you could call 5 times and get 5 different answers....Their game "specialists" rarely had any knowledge beyond what they heard from other gamers so that was rarely helpful either. GW is very funny about their IP. They have taken a completely opposite stance from most other gaming manufacturers in trying to control the information on the internet and the way their games are sold - which is a shame really. With the way they are, I doubt these forums will be archived but I hope I am wrong.
  18. You may never change alignment more than once a turn. They quote the Druids ability in the rules - "No character, including the Druid, may change Alignment more than once in any turn." So, unfortunately you have to lose a life.
  19. I remember that, considering the game is on its way out though, not the best time for this to happen.
  20. Thanks for the advice. I contacted customer service the other day, sent some pictures along - but miracles rarely happen... But who knows, maybe they have some extra inventory of cards I can buy since they will be purging their inventory. Fingers crossed!
  21. Rather than make cards, why not just adjust the board accordingly? Divide the corner board however you want - ALL enemies in the Entry part are as is, in the Middle they are +X and in the Deepest part are +X? I think this would be far simpler and you could add cards to the decks if desired. Furthermore, you could make a sub category of enemies, something like "enemy - regional" and all regional enemies are +X in certain zones of the corner. Again, I think this may be an easier way to implement it. Any thoughts on what you would do for the woodlands and city?
  22. I had two L's originally but it came back as incorrect. lol I play and read a fair bit of British stuff so I go both ways. For instance, I prefer colour over color. British spelling for a game that was originally designed in Britain is definitely the way to go!
  23. I think something having to do with "forgotten" is a good choice though since this is why this is being "fan-made".
  24. The Realms Untraveled The Birseka Realms (I Looked up the word forgotten in Nepali - for some reason I see the village and areas like a Nepalese village....
  25. So, this past week, one of our dogs that has a fair bit of anxiety broke out of her crate while we were out and decided one of my Talisman boxes on the bookcase was a great bit of fun to pull down and rip apart. Just so happens that this was the box that has all the cards for all of the expansions in it... sigh After a week of not being able to look at it and having thrown it in a laundry basket, I finally surveyed the damage: Total losses: Dungeon board adventure cards Highland board adventure cards Omen deck(s) All but 2 Terrain cards Homebrew expansion Timescape cards Firelands adventure cards Mostly destroyed: Bloodmoon adventure deck cards Sacred pool adventure deck cards Reaper adventure deck cards Frost March adventure deck cards 50 cards from the main game- adventure deck Mostly OK: Surprisingly only 3 cards from the City expansion were ruined Only 2 Woodlands cards were ruined Only lost 5 spell cards out of all of them Nothing from the Dragon expansion was lost! Both the Nether realm and deep realm decks were unscathed I keep all the components separated in 4 of the boxes - Boards - Tokens and Miniatures - Reward cards and others with the rules - All adventure decks. She got the adventure deck box. I can replace some of the cards since I know how to make cards but to replace all of them is just too much. Now that Talisman is essentially discontinued and I am a poor folk, this is going to increase the difficulty in replacing these - Looks like I need to buy The Cataclysm, Firelands, Dungeon, Highlands, Bloodmoon, Sacred Pool, Reaper, Harbinger Frost March and the Main game again... This was one of the few games I have left after my house burned down a few years ago so I will replace it eventually but it looks like it won't be played for a long while. But out of curiosity is there anyone out there that has any extra cards for sale? I know some have mentioned buying multiple sets, so maybe you have the decks from those? Doesn't hurt to ask.... Funny enough though, two of the cards from the main game that were destroyed were cursed by a hag AND the poltergeist. lol P.S. The dog is still alive. But I would be willing to trade her for Talisman stuff. She is a black, 120 lb great dane. She is potty trained but has some separation problems.
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