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  1. I'm just hoping that this isn't just a reskin of Arkham Horror and has enough differences to be fresh. Otherwise I'm super excited for this game!
  2. Wow, anyone tried the revised Yig yet? He looks very brutal. Looks like Ithaqua and Nyarlathotep are the only Ancient Ones left that are due an update.
  3. Two_Hands said: Tox said: Two Tchos-tchos move on one investigator, she beats the first one, gets handcuffs and slaps them on the second, getting a photo camera. True story. It kind of makes you wonder what those Tchos-tchos were doing with a pair of handcuffs and a camera… That's the kind of question you don't ever want to hear the answer to. Did you guys check out the film?
  4. Mozal said: Cthulhu seems overpowered to me. +3 atack to the grater demon???? scores 7 VP ??? Remove all figures in one region??????? Too much my friend! Updated Cthulhu here: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/775949/custom-god You'll find that he is a lot more balanced now.
  5. This. Looks. AWESOME. Seriously hope they provide multiple copies of cards in the core set though. The problem with LCGs is that you have to buy a few core sets to make a competent deck.
  6. As a smuggler once said, "Don't get cocky kid!" Nyarlathotep is one of the easiest AOs to battle along with Yig. Try Cthulhu and victory will not come very easily…
  7. Angelic Despot said: At the start of the game, I can summon my first figure anywhere I like. e.g. Norsca. If, in my next turn, I want to move/summon this figure somewhere else (i.e. NOT summon another figure from my reserve), can I summon this same figure anywhere on the board? Do I: a) remove him (leaving me with no one on the board) and then summon him anywhere I like? e.g. Badlands. b) or am I forced to summon him to a space adjacent to where he's being summoned from? i.e. Troll Country. I can find rules references to suggest that I am allowed to place a figure next to the space where he was (in effect, moving him one space around the board), but nothing that forces me to. The answer is (b). Once you place the very first figure on the board, you must follow normal move/summon rules.
  8. Two Creeping Deaths will give two corruption. The card reads "If you dominate this region, place one corruption token in each adjacent region." No limitation is stated on the card, so if you dominate a region with two Creeping Deaths the effects of both cards do take place. Double CD is one of Nurgle's strongest moves in the HR expansion, because of the potential of a lot of corruption being placed AND possibly several DAC. Try not to let the Nurgle player get a chance to do this...
  9. One time I drew Fine Clothing from defeating a Tcho-Tcho... The image that immediately came to me was the investigator stripping the slain Tcho-Tcho of his tux. ;D Heh, that was hilarious.
  10. Julia said: Sola said: The Dark Reckoning card Prisoner's Dilemma states; "The investigators must choose: either the investigator with the most Power is devoured, or the investigator with the least Power is driven insane." What happens in the case when investigators have no power or dark pacts at all? Are they all considered to have the most and the least amount of power at the same time since they all have zero power or are they exempt from the cards' effects? Having the investigators safe from the cards effects if they have no power or dark pacts seems thematically like the best option as the investigators have not yet given in to the Lurkers' temptations and should therefore not be at risk of being devoured or driven insane. This is how I am currently playing this card, however I would like to know how other people are doing it. If none has Power, I'd see zero as the least Power (you can't have negative power, so zero is the minimum you can have). Hence, one in your team is driven insane. That's the way I'd play it, anyway That's how I play it as well. The thematic reason is that one of the investigators is driven insane because he/she is conflicted whether or not to make a deal with the Lurker.
  11. Tried Rhan-Tegoth with The Black Goat as the herald once... we were butchered.
  12. James Dove said: Hallo guys, here the are some questions about new cards/powers of the Horned rat expansion I think Slannesh is very strong in this new version and can win easily with VPs, all you need is the Keeper upgrade; Tzeentch is more difficult to master than the past but very subtle... With the blues I prefer to win turning the wheel ... and I think the Horror upgrade gives you a very strong bust (also mistical disregard is good) Ok let's start with the questions: Warp portal- when I play this card, can I move ALL the figures I want from the region in wich I've played the card, or can I move ONLY ONE figure from those that are placed in the region (like the old Teleport card?) Blue scribes- if I move the corruptions tokens in a region that contain two warpstone tokens (or magic simbols), can I gain a dial token? Acolites - when I get this upgrade, can I save ONLY ONE wound per round, independently from the number of blue cultists in play on the board? or can I save ONE wound x EACH acolite x round till I've finished all the magic cards in my hands? Glean - only the region in wich I play the glean card is adiacent to all the other regions, not the reverse. Is that true? The Keeper of secret upgrade - if a non-Slaneesh player dominates the region in wich an upgraded Keeper of Secret is placed, does that player gains also the three extra VPs comig from KoS upgrade (ie the three nobles bonus)?? for example, in Tilea (resistance 2) - after the battle phase - the khorne player has got 3 bloodletters, while the Slaneesh player has got only the Keeper; so khorne dominates the region and does he get 2 + 3 VPs? Thank you Gc Let me answer your questions: Warp Portal: You can only move ONE figure with Warp Portal just like the old Teleport. Unlike the old Teleport, however, you can move Greater Demons! Too bad there's only two available in the entire deck. Blue Scribes: Yes, if you move your own corruption tokens you can gain 1 dial token. Acolyte Upgrade: You can save a maximum of ONE acolyte per round. Seems weak, but remember that it's a guaranteed save. Glean: If the region you play Glean in is adjacent to all other regions, the OPPOSITE is also true. All regions are now adjacent to the region with Glean. The Keeper of Secrets: Yes While it is a powerful upgrade, opponents can take advantage of the Keeper and score 3 extra VP. Hope this helps!
  13. Lebo said: Read it, and liked it. You have talent for writing a descriptive text! Good work! I also liked the ending, which is usually one of the hardest parts of writing a text. It wrapped up the story well enough. Also I liked how well you could flesh up a game of Arkham Horror Some notions though: Avoid repetitive uses of words. One example (and only one I noticed from single read-trough): "He felt the presence of an otherworldly being in his presence." While very well written in general, the dialogue parts felt a bit forced (something that I think is as well one of the hardest parts of writing a text). Keep up the good work! Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think I realized that repetition before but I was too lazy to change it. I'm glad you pointed out about the dialogue... now that I look at it again you're right, it seems slightly awkward. Thanks again!
  14. In case anyone is interested, here is Cthulhu revised: Rules for Cthulhu: The Horned Rat CANNOT be in play. The setup if Cthulhu is in play should be: 3 Warpstones, 2 Nobles,.2 Peasants, 2 Flooding. Flood Markers function exactly like Hero tokens. There are 6 in all. Cthulhu The One who Lays Dreaming Draw Phase: Draw two Chaos cards. Dial Advancement Condition: Place a counter on your dial each time you place two or more corruption tokens in a region with no enemy figures. Special: Your figures cannot be removed from the board by Flooding tokens. Starting PP: 6 Cthulhu has 1 Greater Daemon, 3 Warriors, and 7 Cultists. Fishermen Cultist Attack: 0 Defense: 1 Cost: 1 Deep One Warriors - Attack: 2, Defense: 1 Cost: 2 Star Spawn Greater Demon - Attack: 3, Defense: 3 Cost: 3 Cultist Upgrade: During the battle phase, your opponents must assign hits to your Greater Demon and Warriors first. Warrior Upgrade: When a region is ruined, gain 4 VP if you have at least one warrior in that region. Greater Demon Upgrade: Star Spawn gain +2 Attack Plans in Motion Upgrade: Instead of playing a Chaos card or summoning a figure during the Summoning Phase, you may spend 1 PP to remove an enemy cultist from a region with a Flooding token. Ascension to Rl'yeh: The cost for your opponents to play Chaos cards in regions with Flooding tokens is increased by 1. Here are Cthulhu's chaos cards: Unnerving Presence - 2 Move three of your opponents' figures from this region to an adjacent region. (x3) The Abyss - 0 This card covers up both card slots in this region, if the other is empty. (x3) The Deep - 1 (M) Flooding tokens in this region remove figures from the board at the end of the battle phase. (x3) Unleash the Sea - 0 When you play this card, you may place a Flooding token from the stockpile in this region, or move a Flooding token from any region to this region. (x4) Wrath of the Sea - 1 The attack of your figures in this region is increased by one for each flooding token in this region. (x3) Strength of the Sea - 1 The defense of your figures in this region is increased by one for each Flooding token in this region. (x3) R'lyeh Rising - 3 (M) Your opponents cannot summon figures to this region. (x2) Blessing - 0 (M) You may replace one cultist in this region with one warrior. (x3) Finally, here is Cthulhu's dial: Cthulhu Start Remove 1 Cultist or Warrior Upgrade Card Place 1 Flooding token Upgrade Card Remove 2 Cultists and/or Warriors Upgrade Card Score 5 VP Cthulhu Victory! Cthulhu's threat should be the same as the Horned Rat.
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