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  1. ItsUncertainWho said: Kasatka said: This assumes that we are happy to buy the PDF version of it. I personally cannot RP without a hard copy of a book in front of me, so now i cannot beta test the book i want to buy because i dont want to throw away extra money on a PDF i'll never use? Seems like a quick fire way to polarize FFG customers and segregate the gaming community. Then there is no loss for you anyway. You wouldn't normally get to beta test a printed book before you buy it, so there is no difference. Actually, I've gotten to beta test a number of systems for 4 companies. Not one has ever asked me to pay a portion of the cost upfront to do so, not until Only War. (The closest I'd seen before was video games that let you into the beta test if you pre-order.) This is especially troubling to me for two reasons. The first Kasatka already said; I prefer to have a hardcopy book to look through, this is particularly true for the core rulebook. That the money I would pay to be in the beta test would never be applied to the end product I want, making it a wasted expense for me for helping out the company do a job they need done, especially one that is usually done for free or even occasionally earns you goodies, is rediculous. It is definately not the "normal". The second issue is that I am firmly in the camp that staunchly believes Only War should have remained a DH suppliment. I preordered it as soon as it was allowed when it was a suppliment, but having purchased 3 of the 40k RPG core rulebooks already I have no desire to purchase a 4th. That's already what kept me from buying Black Crusade, which I didn't even consider. IG is my favorite faction, so I was at least going to look into it for Only War. Demanding money upfront to just help beta test the game is NOT going to make me more eager to buy a product I'm already skeptical can stand on its own. H.B.M.C. said: "I've said it before, FFG simply do not have the manpwoer to cope with the release schedule they take on." And just like every other time you've said it, you're still wrong! The number of 40k RPG products I've pre-ordered and had delayed says otherwise.
  2. Seeing as Only War was supposed to be a DH suppliment, I just assumed it was the normal x2 TB and the '+' was a typo. I don't have Black Crusade, but that's what Orks are in all the others.
  3. Black Crusade was already One Too Many IMO, which is why I didn't buy it. I've already bought the base rules and setting info three times in DH, RT, and DW, I don't need to or want to buy them again! I was estatic when Only War was anounced, I have always loved the Imp. Guard and played a Guardsman in our TT group. I've had a copy on pre-order at my local game store since they first started accepting them. But that was when it was an expansion to DH, not a bloated "standalone". I've canceled it now. As much as I may want the half the book focused on the guard, I'm not paying a 4th time for the same basic rules AGAIN!
  4. isidro said: Banjulhu said: Which means you stormtrooper is left to improve his area of expertise (shooting based combat) where the other combat careers are just so much better (Vindicare, Twin hellpistol desperado, ranged psyker, ranged cog boy with a heavy weapon) . Just a little departure from the thread, can't this be generalized for all non-combat Ascentions? Beeing an inquisitor/Interrogator/Sage is all well and good but Unnatural Willpower won't stop the big bad combat machine heading your way... Isidro That's not a fair comparison. As mentioned above, each of the careers is supposed to have something they excel at. In the case of the Interrogator and Sage, that's the investigation side of the game. Sure the group is in big trouble if it comes down to the Sage trying to stop the enemy's big combat monster, but they're in just as much trouble if it falls to the Storm Trooper to solve the crime. That's not the job either of them is meant for.
  5. llsoth said: Are you seriously saying that your PCs cant be hurt by a krak grenade? 2D10+4 Pen 6? Not all of them no, but enough of them are tough enough that Krak grenades would be the answer that the average Rak'Gol encounter just doesn't have enough krak grenades. There's 3 that are that tough, and a 4th that could be if he wanted too. The Pen and static adds on the krak 'nade counter the armor and TB, leaving the dice for actual wounds. 2d10 is pretty variable, and once it is adding up the PC's can spend Fate to get some wounds back. Sure I could just have the Rak'Gol volley waves of krak 'nades to take them down, but while effective it wouldnt' be very believeable for a fresh group with no prior experiance against the party to do that. Still, the suggestions in this thread have given me ideas to make the next encounter both a challenge and equally organic in flow as my usual. The first introduction to the species was the group boarding one of thier vessels (two of the party are going to have some fun with radiation sickness as a result) but the next session will be them boarding the Imperial ships the Rak'Gol had boarded before the party showed up. Basically they stumbled across a skirmish just after it ended that the Imperial forces lost. The difference in challenge level can be explained as the Rak'Gol having sent thier more experienced troops on the boarding actions against these ships, which the party will now be boarding to investigate, leaving the junior troops behind on their own ships which the party previously boarded.
  6. Bladehate said: As concerns the Rak'gol, its an easy fix. If the players are mowing through the standard Marauders with ease just give them Mighty Shot and let their stubbers use the Rak'gol version of Manstopper rounds. +2 damage and an additional -3 penetration should make them much more of a threat, even to carapace armored PCs. Currently Rak'gol heavy stubbers deal 1d10+5 damage with 2 penetration (or in that ballpark, I don't have EotA with me atm). A few minor changes would mean they deal 1d10+7 with 5 penetration. If a heavy stubber firing full auto with those stats doesn't scare your PCs then they are very overgeared. If you want to be even more of a bastard, let your "elite" marauders apply a Rak'gol version of the Arch-Militant ability, granting them +10% to hit and an additional +2 damage. That's 1d10+9, pen 5 with a significant hit bonus... These are all small changes mechanically, but applying them to the basic Rak'gol Marauder template is an easy way to modify your foes in an easily understood and probably not too overpowered fashion. If your players are overpowering your foes its up to you to adjust for that accordingly... Thanks for reminding me of the special rounds, that provides an easy way to make them a threat again within the rules. I think I'll reserve the Arch-Militant's ability for the Broodmasters.
  7. blubbbb said: I can't realy see what you're talking about. Lets have a Look hat Rak'Gol Weapons: Razor Gun 1d10+5 Pen: 0 Jepp that would be a lousy gun wouldn't it be for the special effect of these things (5 or more Damage that comes through armor and Toughness and you suffer blood loss, means a 10% chance of dying each round), that thing shouldn't do that on every shot. Heavy Stubber with 1d10+5 Pen: 3 firing 10 rounds. Your average carpace-armored PC has 3 Points of armor left, maybe a TB of 5 so he soaks 8 points of damage per hit, the Weapon has an average damage of 10 per hit. Than there are the melee Weapons 1d10+12 pen: 4, lets again take a PC: Armor 6 (Carpace), TB 5, Wounds: 16, so he can soak up to 7 Points of damage per hit, that means even a minimum damage attack will deliver 6 Wounds, three hits with only minimum damage and the PC is in the crits. Somehow I fail to see, were the Rak'Gol are underpowered, taking in mind that they attack in groups and are not meant to act as one single big enemy. They're just more of melee-fighters (see their hunting frenzy and the fact that the "multiple arms"-trait gives them 2 attacks per round). Their description already mentioned that their tech is inferior to imperial tech, so their long range weaponery is more of an auxiliary option. I mean look at those things; they're ******* Aliens and obviously meant to be used like them. The Razor gun will never trigger its special ability against a group with Carapace armor and 50+ Toughness, it needs to roll max to do it if they have 40-49. That's really not very worrisome. As for thier melee attack, I screwed that one up. I read it wrong and missed the +12, treating it as a +4 Pen 0 attack. Which is significantly less painful.
  8. bogi_khaosa said: Blizzard36 said: My personal view is that the core of the Storm Trooper's problems is that their guaranteed Ascended Trait, Special Operations Training, only works with Hullguns and Carapace armor. While it does some nifty things, allowing them to nearly reach the performance of power-armor and bolter, that equipment is losing its usefulness at Ascended levels. The Storm Trooper is at their most effective the moment they Ascend. From that moment on, assuming they stick with the gear they have their bonuses with, they will slowly be outpaced by their opposition and allies. In order to stay competitive they need to upgrade their equipment within a rank or two. And as soon as they do that, they effectively loose one half of their Ascended special abilities, which puts them right back behind their foes and allies in individual ability. So the opposition and allies are advancing beyond power armor? Isn't that the limit? No, they are using power armor while the Storm Trooper is stuck with Carapace if it wants to receive its Ascended Trait benifit. If they switch to Power Armor or a heavy weapon to counter, then it looses that benifit while the opponents and allies still keep whatever equivilent they had.
  9. guest469 said: Give them Squad Mode abilities and a squad of Storm Troopers to command. Blizzard36 said: The Storm Trooper is... pretty underwhelming when compared with any of the other Combat focused careers. They're really only worthwhile if they have the resources of a full unit to back them up, individually most of the other careers are far better. The point that needs addressing is the Storm Trooper's poor comparative performance as an individual combatant. Giving it a squad to work with to be effective just proves that it is a poor option as an individual, and even if that is your "fix" it still has problems. There will be times when you don't have your squad with you, and it assumes none of the rest of the careers that outperform the StormTrooper will have a squad of thier own.
  10. In the last two sessions of the RT based game I'm running two glaring issues have reared thier heads. The Rak'Gol are abysmal as the big scarry bad guy of the Expanse, and Competent crews are just about as useless as Incompetent ones. The Rak'Gol problem is simple, they don't have any weapons listed with decent penetration. While they will tear through opponents using Flak armor or worse, anyone using Carapace armor or better is essentially invulnrable to them. Since the average person probably doesn't have very good armor if any, the Rak'Gol are the terror they are supposed to be for most NPCs. But against PCs, who can pretty easily get Carapace armor if they want it, their attempts to kill them were laughable. No really, when the Rak'Gol had to resort to trying to use breaching charges against individual PCs (which failed spectacularly due to a critically failed roll) the players really did laugh and facepalm. Against opponents as well armored as the PCs the PC's crew would also be hard pressed to hurt them with thier las-carbines and shotguns. But they could then call up specialists with hellguns, plasma guns, or inferno pistols to deal with such hardened targets. The Rack'Gol do not have any equivilent to this second tier of weaponry that I could find, and they badly need it if players are ever going to take them as a credible threat beyond the starting ranks. At the same time I've noticed that NPC vessels have consistantly been underwhelming. I chalk this up to the fact that the recomended average crew level of Compentent really isn't good enough in combat. A Compenent crew, a 30% chance of success does have a good chance of landing a hit a round by firing multiple batteries. And while a hit a round is a lot less than the possible maximum it's still a consistant low grade success, which sound's like an apropriate outcome for a Competent crew. Unfortunately. since your average macrocannon needs to hit 3-4 times in order to deal any damage at all (Void shields eat the first one and armor is good enough to nullify the first hit or so) it is very rare for a crew of this level to ever actually do anything of effect. By using the various special actions and having good components on the ship you can get the Compentent crew up to a regular pretty regular 3 hits in 2 round. A marked improvement, but still not enough to actually have an effect. You have to wait for a rare string of good rolls in one round to land more than 3 hits and finally do damage. And even then it may only be single digits if the damge rolls aren't very good. Combat slogs on a long time with multiple NPC ships fighting each other, while the PCs on thier ship are the only rutinely effective ones. Using lance batteries doesn't help either. While they only need 2 hits in a round to do reliable damage, it takes just as many sucesses to get those hits as it would take to get 4 hits from a macrocannon. Getting those sucesses is the problem. Clearly the cew percentages need to be bumpped up, the question is how much? I would normally say increase them all by 10, but with the actions like Lock On Target and Put Your Backs Into It (which get you a bonus to hit) even a small increase in overall crew skill can combine to a much larger bonus to hit by now succeeding in those actions more regularly. Perhaps just 5? Has anyone tried anything similar?
  11. My group is doing an Ascended+ campaign (mixed PCs from all 3 40k RPGs) and we've noticed something that I see many others have noted on these boards. The Storm Trooper is... pretty underwhelming when compared with any of the other Combat focused careers. They're really only worthwhile if they have the resources of a full unit to back them up, individually most of the other careers are far better. But, despite so many people agreeing on this, I've found almost no suggestions on how to fix it. (If there is such a discussion that I’ve missed, please link me too it.) My personal view is that the core of the Storm Trooper's problems is that their guaranteed Ascended Trait, Special Operations Training, only works with Hullguns and Carapace armor. While it does some nifty things, allowing them to nearly reach the performance of power-armor and bolter, that equipment is losing its usefulness at Ascended levels. The Storm Trooper is at their most effective the moment they Ascend. From that moment on, assuming they stick with the gear they have their bonuses with, they will slowly be outpaced by their opposition and allies. In order to stay competitive they need to upgrade their equipment within a rank or two. And as soon as they do that, they effectively loose one half of their Ascended special abilities, which puts them right back behind their foes and allies in individual ability. My proposed solution would be to extend the bonuses the Storm Trooper gets to Hellguns and Carapace Armor to all Imperial Issue weapons and armor. That way they retain their special abilities, and can scale their equipment with everyone else.
  12. LockLock said: Hello, new guy here, enthusiastic about Deathwatch. Presentations done with... I was planning on doing a few online RP sessions with a group from another forum. Our GM proposed we pick from either DH, RT or DW. Being the huge space marine nerd that I am, I immediately type "Deathwatch!!!111!!!one". The remainder of the group was more comfortable with either Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader, which is fine in and of itself. I could see myself having fun as an acolyte or space "merchant explorer". However, I got the impression that they believed DW to be all about KILL THE XENOS, BURN THE HERETIC, SPAY AND NEUTER THE WITCH!!!!! and nigh-devoid of roleplay. I haven't played any of those games (no one to play, hence going online), but it seems to me that they're selling this game a bit short as far as RP goes. For those of you who have played one or more of these games, would you agree with their assertion? I don't know, how much RP gets done in a normal D&D game? I can see why they'd be worried about it, DW certainly is much more combat focused than either of the other two games, as easily seen by the rules and marine abilities. But you know what, if all you look at is the rules and character abilities than every version of D&D ever has been nothing but a combat game. Yet somehow it is still the gold standard of RPGs. Clearly there is plenty of roleplaying going on there, even if the rules don't force it and modules don't guide you by hand right too it. The same is true of deathwatch. It can be nothing but a little killfest if that's all you want (which is why it's our group's "Uh... I have no idea what to run today" fallback option) but you can still RP as much as you want under your own initiative if you want.
  13. Question 1. As covered by Errant, you can technically have as many ships as you want to let them have. But more than 5 will get hard to keep track of in a mission. One way to allow the dynasty to have the extra ships but keep them out of the way is to take advantage of the fact that most writs require the holder to set up any new endeavor, but once they’re in place any dynasty representative can continue them. So, the crew could establish trade routes, mining operations, colonies, or just about anything else, and once its established detail some of the dynasty ships and personnel to keeping it going in the background. Question 2. Really depends on what your group’s players like in memorable space battles. I’m a big fan of daring boarding actions myself, but I’ve always been a privateer at heart. Question 3. Both! Grand epic campaign for the overarching background plot and as a pointer to keep the crew somewhat headed in a direction you want, but each individual endevour and mission that will make up that epic campaign when its history is written afterwards should be focused on individual stories. Definitely get Lure of the Expanse. Not only is it the best 40k module written so far in my opinion, (Disclaimer: I haven’t gotten to read The Emperor Protects yet) it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. You can fail your official primary objective for the whole three part greater endeavor… and really not care if you set things up right along the way. As many others have said, there is actually no role that absolutely NEEDS to be handled by a real character. There are plenty of roles you’ll need handled by at least one person on the ship, think of any ship’s command crew, but any of them can be covered easily by an NPC. If no PC Rogue Trader, then there’s an NPC Lord-Captain they group works for. No Navigator of Astropath? Great! Now you can handwave or box-text whatever dramatic (or blessedly safe) result you want for you story. No Seneschal, NPC quartermaster takes care of it. No Explorator, that just means the Mechanicus representatives on the ship prefer to stick to the engine room. Many of the more mundane class options can easily be covered by normal armsmen and voidsmen using the regular crew rules. So, having a small group isn’t an issue when you travel in a sailing city. The transport would definitely work. They have a large starting profit factor that they can quickly make even bigger with some lucrative early Trade endeavors, they’ll just need to be careful they don’t wander very far into the Expanse as they won’t stand up to the many dangers out there. The high Profit Factor they’ll have will then allow them to simply purchase and outfit some small combat ship or two to use as an escort allow them into the more dangerous (and likely more profitable) areas. If your party prefers to jump right into dangerous and combat oriented voyages they could also get an absolutely basic equipped Hazeroth Raider out of the main book or Iconoclast Destroyer from Battlefleet Koronus. Then it’s off privateering for fun and profit! (Totally my route ) Or, if they’d rather take a middle ground, check out the Q Ship or Orion Star Clipper out of Into the Storm. A Q ship is a merchantman refitted with hidden armor and REAL guns so it can take out raiders that come after it. Historically they were used as traps for pirates and later submarines who discovered too late that their easy target wasn’t nearly so easy. The Star Clipper is fragile, but with finesse can be a very effective raider. Both of them come with integral cargo bays, so they’re still viable transport ships at the same time.
  14. I'm running a mixed group, with Dark Heresy and DeathWatch characters as well. In order to give the Space Marines requisition and renown numbers you need to break the mission up into objectives; primary, secondary, and tertiary. This ended up making assigning Achievement points pretty easy as well. Once you have a good idea of the minimum objectives the group needs to meet in order to complete thier endevour, list all those off first and then assign points among them weighting them as you think apropriate. These should equal between 60-80% of the amount needed to complete the endevour. (You don't do 100% since there is sure to be some bonus points from ship components and some secondary or tertiary objectives completed as well. The first time I did 100% and the group ended up getting 4x the base rewards due to thier maximum overacheivement, which was nuts.) Secondary objectives should be assigned however many points are needed to total 100% of the required acheivement points in total with the primary objectives. If your secondary objectives are mostly things that will logically be done in the process of doing the primary objectives, either because they are prerequisits or becuase they are placed along that path I suggest a 60/40 split between primary and secondary. If they are helpful but not so conveniently placed that you can do them in the process of doing the primary objective an 80/20 split seems better. Then you sprinkle tertiary objectives about totally another 50% of the required Achievement Points. Things that are fun or interesting sidepoints or rewards for going above and beyond on a primary or secondary objective have so far made the best tertiary options for me. Once component bonuses are added in, it shouldn't be hard for your crew to double the basic rewards if they complete nearly all the objectives, maybe even tripple if they do a clean sweep and have large component modifiers. At least, that's a method and reward level that's worked well for me.
  15. That's what the Barracks component is for!
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