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  1. Fair enough! I didn't see them but that's cool! Same stats so I guess it's irrelevant. Not quite the same; the Lascannon on the Sentinel has a clip of 30, while the MP Lascannon in Only War has a clip of 5. To my mind, this makes perfect sense; a vehicle can haul bigger battery packs that last for more shots. But I'd use the OW clip size if you want to give your Acolytes a MP Lascannon. Which brings us full circle to my point that OW has the most current stats for heavy weapons! The Stats in Enemies beyond are a derivative for this specific adventure. But let's not fight...I offered only war as a solution to people looking for battlefield grade weapons. Not to one up anybody! Peace bro! You seem to have read my post in a much more hostile or combative tone than I intended. The tone was intended to be one of idle musing, but clearly it didn't come off that way. My apologies.
  2. Fair enough! I didn't see them but that's cool! Same stats so I guess it's irrelevant. Not quite the same; the Lascannon on the Sentinel has a clip of 30, while the MP Lascannon in Only War has a clip of 5. To my mind, this makes perfect sense; a vehicle can haul bigger battery packs that last for more shots. But I'd use the OW clip size if you want to give your Acolytes a MP Lascannon.
  3. Define "class". We've got roles, backgrounds and home worlds, but no classes, so far. Being serious, I don't think role-focused splats are particularly useful; one Warrior doesn't necessarily have a vast amount in common with another. Backgrounds are more promising; I definately think we could do with some more Mechanicus options; a Skitarii background, a Magos Elite advance and so on. I think the Ecclesiarchy has pretty decent coverage between the Ministorum background and the Sororitas background and got a lot of useful talents and weapons in Within. A book about Assassins might be fun, especially if it included Elite Advances to let high-end PCs become temple initiates.
  4. Yeah. I think true sniping works pretty much as it should: you have decent odds of dropping them, but dropped might not mean dead and in realistic circumstances you'll only get one try. Not to mention the times when you take the shot, blow half their head away and they just turn and smile at you right down your scope, as flies begin swarming from the gaping hole in their head and Sweet Emperor, what is that smell... *coughs* That is to say, sometimes Acolytes will come up against things that, while they may look human and might once have been human, are now much tougher than humans. Forcefields are another thing that might keep an important NPC alive. As I said, I think proper sniping is fine; it's the designated marksman thing that's a bit strong and the "must have a bipod to get extra damage from Accurate" house rule addresses that pretty nicely.
  5. Actual sniping (long distance, from concealment, etc.) is pretty rare in my experience, but when it happens, the sniper almost never misses; the bonuses really add up if you attack an unaware target and take your time to aim. For example, a BS 40 sniper armed with a long-las with a telescopic sight and taking a full round action to Aim beforehand will be at a net of +60 (+20 for Aiming, +10 for Accurate, +30 for Unaware Target, ignoring range penalties because of telescopic sight, +10 for Standard Attack, but capped at +60) for a Standard Attack or +40 (+20 for Aiming, +10 for Accurate, +30 for Unaware Target, ignoring range penalties because of telescopic sight, -20 for Called Shot) for a Called Shot. This gives him either a 99% or 80% chance of hitting, but if he misses or fails to kill his target then yes, I'd expect him not to have the chance of a second shot. In actual play, though, I tend to find "snipers" behave more as designated marksmen, taking Half Actions to Aim and then firing Single Shots, usually well within their weapon's Short Range. This is very, very effective, probably more so than it ought to be, but it's not true sniping and they are usually visible to the enemy after the first round and well within the enemy's range to return fire. In these circumstances, I don't think missing is likely to preclude a second shot.
  6. On the original topic, Enemies Within has a Role, Penitent, which would get your friend pretty close to what he wants. Feral/Imperial Guard/Penitent can get him Ballistic Skill, Weapon Skill, Offence, Fieldcraft, Intelligence, Agility and Toughness. That seem close enough to what you want, ColArana?
  7. Your friend can't do everything he wants. The closest is probably Highborn/Arbites/Desperado or Forgeworld/Arbites/Desperado; each of which can get you Finesse, Offence, Defence, Intelligence, Ballistic Skill, Agility and Fellowship. You can't get all of Offence, Knowledge and Finesse with the current backgrounds and roles.
  8. That's pretty clear, I think. QRM drops it to 1 Full and 1 Half, then RR halves that, rounded down, to Half. Unless I'm missing something.
  9. Well first of all, Rapid Reload explicitly says that Half action reloads become Free action reloads. Secondly, reloading as a Reaction would be weird because you can't take Reactions on your turn. (Also, I think losing your Reaction to reload is probably more of a disadvantage than losing the chance to Aim). You realize Rapid Reload already allows reloading a Laspistol or Bow as a Free Action?
  10. If a weapon with a normal reload value of "Full" is augmented with a Quick-Release Mechanism and used by a character with Rapid Reload, is it reloaded as a half action (because QRM can't improve the weapon past "Half") or as a free action (because the QRM makes the weapon "Half" and then Rapid Reload lets you treat "Half" as "Free")? Thanks.
  11. Without running the numbers it's hard to say. I feel like characteristic aptitudes are more useful, but that's more of a gut feeling. FFG may have done it that way for a reason or I could be giving them too much credit. For my second point, I definitely think that part's a bad idea. I think RAW you can only get 2 cheap characteristics if you optimize but with yours it allows for 3. You can get a maximum of 4 cheap characteristics if you optimize. Feral/Arbites (picking Defence)/Assassin (picking BS) has cheap BS, Perception, Toughness and Agility. Feral/Administratum (picking Social)/Desperado has cheap BS, Agility,Toughness and Fellowship.
  12. I would say down, but down by less than if you used an Inquisitorial Rosette for the same effect. Word spreading that local law enforcement is poking around the lower hive will alarm people a little, word spreading that the Adeptus Arbites are poking around is going alarm people a fair bit more and word spreading that the Inquisition is poking around will scare the holy hell out of everyone.
  13. First off, by my reading, you can't burn Influence to auto-succeed if you had a less than zero chance in the first place. Let's assume a starting character with 35 Influence. He burns 1d5 Influence to get a suit of Light Power Armour and rolls a 2. He then burns another 1d5 Influence to get a Meltagun and rolls a 3. At this point he can no longer burn Influence to get Very Rare items, because the -30 modifer for Very Rare drops him down to 0. He could keep burning influence to get Rare Items until his Influence is 20, but I think few players would go further than that. So let's say he's blinged himself out with Light Power Armour, a Meltagun with a Custom Grip and an Auxilliary Grenade Launcher, a Chameleonline cloak and an advanced med-kit, at the cost of (on average), 18 points of Influence. He's knocked his Influence down to 17 from it's starting position of 35. He's also dropped the group's Subtlety by a whopping 14 points. If everyone in the group does this, the group's Subtlety will be completely wiped out. Yes, he's got some really powerful armour and a very killy gun. He'll probably go through mundane opposition like...well like a meltagun through mundane opposition. But he's also a) torpedoed any chance of a softly-softly approach, b) run up a line of credit with half a dozen Imperial agencies and c) he hasn't exactly walked away with Terminator Armour and a Grav Cannon, just the top shelf stuff from the local Guard and Sororitas armouries (yeah, if you've pulled all the strings you've got to get some human suitable power armour at zero notice, the armour probably does have boobs. Your male acolyte is gonna have to learn to like it or lump it). Burning permanent influence is basicaly saying to some other Imperial organization "I will owe you a big favor for this". If you are a Inquisitorial acolyte and say that, yeah, the first couple of times, you can get some pretty potent ordnance in exhange. But you're trading off the ability to walk in a get lasgun ammo tommorow and the next day, week, month, year in exhange for a meltagun right now. Long term, if you keep and build that permanent influence, you can turn it into enough meltaguns to equip a whole squad of borrowed stormtroopers. Meltaguns can be stolen. Power armour can break. Influence is much harder to lose. Now, the objection to this is that you only need one character to build up Influence long term, so why not have the other four splurge on whatever passes their fancy? Well, first off, one character can't be everywhere at once. You may need to requisition a Aquila Lander now, not when your Adept can get across town to the voidport. As GM, I'd be perfectly willing to say things like "You've got 6 hours in port between ships, that's enough time for each of you to make one Requisition test if you like" and if 4 of the characters have pissed their influence away, then only the Adept has a decent chance of getting anything with that one test. Secondly, has your character just decided that permanent minionhood is what they want? If only one Acolyte is growing in fame and respect and cultivating ties to local power structures, then it's pretty clear which Acolyte might become an Interrogator one day, isn't it? I don't know about you, but I've had enough 40k RPG games turn PVPish that I'd like to have my own power and influence rather than depending on Adept Bob. Also, Adept Bob might catch a boltgun round one day and then who'll requisition my meltagun ammo? Lastly, consider the in universe reality. Is your character the kind of person who'd be happy grabbing up a load of flashy equipment and the forever being "That Acolyte who owes us big time for that suit of power armour we lent him". Do you want every communication with every other Imperial organization to start "About that favor you owe us..."? I'm glad the option exists, not least for players who might want to play a Sororitas or a Death Cult Assassin and are happy to trade a bit of Influence to be able to play with the iconic equipment of power-armour-and-a-bolter or twin-power-swords, but I think for most PCs, burning Influence for flashy gear is a bit of a sucker's choice.
  14. Is the (fairly considerable) nerf to Allocated Points characters intentional? They used to start at 30 and get 60 points to distribute, enough to raise all stats to 36, same as the average for a rolled character (excluding the single reroll which seemed a fair trade for the randomness compared to allocated). However, while rolled characters have dropped by 5 points across the board (by default, with the option to go back to 25 if you want), allocated points characters have dropped 10 points across the board, starting at 20 with 60 points to assign. And if you bring the rolled characters back up to 25, the assigned points characters only go back up to 25, so they are now consistently 5 points-per-stat behind rolled characters on average. I'm not really complaining, just wondering if it's intentional. If it is intentional, it's a hell of an incentive to roll rather than allocate.
  15. I hadn't particularly. I thought they were pretty comparable. Care to elaborate?
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