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  1. I think its 5 mm deep maybe!? I will go with 3x2 mm magnets, but 3x3 mm would also be good i think. You can decide how deep you will drill and regarding that decide the deep of the magnets :).
  2. That sounds great Crifmer :)! I think i will go that way to, cause that safe me a lot of time, if i would drill a hole in the trays and put a paperclip inside. What measurements of neodym magnets are the best (in mm)? I think about using 3x2 mm or 3x3 mm and make the hole of the miniature bases a bit wider with a 3 mm drill and glue those magnets directly in to the hole. This will also save me some time, instead of putting a smaller magnet plus milliput in the hole of the miniature bases. P.S. ... for the magnet colour; i find a waterbased one on amazon, so that you don't have to clean your brushes with some extra dissolver :)!
  3. Do you have a link to this kind of magnetic paint :)? Was looking for it, but can't find it within the interweb :)! @Tvayumat: Amazing paintjob you did here with all the miniatures! Could you do an step by step tutorial with pictures for your magnetizing of the miniatures? Would be really kind from you, especially for the bigger miniatures :)! Thanks in advance and keep up the great work! Just "followed" this thread ...
  4. Just find th is thread via google, because iam looking to magnetize my Runewars minis also :)! I think the easiest solution would be neodym magnets which would fit in thickness and diameter, into the holes of the miniatures, so you don't have to work with milliput or something similar. Just glue the magnets into the holes directly, but i don't have the exact measurments for that. Instead of using steel discs, what about magnetic colour, or adding "iron additive" to a colour of your choice, which you could paint into the base holes, within the trays? Wouldn't that be much easier? The steel discs are also raising the miniature up a bit, because of their thickness. Any thoughts about this method :)? ...
  5. I think its really a matter of personal taste in that case. A smaller scale also has some crucial benefits for playing such kind of mass battle, rank and file tabletop system. Furthermore some people like to paint 28 mm miniatures more and other prefer smaller ones. For the look onto the table, the 15 mm scale would be much more epic, because of a lot more miniatures you can put onto the movement trays. Another benefit for "lazy" painters is, they have less to paint, because of the smaller scale of the miniatures. Thats just my opinion and i see so much 28 mm tabletop games on the market, but rarely ones with a smaller scale, which are common in the tabletop scene. The only exeption are Flames of War and some systems from Spartan Games, which makes me a bit sad. I really like those oldschool systems in the past e.g. 40k Epic, Warmaster, Demonworld to name a few. Only the historical tabletop scene has more, smaller scale tabletop systems. I hope this will change in the future sometimes, so that developers/publishers will try to make some great sci-fi and fantasy tabletop systems in a smaller scale *prey*. Independently, of course i will play Runewars :D! ...
  6. I think it would look so much cooler and more epic in 15 mm, like an really epic battle with a big amount of bases and Miniatures! Spartan games also have 15 mm Tabletop systems available (e.g. Planetfall, halo ground battles, Dystopian Wars). It fits so much more for a mass battle game than 28 mm and of course the Miniatures would be much cheaper to I think.
  7. ... i wish FFG would go with a 15 mm scale instead, there you have so much figures and it really feels like a mass battle game, but i think everyone is so familiar with 28-32 mm that the customers aren't that much into other possible scales. I miss the good old times of Warmaster which was 10 mm i think, but 15 mm fantasy figures/armies would be so awesome for big battles :)!
  8. Yeah a possible army bundle for each faction for a good price would be really appreciated! But we don't know if we have to get those expansion boxes also, because of the included upgrade cards!? If its the typical sale model from FFG you have to get them all i think!? ... The prices of those expansion boxes drives me sad, i thought it would be much cheaper to get into the game after a purchased core set.
  9. Yeah that iam missing the most at the moment, that we don't have a good overview over Terrinoth actually. I don't own any game of the Runebound universe so far, a source book, or novels which could tell stories within the universe would be really welcome from me :)!
  10. Iam really interested in competitive play and tournaments alike. I think we have to wait until we get the exact information about the content of expansions/boxes for Runewars. Then we could get angry about it and not before their release, thats just my opinion :). Furthermore, organized play creates a big community and new players for Runewars, which is really good for us and FFG. A bigger player base means, we could play against more people and more people playing/buying Runewars means more profit for FFG, which they can use for creating new miniatures, or new races, (narrative) expansions for Runewars :)! I don't have anything against casual play and i do it for myself in other tabletops also, but a player community don't grow for itself, if everybody plays Runewars at home ^^.
  11. Really great news and poster of course! There are so much opportunities then, how they could release those other factions. E.g. as a second core set, or army bundles/boxes!? Iam curious to see how FFG will make the already known Undead and Human armies available, separately from the core set in the future!? Does anybody know something about possible boxes/products and their contents besides the core set, already? ...
  12. Yeah great news! So the day that we all will get Runewars into our hands is coming :)!
  13. I think i will go with the studio schemes, i like those blues and purples and the look of it .
  14. Thats a picture from the Runewars Miniatures Game FB group, it doesn't sound really good for a puncutal release at all ...
  15. Dunno anything about Adepticon rumours and so on, but regarding the long time for "on boat"i for myself think that we will see a wave 0 release in march. February would be awesome, but i don't think so, because its already mid of january and it isn't already "on boat". So our troops could march onto the field of battle in march, hopefully ^^! ...
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