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  1. i thought everyone had learned the colors of all monsters.. (or perhaps only i have since i have severe troubles seeing the colors, i have to learn them instead). but! you don't have to have token in the base, if it hides some of the info. have a stack by the side of the board (in LiTaS perhaps?) which represent monsters on the board which have figures. that way you still move the figure about, you can easily see the stats and you don't have to throw the figures around when different players want to see the stats. so that i don't see as an issue. cash investment and space management if you'd get them all though.. that i can see as an issue.
  2. Fake Ghost Pirate said: I think the Cthonian would be the most useful figure to have standing menacingly on the board so you don't forget to take damage when it moves... this is what i was thinking. the i'll probably get monster figures for all the green monsters and spawns (and possibly the tentacle and beings of ib too) just because they're not regular monsters and need a constant reminder. perhaps not the werewolf, but having a giant figure displaying that we've accidentally let a hunting horror loose in arkham? yes please. my group forgets about these all the time, and someone gets ninja'd by the hound of tindalos or dies from the cthonian. a miniature would remind even these memory-impaired people.. but getting all the figures? no thanks. imagine the terrible experiment..
  3. Julia said: 3) I can only answer partially to the your last question because we are still waiting for an official answer on part of it. Let's go with order. If you cross-check the core rules, in the Arkham Encounter section is defined what to do with a gate or without a gate on a location. So: the card instructs you to move to a new location AND have an encounter there. The new location has no gate? Well, you draw an encounter card and resolve it normally. The location has a gate? The encounter IS entering the gate, no choice. The problem is the monster(s) on the location: this was discussed several times, and the designer of the game changed his mind on what to do and what not. I play that whenever you move to a location (regardless of the phase when this happens) you have to deal with monsters on that location (just as if you entered that location during the movement phase) and you pick up clues from that location as well; others play that dealing with monsters on locations is something related to the movement phase only, so if you enter a location with monsters during the Arkham Encounters phase, you can ignore them. At the moment, play it the way you feel more comfortable with; whenever we will see the FAQ published, a final word will be said on this. and we play this differently. you get the free ride to a location, you do not get the free clues. and as a consequence, you don't need (or are allowed) to deal with the monsters on the location. but, as previously stated - this is just how we do it..
  4. Tibs said: Maybe I should say that the only thing you may do during the movement phase if you're delayed is stand up; no more, no less. This would automatically disallow Find Gate without having to make a special rule. you should fight the monsters too, e.g. a child of the goat..
  5. satanito said: We have been playing a year delaying the investigators when unconscious or insane!!!! oh, the horror. a year? that's small cake. we did it several years until realizing we're doing it wrong just about a month ago. and about a month earlier we realized you don't lose half your money when unconscious..
  6. Julia said: Very skeptic at the beginning, rather enthusiastic after the first games: it's not a *great* game, but it's a game of *great* fun. Chaotic, incontrollable, with cool illustrations and a good rythm and a big plus: it's very short. A good "end of a gaming night" shot, or something good and quick for when you don't have time. the hell julia.. do you own every fantasy flight game i buy?! bought this game as a filler while waiting for other players for bigger games, works fine when they're almost an hour late..
  7. we recently got innsmouth and do play without knowing the result of the cards. while i knew some beforehand (tommy's pass, amanda's fail, silas' fail and tony's two results) from reading these forums, and knew that generally some were good to pass (patrice's, without knowing what it did) - we're slowly going through the investigators and learning the results. but how we'll play the personal story cards in any given game, seems to be very situational. the last game we played we had two characters that needed 3 gate tokens to pass (norman and akachi, iirc) and one who needs to spend 1 gate trophy (among other things). and akachi fails when someone spells 1 gate trophy. it was weird, we knew at least someone would have to fail. i don't remember who succeeded and who failed, but we did pass patrice' story, of course, since it's easy and i knew it was somewhat good..
  8. Avi_dreader said: She's the hardest investigator for most people to roleplay or imagine scenarios for (or so I'd imagine). She's an African Shaman (in 20's America). I can't imagine what that would be like, I can't even imagine an African Shaman in 20's Africa. think new orleans.. perhaps. i don't know.
  9. Tox said: Master Fwiffo said: Kingmaker said: I was wondering if there is any interaction between curse cards and bless cards, do they simply cancel each other out? If so does this count for Yig's instant beginning of the battle curse? We found that defeating this end boss was relatively easy even with the curse. Do these guys get a bonus if you have 5 players? Sorry for the simple questions, my group is pretty new at AH. If you are Cursed and you get a Blessing, both are discarded. Likewise, if you are Blessed and you get a Curse, both are discarded. I don't see why it wouldn't count for Yig. A good way to prepare for his fight is to be blessed at the start of it. I think the wording sometimes causes problems, because sometimes you are instructed to draw a Bless/Curse card, and thus if you have the opposite both are cancelled; other times, and here the confusion usually starts, a card tells you you are now Blessed/Cursed. Does this last case mean just draw the appropriate card or does it mean to go immediately to Blessed status (if currently "normal" or even Cursed) or to Cursed status (if currently "normal" or even Blessed)? I play it as being the same as the first case: if a card says "you are cursed" or "you have been cursed" and I'm currently blessed, I go to "normal" status (no bless/curse card). we play it that way to. only move one step up/down on the blessing/curse ladder. there are exceptions, at least one, a gate card something along the lines of "the world is upside down, if you are blessed you are cursed and if you are cursed you are blessed" which obviously indicate that you should change blessing for a curse or vice versa, and not just "you lose your blessing/curse".
  10. jgt7771 said: So it didn't say "up to 3 doom tokens" why? i'd say the card is indicating "do as usual but with three doom tokens instead" and it'll stop when full, not go beyond. how do you do when you've only inflited e.g. 1 hit on a 3-investigator-game, do you generate that one hit (a third of a doom token) or none? the ancient one card does say to put one doom token if it isn't already full, and you should remove them after X hits (where X is # investigators). go for intent* and not exactly what's written. it's regeneration, but with 3. that's the unnatural part of it. nothing with cthulhu is natural, but if his regular abilities were considered natural, then three-times-the-regeneration surely is unnatural, without it being a become-stronger ability. * this is my interpretation of intent at least.
  11. Julia said: Yeah, that's a good one. Otherwise, it should be allowed to buy a Rail Pass for 3 bucks in any Station / Depot of the game (which is btw realistic. You can certainly buy a pass in a place where you can buy an ordinary ticket) in the backwards country i'm from we have several railroad stations (on major railroad lines) where you cannot buy tickets, but you can go aboard the train from there. and when you're on the train, you can buy ticket for that specific trip, but no monthly cards or similar. but i do agree; having a way to buy them as an encounter should cost more.
  12. Julia said: b) yeah, I allow investigators to pick up clues as well. You enter a location with a monster and a clue, you kill the monster, you get the clue. No monsters? Much better. I wouldn't say, however, this help the game "unfairly". How often did it happen during a game to be allowed to move to a location from an Encounter? Not that often. Besides, most of these encounters instruct you to go to a specific location. So you need to be lucky to have some clues there, which is not that likely to happen. The only encounters allowing you to choose where to move, are those at the Newspaper or at the Station. But those locations are stable, so they do not provide you Clues after movement ends (apart some specific cases, like Hypnos power or clues located as result from Gate bursts card). So basically if I gain one clue / game in this way, I'll be lucky. Monsters on the other hand are much more often on the board (after the first three / four turns, you have many more monsters than clues on unstable locations), so I think it's by far nastier the way I play rather than "no clues and no monsters". Especially if you use these Encounters to enter guarded gates. If you don't fight monsters, then every character can enter an OW in an easy way. You just have to check whether you can seal or not, and then make up your mind. But if you have to fight, and you don't have weapons, well.. that's another storyc) not so sure you can LiTaS to Devil Reef too.. I think Avi said something about this about one year and half ago. Should check my notes b) well, we use the trainstation encounter where bill washington is nice to us and drives us off as perhaps the most common way to move from arkham to other cities. this is because movement doesn't reach much farther and when using dunwich is A LOT better than the brook bridge as i always manage to get arrested there.. and next step in kingsport is in a street area.. and we're fairly new to innsmouth. so so far we use it quite often. but i can see what you're getting at. perhaps i should take up the topic again and check with the group what they want. c) quote from innsmouth rulebook about Lost in Time and Space: Exception: Investigators cannot return to Y’ha-nthlei from Lost in Time and Space. As Y'ha-nthlei is mentioned i conclude that Devil Reef is allowed to be returned to.
  13. Hugues said: Okay, I have a nasty one! -- ---- Arkham Asylum : "You are mistaken for an inmate. Doctor Mintz has the guards subdue you and conducts an experiment. Make a Will (-1) [2] check to discover the results. If you pass, the injections seem to increase your capacity for learning. Draw 1 Skill. If you fail, his memory drug fails miserably, resulting in lost knowledge. You must discard one of the following (your choice), if able: 4 Clue tokens, or 2 Spells, or 1 Skill." I guess that if I have 0 Clue, i can't chose discarding 4 Clues and pick another choice. But what if, I have no Skills, have 1 Spell or less and have 3 Clues or less ? I'm tending to say that you must discard something. So if 0 Skill, no way i could chose to discard 1 Skill. And if I have 3 Clues and 1 Spell, i can chose between both, losing every stuff of the chosen one. Or.... I got lucky and if I don't have the good value for any of them, I'm discarding nothing. it doesn't say "up to 4 clue tokens" .. so i guess you're only viable for that choice if you actually have 4 clues..
  14. Avi_dreader said: It's not METAGAMING, it's STRATEGY GAMING. Gah! Ridiculous RPGers! Btw, nice topic title ;'D we play with only pass/fail conditions visible and only bring out the appropriate result when it is encountered, allowing only the matching side of the card to be read. if a player can remember the result - good for him, otherwise, play it randomly. forced roleplay!
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