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  1. Additionally, as a general rule, Shuji can only be used on people who can hear you (see the sidebar on page 215).
  2. If your book says the Hiruma stance dances, you're good.
  3. My physical copy says the Hiruma stance dances.
  4. JBento

    Tessens, Breach of Etiquette?

    We haven't played that adventure yet, so I don't know: does the adventure object to bringing, say, a katana? Because it shouldn't. Telling a samurai "you can't bring your katana" is a major insult. A katana (and/or wakizashi) is a samurai's soul - objecting to it is basically objecting to the samurai. It's not "I don't trust you with a weapon here", it's "I don't trust the very core of your being." Duels have been called for less. Note that if you actually use the tessen (or katana or wakizashi or etc.) as a weapon, even just to intimidate or even as a means to defend yourself, you immediately breach Bushido. You fail Courtesy (obviously) and Honesty (because by carrying it into an event where no weapons are allowed you have, in fact, stated that it isn't a weapon). If it's an official event where you are in representation of your lord/family/clan/whatever, you also breach Duty. And that's just off the top of my head.
  5. JBento

    Tessens, Breach of Etiquette?

    Do Tessen have the Ceremonial property? If yes, then they should be kosher.
  6. JBento

    Moving before Clashes

    Aren't there shuji that do exactly this?
  7. JBento

    Moving before Clashes

    It's actually worse than "losing the game" - if you start saying "the rules of the game don't matter" you're screwed if you get caught. And if you're a shugenja or a monk, you are, by definition, always caught, because the kami and the universe are always watching.
  8. JBento

    Moving before Clashes

    There's ALWAYS something at stake - H/G are very big deals. Refusing a challenge because "fighting is risky" fails Courage and (probably) Honour - you've already set yourself up as a combatant by being, well, a combatant, so now you can't weasel out without being, well, a weasel.
  9. JBento

    Moving before Clashes

    If you're an active participant in the confrontation then you can certainly be challenged. If the shugenja has a yojimbo, then the challenge probably defaults to the yojimbo if the shugenja accepts. Note that the shugenja is supposed to not do anything (or have anything done to them) while the challenge is underway, and if the yojimbo gets killed the shugenja is supposed to withdraw from the fight - the yojimbo takes their place in the challenge, but they're basically an extension of the shugenja. If the courtier is shooting people in the face, they're basically a bushi, and they can get challenged as a bushi. If they're shuji'ing around, then they're enemy leaders and can be challenged, though in that case they can probably defer the challenge to their bodyguard, like a shugenja. Note that if the courtier is LITERALLY "shuji'ing his way out of it", as in, the only thing they've done is use shuji to not get ganked and go away, challenging them is a no-no as far as H/G goes.
  10. JBento

    Moving before Clashes

    The Hida already murderise goblins, which are lower in the scale than anything not of Jigoku, so "bashing the artisan who thinks he can fight" in the face until their teeth are in the back of their head isn't an issue. Samurai kill peasantry all the time. They wouldn't debase themselves into CHALLENGING them, because that would be saying that the artisan is their equal, but they have no issue murderising them. That's not a tale they'll be recounting, of course, because artisans aren't real challenges. If the artisan turns out to be a real challenge they CERTAINLY aren't recounting it, because that would be basically saying "I had trouble killing an artisan" and they'd never hear the end of it. That's disadvantage material right there.
  11. JBento

    Iron Forest Style - multiple spend use?

    There is not - it's why you can't dump Air as a melee Bushi. Thunderclap Strike is the only good Air kata, but it's mandatory if you want to affect multiple opponents with, say, Iron Forest or Coiling Serpent. Note that you can affect everyone with those kata even if you don't hit, so generally what you in that scenario is ignore successes and just take Opps.
  12. JBento

    Spiritual backlash targets

    Because that's not the way things are done, and Kami are REAAAALLLLY fond of the way things are done. The Celestial Order isn't just some nebulous stuff your local spiritual leader talks about, it's there and it's strictly enforced by both people and spirits.
  13. JBento

    Spiritual backlash targets

    If you mean the Honour TENET, then yes - that's the entire Scorpion shtick. If you mean the Honour score, then no. Or rather, yes, but you're no longer playing a L5R proper Samurai. The thing about L5R is that societal norms are very much mandatory. In other settings, when a noble says they're much better than the peasantry they're (almost always) full of crap. In L5R? That's true and no one would dispute it - they have more divine blood in them. In the same vein, a Samurai with a low Honour score is never a loveable rake - they're a dishonourable cur universally shunned.
  14. JBento

    Spiritual backlash targets

    But see, THIS is an issue. If you're playing a character that doesn't care about their HGS score, then you are fundamentally not playing a L5R Samurai. You're just using some of its rule system to play something else.
  15. JBento

    Spiritual backlash targets

    L5R's problem is that the devs expect you to play the game as the setting expects you to, but don't go into enough detail of THAT in the Core book. Well, and Pelting Hail Style, I guess. D&D 3.5 suffered from a similar issue, where the devs expected your wizard to cast Fireball and not just CC all the encounters into oblivion. 40k/WHF's mechanics suffer from a basic mechanics issue, which is that you're rolling against your skill (mostly) without enemy ability coming into play, meaning that everyone sucks until you can level those things up and when you do you're basically playing rocket tag with the enemies, because it's possible to do like half a gazillion damage in one hit.