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  1. Hello FFG, thanks for the patch. the text size in those 3 options scales well on pc and the text of the adventure is now more accessible to us I would ask for a 4th option with even bigger font size, but the current 3 options are more than could have hoped for already, so thanks again! I have another suggestion, in case you read this. I recognised that the adventure text is divided into 2 types: story text which is Italic game instructions which is normal font I would suggest to use slightly different colours to further increase the differentiation on the first look. cheers
  2. Hello, we played the first three adventures so far and we really like this newest child of fantasy flight game mechanics We use the steam app on a 15,6" laptop, which we position centrally so all players can see the screen. What i wish for is the possibility to increase the text size in the app. We really hurt our eyes a little instead of just scaling it up. I would like to be able to scale through multiple size options to adapt the font size for the best readable experience. thank you in advance!
  3. i played the beginner scenario twice to teach the game. Andit felt good to have one hero and a bigger sized army than only the disks you get as when u pla ywith 1 regiment. Maybe i create a housevariant where both sides for example add 50% of the heros army valueadditionally to the asrmyof one hero. I also played a standard 1 regiment game 1v1, and yes it felt a little bit too small of everything because of only commanding 5 disks, but it was also fun. Maybe if you have the idea of warhammer or a big war in ur head, then u wont' have fun with a 1 regiment game. But if you see it like a small skirmish maybe to build up a story and for example to determine the initiative of a next big 3 regiment game, then it could be tense as well
  4. ok thanks. When i range attack a disk to put some dmg on a hero disk, then impact the hero with another action with another disk. Does the damage sum up with the impact damage and give the hero immediately a wound? So the hero disk would be killable in the same round when giving it enough dmg in the melee phase for the second wound which would kill him?
  5. i dont know exactly, but my vote goes for the daemon is battling 3 orc regiments. also in the rulebook there is an example of teclis being pinned by 2 disks, and he can choose what to hit back. (yes there is no one first and second pinning him, but being seen from top its the same engagement as in your example). If the daemon would be a normal disk without frenzy he also would need to choose which one of the 3 disks he want to deal damage to, because seen from top he is touching all 3. impact damage focuses on the first disk (ally or enemy) in its path (at least if not flying), so you have to get you geometry going and calculate which one of the three disks would have been have reached first if it would not be flipped but maybe moved, from its last position before the pinning happened. And if you cant think of which disk should recieve the damage because of totally equal distance from the last disk position before the final flip than i would say, that the daemon decides (so its player) which one enemy disk he impacts.
  6. does impact damage remove an enemy disk, when its resistance treshhold is met? or will the impact damage just stay on that disk until the melee phase where it gets sum'd up with the normal melee damage of the disk? so when i impact 4 a 4 resistance enemy disk, does it gets removed immediately, because of dying to that impact or does it have the chance to fight back in the melee phase?
  7. i would like to see tokens for magical artifacts/weapons/banners to be able to choose from a set of magical artifacts/wpns/banner cards (lets say one for one regiment) to mark that a disk is outfitted with it, would fit the idea of the normal warhammer and would be easy to use with cards&tokens ... and of yourse more fun and more variety :DD
  8. Ya i should have tried it there in first place thx! uspec
  9. Hi, is there a estimated release date for a german language Diskwars Version? cheers, uspec
  10. hi, i lately played the game and i had the luck to draw an ogre for a new star player in my team in the first two star player drawing rounds in the game. first i draw a guarding ogre, for whom i took out a 1 point weak guard from my core team. second round i got another ogre, i think its the tackling ogre, and i thought i throw out another 1 point weak guard from the core team. but i think this is way to strong, because this reduced the chance of picking the remaining 1 point weak guards. before 4 weak guards, after 2 weak guards. i mean the ogre guard is worth 3 points and after tackle still 3 points. that means if my oponent draws 2 or in a worser case 3 weak guards, he may have a good chance to protect his ballcarrier, but 3 of his 6 hand cards are worth 3 points total, where my 1 ogre already has 3 points, so effectivly i have the chance to arrange my points in hand (where i will have way more than my enemy with 3 1 pointy weak guards) or just ignore the ball carrier and just overwhelm the obejctive with my stronger cards.. whats your opinion on ogres and the replacing option? do you leave drawing 2 ogres as luck? do you have a houserule, which kicks the replacement option? Becuase the star players of the factions dont have the keyword for replacement (mercenary).. cheers, uspec
  11. I also thought that they differ in more then just their stats. maybe differences in stats comes with addons.
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