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  1. Isn't that a data point against your argument? The one LCG requires fewer than 3 core sets for a playset is the first one to close up shop (other than ones where they lost the license)?
  2. Maester_LUke said: Love the idea/Nedliness... but this basically prevents your opponent from ever playing a negative attachment on your GJ characters. That ability alone is worth it, practically. I'd make it read: I thought that was balanced by the inability to play attachments onto your own characters. But I play in a very limited meta (my girlfriend and one of our friends), so I could be completely wrong on that count!
  3. Going mostly for Nedly here: THE IRON PRICE Agenda House Greyjoy only. Attachments cannot be played onto any Greyjoy character you control unless by the following response. RESPONSE: When you win a military challenge, any attachment that would leave play as a result of the challenge may instead be attached to a participating character of your choice.
  4. Stag Lord said: Paper Shield helps - but there's no guarantee you have a cancle handy. The chance of you drawing Paper Shield is the same as me drawing BotS. Not saying that makes BotS all of a sudden not a great card, but rather that anyone who says that Paper Shield is a shot-in-the-dark to cancel it because you have to draw it is overstating. To be honest, though, I don't like either card. Well, I like them, but because they're easy to use and OP. I'd rather see both out of the game, tbh.
  5. I've got 2 separate 3000-card shoebox holders from BCW, and my cards are in there organized by house, type, and alphabet.
  6. I just started playing last year, so I don't have anything cool to donate...except cash for whatever Kennon dragged up! Can you create a Facebook event or something so that I can sign up and get an e-mail alert or something when the auction goes live? I'm liable to forget about it otherwise.
  7. With the release of Queen of Dragons, I need to pick up some extra copies of Paper Shield without picking up too many copies of QoD. Will the non-premium starters from Valyrian have copies randomly distributed throughout them? I can get 10 for $16; if that gets me 5-6 Paper Shields, it'd be worth it to me. Thanks! (Alternately, if anyone has a ton of CCG cards left over and wants to dump some Paper Shields, let me know )
  8. I ordered one and e-mailed the_book_depository asking if it was an English copy; they said that they didn't know. Can the first person who ordered one confirm that it's English when they get it? If it's not, I'm refusing shipment.
  9. I think this is a ktom question: does TRVs text allow his power to be counted even with Melisandre out? My reading would be that you still don't count power on him because he's not being affected by her text, you are. I could be wrong, though.
  10. This was me being a huge rules lawyer here, but the reason I asked was because, since it says 'cannot be saved', I was thinking that means that I couldn't successfully save it, but I could still try (knowing it would fail). But I'm happy with this interpretation as well, I was just making sure. Thanks again ktom!
  11. Quick question, ktom, You say you can't even try to save it, but (and I know, this won't come up often if ever), is that really the case? Say I wanted to discard a card from my hand for whatever reason; could I play a save effect I know wouldn't save a burned character to lose it? Like if I knew a Rule by Decree was coming next turn and I wanted to have less cards in my hand?
  12. I'm not 100% on these, but: 1) You steal control of the character, not attachments, unless the card says so 2) The burn effect persists through the save, so the character would be saved by the save effect, but immediately dead again before the +3 could resolve
  13. That's about what I got from reading online and checking out the manuals for the two games, so if no one else weighs in, at least we've got confirmation from independent research. And I don't know anyone with it, but if you don't mind paying full retail, I believe gohastings.com has some in stock. The Hastings by me has one left (I'm not picking it up til the reprint, since I'll be able to get it for $40 then and don't really have a 5th to play it with anyway), and I think you should be able to order online.
  14. Hey All, I just won the ASoS expansion (someone on eBay thought it was an expansion for the LCG and listed this with the core set for the LCG; I play the LCG and wanted another core set, and got both for $22!). However, I don't think I'll be getting the base game until the reprint (since it's expensive and I'm a little short on cash, this auction was my game purchase for now). I've heard contradictory opinions on this, but can I play ASoS without the base game? I know I'd have to make some components up, but would it be too much? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  15. Vigilant Limited response: Kneel TLS to prevent an effect that would discard cards from your hand. But only because the better stuff is already taken.
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