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  1. Is it me who is missing something or all shapeshifting spells are based on Nature Lore which is as far as I know not a career advance for a wizard? Since none of those spells is easy to cast I'm wondering why make it even more difficult by denying the use of Spellcraft skill. Or mayby I'm missing something. Could anyone clarify it to me?
  2. Due to last few adventures my players are going to Lustria and as I'm thinking about it I see quite a few opportunities and even more threats. Of all nasty things that can eat/poison/kill/corrupt/annihilate/be nasty to players Lizardmen are probably the most iconic. Since they are not described in any of the WFRP 3ed. supplements I need to create some stats for them in order to use them in combat and to be honest I don't have much idea what kind of stats they should have. At first I thought about using Monstrous Orc as Saurus and Hero/Sorcerer Goblin as Skink/Skink Shaman but I'm not really convinced to that. Any one can suggest something better? Or Mayby someone used Lizardmen in his or her WFRP campaign already and can share with stats?
  3. Denmar1701 said: OTH I agree wholeheartly with Graspar. I did not bother to even look at the medic kit you've come up with. Psykers aren't 'wired' that way to heal someone using mundane ability. That's what the Adept or the Tech Priest is for. When I can roll a fettered bio role on Seal Wounds, rolling 3 dice (Psy rating 5), with 2 power wells, Discipline Focus Bio as well as Mastery in Bio (3 dice average of 16+2+2+5=25) and usually getting 2d10+14 healing, why on the God-Emperor's green Earth would I ever use anything else? If I need to push to heal a lot of folks, I can usually heal my entire group at once. Why? Bacause he wants to first of all. Second is that you can't always use your psi (just see Red Cages from Harlock Legacy) or using psi would ruin everything. Moreover the psyker for whom this was developed is just not interested for now in any more combat stuff since he got all he needs (biolightning and hammerhand, WS, STR, T >40, and talents allwoing him to deal some d10+20 dmg with ahmmerhand). From what I see the guy really don't need any more 'survival' stuff, and the package is good developement of what had happened in the adventure
  4. @IsUncertainWho: & Nimon: Points taken. Things taken into consideration. Medic version 2 Comment: I know about Master Churgeon but I'd realy like to hold it here at cost of some other stuff. What dfo you guys think now? How much would you estimate it should cost?
  5. Greetings brethren, Recently after playiong Red Cages from Harclock Legacy our cell's psyker ( savant, biomancer) said to me (GM) "enough". He declared that after Red Ceages, what he'd seen in IG and after quite important NPC dying on his hands the mindset of his character changed. He was team's medic already but now he stated that he wants to save people's lifes not only kill them. So I said: ok, I like this idea. I even prepared him an elite advance package, which you can see here ( medic package ). We decided that he'll pay 250 EXP for getting access to the package. Now my question is: What do you think o it? Would you change something? Add or Delete something? Any comments?
  6. I used the horde roules couple of games ago and took them exactly as they are in Deathwatch. There were 2 players fighting (3rank, Guardsmen with 2 pistols and a cleric with a flamer) against the horde of magnitude 30 mutants. Here there were no problems, before mutants get to players half of them was dead due to flamer so they basically scattred. Then the same players fought against rebel guardsmen (some 30 again) and they barely survived. Few comments on my side: 1. Hordes are ok if players have any blast/flame weapons. Otherwise - no chance. The accolytes are not SM and they are simply to weak to fight against the horde 2. Horde in melee is just half problem. Single attack even done on 3d10+sth is usually not deadly. PC can stand 2 sometimes 3 hits like that 3. Shooting horde is pain in the ass on the other hand. magnitude/10 attacks is a lot and if PCs don't have any flamers or granades they are as well dead. In conclusion hordes are ok, what I'd do to make them more DH fitted is making the exttra damge from magnitude 1d5 for each 10 points of magnitude not 1d10 P.S. Hi everyone xD
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