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  1. I can't disagree with the other answers, however I do tend to interpret rules in a thematic way. Play however you enjoy it the most.
  2. As long as you go in turn order, its completely within the rules. Movement ends whenever you begin combat with a monster, if there is no combat then you are free to move/evade.
  3. Tricky… its movement but not on the players turn. I would say that you would pay 2 dollars and then the inviestigator on Devil Reef needs to pass an evade check. If he fails then he doesn't make the boat and the 2 dollars is lost.
  4. Julia said: Rexor, sorry if this could sound rude - I hope not, it's not my intention, but may I suggest you to give the rulebook another read? I always advise newbie to keep reading the rulebook, and have offended on occasion! The big problem with AH rules is that if you try to find the answer to your question during a game the rulebook is pretty hopeless. What I suggest you do is to read the rules when you are not playing the game. Just keep reading a section at a time and work your way through the rulebook again and again. I found tiny parts of the rules I was playing wrong over 2 years on from buying the game!
  5. petszk said: I was discussing the 1920's setting with a couple of fellow Arkham Horror players. We all agreed that other than some of card artwork, the only thing that sets the game in the 1920's rather than present day is the lack of certain (modern day) items. Not wanting to dimish your hard work…. but there are encounters that fit the 1920's theme. There is a mythos that challenges any player with a whisky card to a skill check or face being arrested - which fits in with prohibition. This is also why the sheldon gang have a distillery hidden in the woods. So after that I suppose I should get into the spirit of this thread and suggest a modern day item for the game. I suppose what I would most like to see from the modern era is an FAQ…
  6. I do not have Dunwich, but agree that the 5+ players I hope will be involved should merit a second board. I'm leaning towards an 'Innsmouth Lite' game, ignoring stuff like the DOR track and personal stories. Just basically have the board as new locations and dont worry about keeping track of all the fiddly details.
  7. I do not mean to be patronising when I say this but…. keep reading the rules! Don't just consult them every time you play, pick it up and read a section away from game time. I found things I was doing small things wrong 2 years after buying the game.
  8. Esto said: In the original example, I assume it's quite alright to go to Ma's Boarding House to buy back the ally I gave up to Carl Sanford in exchange for the Silver Twilight Lodge Membership? I suppose you can answer this in two ways depending on your intepretation of the encounter. Do you think that Carl ended up using the ally for a sacrifice? Or just needed them to run an errand? So just to muddy the waters…. you could thematically argue to return the ally to the box if you belive your ally met a grisly end whilst in the lodge. This is what I love about Arkham, sometimes I choose to play encounters in a way that fits in with the spirit of the game rather than taking literal rules interpretations.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I have run Arkham for newbies before and found it just a little too…. easy. I kinda want to set up a game with a decent chance of fighting the AO. Maybe I just need to run base + one of the harder AO's. I still think this group could handle something more, we have played games such as Battlestar Galactica and Cosmic Encounter. (We have played non FFG games too, those just happen to be examples of games that require players to keep track of lots of stuff at once.) I'm also confident that this group can handle a loss on the first game. Back to the drawing board!
  10. Next Wednesday I will be running a game of Arkham Horror for a group, most of which have never played before. They are, however, experienced gamers and so I am confident they will grasp the rules and mechanics easily. So I am trying to design a game that will be interesting for them. I expect to have 5 or 6 players. I have the following expansions: Dark Pharoh V1 (DP) Black Goat Innsmouth Horror (IH). I am considering using IH wit the visiting exhibit variant of DP in order to curb the full horror of Innsmouth. What do other people suggest I do? Both in terms of components to use and characters to allocate.
  11. Briareos200 said: Ah actually looking at the box for more then a split second why didn't I think of that!!!! Seriously thanks though But in your defence, the original does not have "First Edition" written on it
  12. I do not have the expansion with the institution, however I would say that 'discard' means to return to the deck. From memory, the game is specific when it tells you to return something to the box (and thats a queue for someone to prove me wrong!)
  13. arkhamresident said: Speculative post incoming. It's not that we can't discuss the rules it's that anyone who has seen the nigh legendary Arkham Horror FAQ have apparently been told they can't say anything else pertaining to it. Basically they can't answer any rules questions without being 100% sure they don't include any info from the FAQ That Shall Not Be Named or they'll get spanked or whatnot. NDAs are a *****. The first rule of Arkham FAQ is: You do not talk about the Arkham FAQ. I've forgotten the second rule, can anyone remind me?
  14. Walk said: At the risk of being banned for…insubordination, I suppose, I rather suspect that this is one policy that FFG won't be enforcing too strictly. If I'm wrong and they start bringing the hammer down just for answering rules questions, then I may have to take your advice and abandon ship, but for the moment, let's wait and see. I'm quite willing to risk being banned from a forum that has become functionally useless. Of course, it would be nice if someone from FFG would care to clarify this issue. Are they concerned that rules questions may be incorrectly answered here? Is the weight of all the posting costing too much to run in terms of server space? I would say that my knowledge of this game has been greatly enhanced by these forums. By reading rule questions and answers/discussions I have learnt about gameplay elements that I did not even realise I was getting wrong. I do hope you are correct and this will not be something that is strictly enforced.
  15. May I suggest that we A) Bombard FFG customer services with rules questions and B) decamp here http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/15987/arkham-horror to continue to ask/answer/discuss/argue rules and gameplay issues without fear of a sternly worded warning. Seriously, just close down the message boards if its so much of an inconvenience to run.
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