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  1. Really is a mix of all that id say. We got overwhelmed (turn 1 starts with 4 enemies in staging + reveal 4 when questing), and we NEEDED the counterspell everytime we'd flip that treachery (draw 1 raise threat by a lot), was hard pulling enough willpower to quest while keeping enough defenders and attackers to clear the board... And locations started piling up, even with the help of asfaloth. I dont know what we're doing wrong, if we just chose a bad scenario for 4 players, or if we're just bad
  2. Greetings everyone! I've been playing Lotr LCG since it first came out with a friend as 2 players. We've had a lot of success and tons of fun. I just recently formed a 4 players group and we tried building 4 decks but got obliterated against the first scenario of voice of isengard. 4 players seems a little rough for my deckbuilding skills... any good advice? I have every card available, but we only have a full playset of everything (so cant play 6 or 9x UC ) Is there general strategy for 4 players i should be aware of? What is working for you? In the past, when playing 2 players, we've played deck with lot of emphasis on the heroes and few allies, should i be playing more allies as 4 players? Thanks in advance, and sorry for my english, its not my first language !
  3. Wow, thanks a lot, all this stuff is absolutely AMAZING! I just finished going through it all, and wow, its just insane work! Thanks a LOT!
  4. Hey Valvorik! I would be very interested in all your made-up stuff you have for TEW, as i'm starting my campaign this week! my email is im2pwrfl4u at hotmail.com I'll likely post updates on play sessions here on the forum! Thanks a lot! Telk
  5. Greetings everyone! So I'm new here, and still very new to wfrp 3ed. I've played lots of rpg (warhammer 2nd, pathfinder, D&D 3.5/4) and now i want to introduce my friends to wfrp 3rd. I have almost everything released so far (except for one or 2 pod). I'd like to run something that would give us about 10-12 hours of gameplay, so we can test the system and have a "feel" for it. Which adventure should I be running, which is the best experience for a new group (they know warhammer setting though) for about that much time? Thanks a lot! Telk
  6. Greetings everyone! So i'm planning on picking up this game after playing Lotr and Sw LCG, and I was wondering how many core sets do I need in order to make decks? Is the distribution like Lotr (some 3x,2x,1x, so you end up buying 3 core and have lots of extra) or like SW (pretty much 1x everything, which means 2 core would give you everything you need with almost no extra) Also, i've only checked the rules super fast, and haven't seen the info (its probably there but i figured id ask anyways), how many of every individual card are we allowed in a single deck? Thanks in advance for you help! I'll probably have a couple more questions when i start playing
  7. Hi Steve, just found this thread. I've run this adventure (eye for an eye) once, with players not being familiar with the system, and it was a little hard, as they were not putting all the pieces together. I'm thinking about giving this adventure another go shortly, and it would be awesome if you could share your clue cards please Thanks a lot Telk
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