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  1. I'd Arthur's connection too OSS as tahts the US and not the UK. Apart from that i like the idea's i'm seeing
  2. Very nice stuff i have loads of AT-43 stuff but i don't have any of the ONI....Hmmmmm
  3. Have to say i'm i'm just starting to play this i went for the new ones so i didn't learn the game. Then have to forget it to learn the revised version
  4. Cool thanks i'm in the UK so sometimes finding stuff can be ahrd and buying a single mini from flea-bay and shipping over can be insane as well. But i shall keep my eyes open as always.
  5. Would be nice to know though some companies don't always pay attention to games where the community resolves certain issues for them.
  6. Cool thanks for that chap i've started printing it off but i can read from the PDF which is fine
  7. As i have the revised edition am i just better off reading through that and ignoring what came before
  8. As someone whose just got into the agme its nice to see a lot of extra's for it and i can't wait to see what else will come along.
  9. Okay this is what the rule book say's. Which Objective Tokens should be chosen? When playing in Story Mode, first determine which Objective Tokens you’ll use in that game. To do that, take all the Objective Tokens that bear your unit’s Affiliation Symbol. If there are more than 4 Objective Tokens of a particular Objective Category, select only four, and return the rest to the box. Next, sort your remaining Objective Tokens into Main Objectives and Secondary Objectives. Finally, divide them into sub-groups based on their Objective Categories. OKay so could someone explain this to me in English please as i think i'm over thinking it.
  10. Thats so cool. What mini are you using to represent Hellboy??
  11. the ancible

    Sum. Cards

    Sweet thanks folks very handy for people just getting into the agme as you have everything in one place
  12. Very nice blob mate and i downloaded buckets of stuff from it. Thanks can't wait for more.
  13. Chap your a Gem i just downloaded a pile of stuff from your site as well. I write for a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Magazine and your blog site i have a feeling will be featuring in my 5 minutes online next issue. Great resource for every Tannhauser player.
  14. Hi folks i've followed Tannhauser as a game really for ages as a member of another forum i sued to always post up news items and the scenarios as they came out. But never downloaded them. Well today i though stuff it just get the game so been looking for a lot of the old stuff i linked up for instance. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/tannhauser_support.html Or some of the old listed Scenario's http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/tannhauser-scenario-ghouls_night_out.html http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/tannhauser-scenario-dr_online.html I'm hoping someone has this stuff stored away somewhere and can help a new guy out. Cheers for any help.
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