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  1. id like to see a whole new box with a brand new enemy while i would love black Templar vs word bearers idk but that's a personal favorite match up because of both religious zeal maybe even let you play as csm vs the game something new. Also i was thinking a campaign/gauntlet idea were dead teams stay dead after each mission but surving teams get war gear like +2 to saves or kill an extra nid on each hit something along those lines yea it'll be hard but challenges are always fun. I havent played this game in nealry 2 years though so i maybe my memory is alittle hazy on how good i actually was.
  2. they shoulda did one imperial army so they could add grey knights and adeptus sororitas at convience. And while i like the tau i would much rather see the tyranids. Also that allainance wheel makes no sense ig and sm yea but y would eldar work with dark eldar?
  3. i personally favor chaos although ill sometimes play other races
  4. or the lizardmen idk i no they have their gods and i think it would be an interesting mechanic
  5. i was thinking more like if you ever played yugioh in the beggining there was a few alternate wins likle exodia and the final message board sure most people wouldnt use em but you could build a ddeck around a new win condition
  6. although i like the idea of multiplayer games having cards specifically for them seems like they wouldnt be usuable in two player games and therefore only good for he sideboard not your main deck. That would be a serious flaw
  7. JanB said: loken14 said: i just got it today … can you spoil some new rules and tokens? my bad on the poor wording i meant blood bowl in general not sudden death i type it up after a day on my feet wasn't thinkin that much
  8. i just got it today played about 6 or 7 games but i would really love to see lizardmen there my fav race
  9. So when this game came out they released one deluxe expansion midway through each battle pack by either design or coincidence but now they hasn't been one for 3 cycles and I was starting to wonder in there would be another one anytime soon. Also I wanted to get my idea for a "new" concept that involves quest that I sorta got from chaos in the old world and it is make one or possibly more just only allow one per deck "super-quest" for each faction that would give an alternate win condition based off your race that would go something like this Dwarf while a unit is queting here place a resource everytime u play a developement after 15 resources are aqumilated your win the game Chaos while a unit is questing here place a resource every time an opposing unit is corrupted after 15 resources are aqumilated you win the game The idea is the theme should be based off the faction and is just to possibly make other win conditions similar to how chaos in the old world has the Gods point tracker
  10. I my opinion your playing it right yous bigger would still go off and the baby squig would attach top unending horde I believe that its similar to volkmar (I believe thats his name but I dont have my cards in front of me) and his ability
  11. hittin a tank wit a flamethrower would make it like an oven not destroyin the tank but rather killin its crew possibly i no its a long shot but i thought it was the best answer
  12. yea but with only 6 scenarios plus a hoard mode you would think they would make more scenarios at least by now even if only as print on demands although i would prefer the big box full expansions for gow
  13. so is each faction getting a new legend i no the high elves and chaos definately are but is each faction getting a new legend in each of the new battle packs if so will they be more useful than the current ones although i still love my archaon
  14. having guys wit vk swords could be neat sorta like the guys in warhammer 40k
  15. Why make it a corner space at all y not make it exactly like timescape except an undead theme
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