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  1. So, I'm having a hard time finding play groups/organized play for people at FFGC. I haven't seen a forum or Facebook page for them. Could someone point me in the right direction? If there is no such thing, I guess this may be the start of one...let me know. Looking for Legion players who frequent FFGC.
  2. "I’ve dealt with plenty of trigger-happy flyboys like you. You’re impulsive...dangerous....and the last thing we need right now. So stick to your posts and don't follow ours." ?
  3. Hopefully Xwing players stick to Xwing! They ruin everything!
  4. Ha! They'll probably have built in Hard Cover and Nimble. ?
  5. The more hate talk the more I want them!!! Must be the Force balancing things out. Ewoks Wave 3!!! ???
  6. No matter how much you hate them, they're not going away. They're part of the Star Wars universe just like Gungans. So instead of focusing on your dislike, think about how great it will be to try and destroy the cuddly little loveable fuzzballs (if it even happens). ?
  7. Oh I'm 95% sure we will only have Rebels, Imps and S&V. Especially when the lead designer has already said Xwing and Armada are a good model of how they would release expansions. Honestly, I'm good with that. My inner child can dream though...
  8. Considering it's an objective based game and not a kill everything game I'm sure there's ways to give them an advantage/abilities that would make Ewoks a viable army without having them have to match other factions firepower.
  9. 2 Cores and 1 AT-ST for me. 2 Cores and 1 Air Speeder for my brother. We plan on picking them up on release day from FFGC. Putting them together in store and playing a few games to decide what the next purchase will be.
  10. Acceptable! Why!?! I really hope Legion allows for all Ewok, Wookiee, Droid, Gungan, Clone, etc. type armies. The game isn't made to reenact scenes from the movies. Why not give the option of those type of armies to those who actually like them?
  11. I think the more diverse our options are the better!!! Who cares if you don't like them? Don't buy them and crush'm with the army you love. I love the idea of Ewoks! Give the fuzzballs gliders so they can drop rocks. Maybe make them squishy scouts that can set traps. Better yet, a group of Ewoks musicians as a Support unit to boost moral ?! Yub! Yub!
  12. The only LCGs I've played is Warhammer: Invasion and LotR. Both of those gave you the exact amount of copies of new cards you could legally use. Does anyone know that this will be true of L5R expansions? If I'm going to have to buy three packs of every expansion it will kill it very fast for me. If I get all I need in one pack I love the fact we're getting 6 expansions in 6 weeks!
  13. So I missed that thread. Where did you purchase these cases?
  14. Really great job! I'm having trouble getting the glow effect on my Golem. Can you explain your technique?
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