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  1. In an Imperial Alpha Strike list (VI, Vader and QD) which do you think is a better filler? Nu Squadron Pilot (Gunboat) with Harpoon and LRS or Scimitar Squadron Pilot (TIE Bomber) with Harpoon, EM and LRS?
  2. Ok, I see those but, there seems to be a bunch of tournament rules about pre-measuring and other rules that I just cant find.
  3. Can someone direct me to where to find these tournament rules?
  4. Question came up this weekend. Two opposing ships at Pilot skill 9 (Fenn Rau) attacked simultaneously. The ship with initiative attacked Latts Razzi (PS 5) in his YV-666 and destroyed him. The other PS 9 ship attacking a Jumpmaster wanted to use Latts Razzi ability, that triggers when a friendly ship declares an attack, to reduce agility of the Jumpmaster. Was Latts already destroyed and not able to assist?
  5. I put together a list with "Quickdraw" and Tomax together. You can use Fire System Control and Target Sync to get some serious missile or torps off. I have yet to fly the list but on paper it looks solid. "Quickdraw" (29) Adaptability (0) Fire-Control System (2) Targeting Synchronizer (3) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) Tomax Bren (24) Crack Shot (1) Extra Munitions (2) Concussion Missiles (4) Guidance Chips (0) Colonel Vessery (35) Adaptability (0) TIE/x7 (-2) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  6. I have been debating putting Adaptability on "Backdraft". I like the idea of putting "Zeta Leader" in. But losing Lightweight Frame is big. 2 Agility on a 4 hull ship that gets an extra dice for having 1 or fewer damage... not sure I'd want to do that. Maybe swap out "Pure Sabacc" for something else...
  7. Total agree with this! But, there isn't a lot of Epic game play in my area. I am not sure I want to buy the Assault Carrier for just two pilots. Scourge and Wampa are the only good cards in that box, in my opinion.
  8. I am fairly new to the game and I am totally digging the TIE S/F and "Omega Leader". I have been playing a list with "Quickdraw", "Omega Leader" and Col. Vessery with some success, but wanted to change it up. I got a store tournament coming up in a month, so I need to practice one list for a couple weeks to get decent with it. Here's what I came up with. "Backdraft" (27) Trick Shot (0) Fire-Control System (2) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) "Omega Leader" (21) Juke (2) Comm Relay (3) "Pure Sabacc" (22) Veteran Instincts (1) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) "Mauler Mithel" (17) Crack Shot (1) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  9. I am out of battle creek. Me and my brother in law just got into the game last month and love it. Nice change from 40k that we usually play. I've been trying to get more local support at our FLGS Titan Games but it hard to do when the models are scarce. But if you'd like too meet up some time for a game that would be great.
  10. Wasn't it cargo freighter also? Those dimension would make sense.
  11. Q3 …ok, guess I'll wait a bit. I'd really like to push this at my FLGS to get some more players into it but looks like I'll have to wait a couple months to do it. Thanks for the info.
  12. The first wave was release in august of 2012. Has there been a "re-print" of those ships since then? Is there an estimated time or something? Is this infomation from a FF news release? Sorry about all the questions I just really like this game and hate to see it disappear to something as silly as no product to sell.
  13. So the ENTIRE internet is sold out of **** near everything becuase it's selling to fast? Sorry something isn't adding up here. Guess I wait and see.
  14. I seemed to have missed the boat. I just got into this game about a month ago. Bought two starter sets and got what seems to be really lucky and bought a Y-wing and a Tie Advanced at retail cost. But now all I can find is the Falcon and Slave-1 anywhere. Well I suppose if I'd like to pay two or three times retail I can get some of the older models off Ebay. I am confused I see there's a new wave of ships coming but is this game already dead?
  15. If a hallway (2 space wide) has one square of rubble can a Large creature (4 or more space) move thru it? If so where does it say this?
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