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  1. same here although miniature poses are kind of boring. spoiled by The Others I am...
  2. people complaining about people complaining. thats a lot of complaining around!
  3. Guys Its time to say goodbye to the system I love. I switched to something else and got no time nor buddies to play WFRP3 I got full set of WFRP3 for sale. No boxes, just books, cards and tokens (mixed) so prefere to sell my full collection at once. I got all that was released + POD`s. PM me for details and offers. You can also contact me via BGG (skolo)
  4. place means place, and not move into/onto etc. OL cards saying "play this card when the hero moves to/enters the space" do not work.
  5. i think we are done with this project. video removed, no FFG licence etc. no way it can see day light imho
  6. Guys, if anyone is interested I got spare B1 French core set cards that I will not use. They are new, sealed. If anyone is interested please PM me. Also french rulebook new. I can exchange for English
  7. http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/82487/descent-2nd-ed-figure-labels just uploaded a file with all heroes labels (waiting for admin approval) it contains all heroes from D2 + Wyrm + Ruin use sticker printer paper and use for your heroes to decipher who is who
  8. this file is a blast. heavy blast from a heavy blaster pistol
  9. I got my Elizxa and Merick in metal for sale if anyone is interested. Europe
  10. mouse pointer on the movie looks like its programmed and not moved manually... so when is it coming? any beta release? how about FFG copyrights?
  11. well, sometimes its just unreasonable to buy if you see the price. just think with your head
  12. what is wrong with Runebound 2nd edition? its not the coffin box as well
  13. to much hassle for FFG to make KS campaign. they will never do it what kind of expansion was mentioned anyway?
  14. good work. you should post it on BGG
  15. +1 for mini american boxes
  16. i think we were all waiting for forum improvement, cause every time I wanted to post something here (or even enter) I was waiting for ages. Now we can work with it all
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