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  1. same here although miniature poses are kind of boring. spoiled by The Others I am...
  2. people complaining about people complaining. thats a lot of complaining around!
  3. Guys Its time to say goodbye to the system I love. I switched to something else and got no time nor buddies to play WFRP3 I got full set of WFRP3 for sale. No boxes, just books, cards and tokens (mixed) so prefere to sell my full collection at once. I got all that was released + POD`s. PM me for details and offers. You can also contact me via BGG (skolo)
  4. place means place, and not move into/onto etc. OL cards saying "play this card when the hero moves to/enters the space" do not work.
  5. i think we are done with this project. video removed, no FFG licence etc. no way it can see day light imho
  6. Guys, if anyone is interested I got spare B1 French core set cards that I will not use. They are new, sealed. If anyone is interested please PM me. Also french rulebook new. I can exchange for English
  7. http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/82487/descent-2nd-ed-figure-labels just uploaded a file with all heroes labels (waiting for admin approval) it contains all heroes from D2 + Wyrm + Ruin use sticker printer paper and use for your heroes to decipher who is who
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