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  1. And i think we're missing the point that Astartes have super-human strength and co-ordination so are more than capable of tracking a target 500m away and keeping their arm rigid enough to effectively aim a full-auto weapon. On a side note though i do think that semi-auto should give additional hits per DoS the same as auto fire: Autofire 1 per DoS because of rapidity of fire and, Semi-auto 1 per DoS because 2 seconds (6 per round = 3 shots) is more than enough time for an experienced shooter to aim and squeeze a round off.
  2. MILLANDSON said: Seianus said: So, wait....if I just bought a Back Banner at Rank 1 with the Signature Wargear Talent, I cannot purchase the same Talent again while still rank 1 to get a bolter thus having 2 pieces of Signature Wargear? Unless stated, you can only buy a talent/skill in your advance tree once. If you've already used it to get a Back Banner, you'll have to wait until Signature Wargear is available to you again. See Rank 1 Sound Constitution - it has the (x2) in brackets meaning you can take it more than once - sig wargear doesn not, ergo can only take it once.
  3. Siranui said: Rank 1 starts assuming it's taken 12k to make them marines, plus the 1k starting XP. I think. Book isn't at hand right now. That is correct.
  4. Darth Smeg said: but I can find no mention of shields at all in the Armory. Advice? Eh? Combat shields, Storm shields and Iron Halo's are all described in the armoury P166-167.
  5. DocH said: I'm building a Techmarine for a new DW game, and I've got a couple of questions. I get to pick a starting cybernetic... can I go with a servo harness? Would I be able to take the Servo Harness Integration Talent it mentions in the description, or would it just be useless for now? I'm trying to build him with long range fire support as a secondary role. If I don't go with a servo harness, what would be a good cybernetic to go with? My power armour has the Bring Death from Afar history... what's a good starting weapon to use as a sniper rifle type setup? Firstly, you can't pick a servo harness as it requires a talent to be able to use it and you can't take that talent til rank 4 (i believe). For the second part i would either go for the ultra pattern sniper from Rites of Battle (it says exotic but it counts as an Astartes weapon so you can use it from the off) or, go for the lascannon (my favourite! massive damage to single targets + long range) either way get a decent melee weapon too (don't worry about using the servo arm in melee - use this to hold your "heavy" weapon while you smack 7 shades of shite out of anyone who manages to get close to you).
  6. situation dependant but besides the 1 in the weapon there may be 4-10 clips, sometimes 12 if webbing and supplies allow.
  7. Data007 said: That's how our group has played it, since yes, all indicators are that a 'full' backpack is 250 rounds. We don't follow the rule of hammerspace, and as such, have no real options to carry extra backpacks. However, we've alleviated this by spreading around a half dozen of the standard heavy bolter magazines, while I, the Devastator, carry around the boxes of special ammunition. now THAT makes sense to me as a functioning combat squad would share the load but there's no way they'd hump round an excessive amount of heavy ammo like that (weight might not be too much of an issue to an astartes but the bulk would be silly).
  8. it doesn't but common sense dictates that if a FULL backpack contains 250 rounds of ammo - how on earth are they supposed to carry another 3?
  9. sweet, will have another looky when i get chance later.
  10. Banjulhu said: "As a general rule, the GM may opt to use the “rule of three,” meaning that each Space Marine has three reloads for each ranged weapon unless otherwise noted." Using an ammo backpack increases the size of the heavy bolters clip to 250, so three extra re-loads for a heavy bolter with a backpack ammo supply give you 1000 rounds actually the ammo back contains only 250 rounds - if you wanted 3 extra reloads for that you would be carrying around 4 seperate backpacks!? - the rule of 3 covers standard clips and ammo refills only not backpacks.
  11. Siranui said: borithan said: No, the 70 Requisition includes the cost of the armour. So you have 10 to improve it (which I don't think will buy you anything) 2 mag-lock holster things? Or one and a built-in stummer? built-in stummer is an awesome idea and would really fit the spangly-ness of the artificer armour.
  12. actually, screw that - just read the fluff and it's for attack rolls only. Final decision - gonna go with the "any item" benefit of awesome machine spirit granting +2 initiative as this will help me move around at the start of combat (as an apothecary should).
  13. good point - can't seem to get thinking head on today. Think i'll ask gm if i can use the +10 WS benefit as Tellarond & Arsonblakaster mentioned it counting as a weapon (makes more sense i suppose)
  14. My Blood Angel apothecary just reached rank 4 (and distinguised renown) so have just kitted him out with storm shield (master Wargear) and will take thunder hammer with pre-mission req. He has quite a few insanity points (just shy of primarch's curse), i've upped his weapon skill and agility PLUS i took frenzy early on and introduced my own personal rule where i rol a 50/50 chance of flipping out every time i get hit/annoyed/looked at funny and have recently started feasting on the blood of my victims (subtley of course) - what i'm trying to say is... if you play a melee character right IT'S A FRIKKING HOOT!!! so much more fun to dive in screaming at the top of you lungs, ripping someones throat out with your chainsword while chomping down on some unfortunates neck than to just stand there firing off round after round after round after round after round (ad nauseum). Can't wait til next week to see how the extra tanky (shield) and big squishie (hammer) wielding blood monkey gets on with his new toys
  15. so far man, looks pretty sweet - nice n easy to use. One thing to note is that when you update it next you might want to look through the living errata info as i noticed a few talents and skills in the lists that have had their xp costings changed (whereas the ones in the generator reflect the old values) i.e. "Hardy" for the Apothecary. Aside from that looking good n looking forward to see what the rest looks like.
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