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  1. Unless, of course, you broke line of sight. I would put a few rounds worth of 'cool-down' between opposed checks to try and get the player to run away in order to break combat. Simply put, I would consider that combat negates Conceal/Silent move checks, but breaking away from combat can allow them.
  2. Cifer said: Apart from Fate Points, there is no mechanical difference between PCs and NPCs. And even then, powerful enemies might have some.
  3. Quick question: how many corruption points is he at? Chances are, he'll hit 100 CP before you will. Then you won't have to deal with him! Unless the player then makes an EXACT copy of the character. Which would then tend to suggest that he's a complete and utter noob, having no sense of teamplay. It's either that, or tell him to use his powers with the fewest dice possible to ensure success, varying when the situation is dire. Or even, next time he rolls perils, pray to the emperor that a) he turns into a daemonhost and b) the party is powerful enough to take him down. That would be the only way to justify PK, because PK is bad, even in DH and involving a psyker. Finally, relax. I don't know about everyone else, but personally I think that getting incredibly emotional over a character is a bit excessive, it is only a game after all. Sure, it can be incredibly fustrating when a character you're proud of gets totally messed up, but hey, you can turn that into fun by making him go totally wacky. That is one of the prices for serving the inquisition after all - your mind. Oh, and what Graver said.
  4. Cifer said: Yes, rolling twice for something that can be seen as the same action may seem weird. However, against pretty much everything but Eldar, flamers are still better: Most enemies will have agility around 30. That's like shooting a gun at BS 70 right there. Add Cleanse&Purify and you're at effective BS 90. Still not happy? Then let's consider you're ignoring cover, which a normal gun would have to shoot around with a called shot (-20, thus BS 110). Apart from not getting multiple hits (oh, wait: AoE and enemies on fire!), flamers are flat-out better at short distances. I'm pretty sure I posted something before *sigh* My response to that is: isn't that the point of the flamer? That it outranks everything else at short range (except for perhaps shotguns and meltas on single targets). However, it has some HUGE drawbacks: a) 20m is the maximum distance it can attack with. Beyond that, it misses. Period. Atleast everything else gets penalties but can still hit. b) It checks Jamming on damage rolls. That means: the more targets in range, the more the gun'll jam. And it's reload is 2 full actions. That, and it jams more frequently than everything else anyway (rolling a 9 on a d10, so it's a 10% chance to jam, against the standard 7% for non-unreliable or reliable weapons). c) it has only 3 shots in each clip. With a reload of 2 Full actions, it means that it's pretty much a single use weapon (i.e use up the clip, then ditch the gun for the rest of the fight) So let's both make the gun effective, and avoid clogging up sessions with excess combat rolls. One test to avoid it, and I would call it a Dodge test.
  5. Yep, that's definitely the errata I've got. I checked before hand.
  6. Again, in the errata I've got, it doesn't include that. All it has is ''Renegade Advances on page 84 should include the Ciphers (Underworld)+10 skill at a cost of 100 xp. And it is the latest version.
  7. Nope, in my copy it has Leap Up on that line. My guess was right though - Scum should get Deadeye Shot. Must have an old copy. What about Crack shot? That's the other one I can't find, though I'd be less suprised if they didn't have access to that.
  8. Here's a weird thing: as far as I can see, Scum don't get access Deadeye Shot, but seem to able to pick up Sharpshooter at rank 4 - except that it needs Deadeye Shot. I checked the errata, doesn't seem to be in there. What do you reckon? Pick it as though Scum had access to it previously (say, rank 3) for 100?
  9. I guess the halved Toughness is there to represent the fact that the character's body might die from something else, being unable to defend itself normally (i.e, Blood Loss, etc...) until it can be healed
  10. I don't have that much of a problem getting into an RPG, as others seem to (not trying to brag...). And I don't entirely appreciate your assumption that I am solely familliar with d20 systems (i.e, DnD 3.5). And it's true that Anima does allow a lot of personalisability (hope I spelt that right...), in other words, of creating what you want to create. And it is true that the rules follow the fluff/real life quite faithfully, but the downside is that it leads to too much dice-rolling,, and as a friend of mine said, ''in combat you are less interested in the dice-rolling than in the result of combat itself. What you want is results''. I would tame that with some good descriptions from the GM, but he is right in the implication of that statement: rules need to be simple in order to keep the game fast-paced and interesting, and therefore don't need to mimic life realistically. As a result, although I do like the system, I also realise that it just isn't playable, unless dice-rolling for 2-3 hours is just your thing. As a better system, I would point to stuff like Dark Heresy, though that does have the problem of being limited to the 40k universe, and that you have to know it to make it worthwhile
  11. True. But that first time in character creation is always what remains in your head. It's true that by myself I can probably have a character done in less than 40 min, but with a group of 7 players, *sigh*. For the supernatural, it wasn't so much that it is unbalanced as it is more an extra set or rules you need to remember. It also gets boring for those mages who have to spend the whole time charging up for spells, especially since all of the other turns are so slow.
  12. In the end, I gave up on this system, though I did like bits of it, for 2 reasons: a) The most basic rules of combat are too complicated. True, they allow for a lot of variety in moves/tactics, but the time required to complete each bit is far too long. Result: combats that are meant to be fast and dynamic are boring and headache-inducing, unless your players like doing math the whole time. Add in the supernatural and... b)Character creation can give you migranes. 4 hours creating a character is too long.
  13. To me, it doesn't, since it specifies Table 5-7 of the Core Rulebook. They would have to either a) include it in the errata of each book or b)state that all bolt weapons have Tearing period for it to be justified for me.
  14. To me, it only really seems to apply to Mind Scan. But I guess this is up to the GM's discretion more than anything.
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