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  1. Love the game! But why are all the stats the same....? I'm hoping it's a mis-print from the printers. There is no point to all of the characters having the same stats. You may as well have said "when in combat, all players role two dice". Or "when attepting to open a locked chest, roll a four or less". "All players move four spaces or less". Why the stats? I would be fine with one of my four characters moving 3 spaces, or one moving 5. I'd be okay with one weak fighter and another strong one getting 3 dice. The extra strategy would be in trying to plan which character does what, base on each of them having various strenghts. The special abilities are great, and make the characters somewhat unique, but you could have done more. FF, you missed a golden opportunity if you planned for them all to have the same stats. Please tell us it's a printing issue and you will mail us all new character cards with varying statistics before Xmas! Paladin9 Owner of countless FF board games.
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