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  1. Sgt. G


    Thank you all, but i just kinda copied Panic's build over on the other site. I merely did what i could. DS-137-1
  2. Sgt. G


    so.. i tryed tp up load a pic.. this forum does not make it easy. here is the link , to the 1st bomber i made. i will be using Steele's card to i find something more fitting.
  3. ummm.. i hate to ask.. but why not use this http://x-wing.voidstate.com/build
  4. i havent.. but i love the idea. I will try it soon.
  5. ok.. here again.. heres what i am looking at.. pilot 2 atack 2 defence 2 hull 5 shield 0 focus, target lock, evade missle x2, torpedo x1 now here is the real kicker..how many points? i was thinking as much as a Ywing.. but i think the Y still has more stuff then the bomber..with its turret and such. So maybe 15 or 16 points? thoughts?
  6. Kinda.. but mostly nope.. bigger ships yes.. but i like my Imperial class star destroryer or bigger… for fighting..i want an interceptor. always have…most likey always will.
  7. i feel, that if your not gearing for a tourny..then play how ever mnay points you want/can. If you have all day.. go big!! if your pressed for time …shave it down. my local group resently did a fan made senario with a corvett.. and each person got about 75 points..and some times they do just a single named ship per person. with 3-4 people per side. It makes things alil more epic and fun..with out spending all night at the table.. But.. as i get more models..i will be playing larger games from time to time..
  8. the point is..it takes 1 focus roll and turns into a crit….and sheilds take normal 'hits' first.
  9. Sgt. G

    Squad markings

    so the latest idea im playing with.. is the hight the inside front of the solor pannels with bright green.. as if it was shooting..almost ANY google for TIE pics will have pics like that. but im going back and forth on if i want to add beams of not..
  10. ok, all egg nog aside. of the elite upgrades, i like it the best. I know im not in the majority here. But i dont use swarm tactics ( the card ) or squad leader. As i normaly use alot of low pilot TIEs. They are just kinda fluff to the way i play. Where as marksmenship can really add the damage when the time comes. Marksmenship on Mauler at range 1 with Howlrunner behind him. 4 dice with a reroll and a focus to crit upgrade…scares the sith outa luke or wedge every time. i use this to almost garentee that a ships' sheild are gone at least, by the time the academy pilots start shooting. THis also makes quick work of Y wings. It may be pricy. But being able to take it on a named pilot and still stay under 20 points..not bad. DS-137-1
  11. good point. sorry.. alil too much egg nog over here.
  12. be 'lucky' is nice.. but cant ever be counted on. what i love about this game ( besides being able to fly TIEs around ) is that good tactics can over come back dice. If you can move into a postion where you can shoot and they cant.. you will win. If you can make your oponent move where you want them to be, not where they want to be.. you will win. If you can frustrate your oponent by never being where he needs you to be… you will win. practice. it works.
  13. well.. i dont know or use all the math behind all the percentages. BUT.. i love to load out Mauler and maybe 1 or 2 academy pilots with it.. its just tactical flexablity and target over load. and i like how it can turn a miss into a crit. i use it alot… and it has only ever failed me when i forget it.
  14. .. well, i some strong opinions about this topic. The TIE being under-costed… i think it is spot on. it may seem cheap or over powered. but there are many things that need to be considered before jumping to this. 1) TIE are spose to be a zerg/swarm tactic. by canan. 2) they are also a base line..before the 2nd wave ther ewas ONLY 4 types of ship..after 2nd wave there are now 8. cheap filler role had to be taken by something. 3) for the love of George… the two side are NOT spose to be 'even' or similar. we arnt playing the same two armies with just differnt colors. by story and canon. The rebels had fewer stronger ships vs the Empires masses. And i think FFG has hit that nail on the head. 4) a few games does not make the whole experiance. Get him to play more games.trade sides. try new things. These are just my most adiment thoughts.. DS-137-1
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