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  1. ak-73 said: My grief is with the limited amount of past histories. Instead they should erhaps have given some generic SM past event tables too (fighting xenos, fighting daemons, void ship combat, etc). Its not terribly hard to make up some... especially if you aren't assigning hard mechanical benefits.
  2. Hiromoon said: LordZon said: Is there any way to add Sisters of Battle to Deathwatch? I actuall play in a six person Dark Heresy game. And my wife and the GM's wife play female charecters in Dark Heresy. So, I guess my question is two part. How can I get our wives interested in Death Watch? Could we work in Sisters some how? Just an idea. Well, try having them spend something like 3000xp on either a SoB, an Assassin or an Inquisitor. Heck, let them make a Navigator since Astartes ships have them on board. Someone did the xp calculation to figure out how to make a comparable non-Astartes character to play in Death Watch. Yeah, that "someone" was Fantasy Flight Games. Like I said in the second post in this thread, there is a sidebar in the Deathwatch core rule book that lists the exact total. A character from DH or RT will not be an exact equal - DH characters often lack the "staying power" in combat but make up for it with massive skills, and RT characters generally pale in comparisson to either combat-wise, but the resources and skill set of RT characters in incredible. That said, they have their own quirks that GMs need to consider. I mean, you think a properly tooled-up Devastator Marine can shred hordes? Wait until Captain Harlock calls in an orbital bombardment...
  3. Its a thread about a minor detail in an overly-complicated game of Let's Pretend, based on a game played with Toy Soldiers and Plastic Tanks. Serious is what I do at when I'm work.
  4. The (true) Crux Terminatus used as a shoulderpad on Tactical Dreadnought Armor (aka Terminator Armor) is said to contain a shard of the Emperor's own armor; these are incredibly rare and one of the many reasons most chapters have far less than the hundred suits called for by the Codex Astartes. The "by the book" Ultramarines had only something like 80 to 90 suits, chapter-wide, prior to the Tyrannid invasion. Marines in power armor that have earned Terminator Honors display a badge or icon in the shape of a Crux Terminatus, usually as a pendant on a chain around the neck or hanging from the belt. Also, the Codex Astartes allows for an incredibly amount of flexibility in the personal heraldry of marines that have earned the prestige and honor to be allowed to display personal heraldry. I'd say, by the time a marine has done enough to earn Terminator Honors, they've long since earned the right to personal heraldry. As for Deathwatch Terminators, which Games Workshop has yet to create unique models for, I'd take some cues from the Grey Knight Terminator display theit Chapter Badge on the shoulder typically used for the Crux Terminatus. The Terminator suits shown being worn by Inquistors typically have a Rosette (y'know, the =I= badge) displayed in that spot. My theory is that their service in/to the Emperor's Holy Inquisition takes precedence over display of Terminator Honors. Remember, the amount of detail on mass produced and amature painted 28mm toy soldiers pales in comparrisson to the splendor and glory that "real" Astartes armor would have. We just cannot "see" the icons, hearldry, and markings.
  5. Please, this is a universe where space vikings, space romans, space knights, space celts, space jesuits, and space renaissance italians regularly get into swordfights with space elves, space goblins, and space robot-mummies. Would wearing lipstick in battle be that out of place in a universe where hundred-foot tall, walking, weaponized, cathedrals are a common tool of war? Join the Titan Legions! See the Universe! (Try not to get stepped on.)
  6. I can recall having this argument the weekend after that damned article by Preistly was first seen in print. My chapter has female marines in it, and so does my Warhammer 40K universe. It suits me and mine, which is all that really matters.
  7. When a Space Marine is seconded to the Deathwatch, he ritually repaints his armour black, leaving only his Chapter insignia unobscured. This is to ensure that the suit's machine spirit is not angered. The shoulder pad bearing the untouched symbol is then shifted to the right side and the ornate shoulderpad of the Deathwatch replaces it on the Marine's left shoulder, signifying to the enemies of mankind that the Marine serves the Deathwatch first and foremost whilst he is seconded to the Inquisition. The left arm of the Marine is also painted silver to match the Deathwatch pad. When the Marine returns to his chapter, he is allowed to bear the icon of the Deathwatch if he so wishes.
  8. Or, make a bog-standard first-rank Deathwatch character, say, an Assault Marine with a penchant for flamers and two-handed chainswords, but call the character a Sister of Battle. The character would be on a perfectly even-footing with all of the Astartes and "in-universe" would just be an incredibly bad-ass member of the Adepta Sororitas, which is exactly the sort of sister that would wind up getting attached to a kill-team. This is, imho, the simplest way to include a female character of equal power to the male marines if you insist on following the "all-boys club" bit.
  9. Nimon said: The whole point of this thread was that their is not a good "recon" type specialty. Initially space marine scouts are the new guys in the 10th company, what represents a seasoned scout type? There are plenty of seasoned Scouts in a codex-adherent 10th company; the sergeants, captain(s), command staff, etcetera. Including some legendary characters like the Ultramarine's Veteran Sergeant Telion. Several noncodex-adherent chapters have only full marines in their Scout units (such as the Space Wolves) or have "special ops" groups of full marines operating in Scout roles. Nimon said:Those are the page numbers for the armoury yes, I was asking you for the page that says what a scout is and uses. You just said so yourself there is no necessity to stick to the weapons that the tabletop uses so why keep bringing up the needler, shotgun, bolter and missle launcher? I'm the one that keeps trying to bring the discussion back to the canon weaponry of the Scouts, mostly to try to stop the thread from going off onto a tangent about building a bigger, better, badder sniper rifle for the Scouts to use. Space Marine Scouts aren't Vindicare Assassins. The way I see it, Deathwatch is currently missing a speciality that acts in a "stealthy, sneaky, skill monkey" role, akin to D&D's Rogue or Thief class; Assault and Devastator Marines fill the striker role well, Apothecaries and Techmarines are excelent in the support role, and Tactical Marines are excellent leaders and/or jack-of-all-trades. But the omission of a proper Scout seems glaring.
  10. Bah, its one single sentance from the rulebook with a line being drawn through it. As I recall, the origin of the “all Marines must be male” bit of fluff first appeared in an article in a very early White Dwarf (#98) and not in any of the original rulebooks, although that artical was reprinted in the Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, circa 1989. This was, mind you, an era when Space Marines rode jetbikes, Harlequins could use Land Raiders, and the forces of Chaos did not yet exist! Okay, sure, this one tiny bit of fluff that "because the zygotes are keyed to male hormones and tissue types" all Space Marines must be male still exists; this twenty-plus year old article by Rick Priestley keeps getting recycled. SO WHAT!? I'm not playing in Mr. Priestley's campaign, nor is he ever likly to show up at my table... I want to have women and men in the Adeptus Astartes. So, I do. Anyone who's got a problem with it, can talk to the Lighting Claw.
  11. Or, let them play a male character. Or, let them play a female space marine. For some reason, a large portion of the fan base regards both of these suggestions as heresy. But, if you and your group have fun, that's the only thing that counts.
  12. The core-rulebooks, supplements, and codices from the table-top wargame, especially from the first (aka Rogue Trader) and second edition, are a great source of background information. I especially recomend any of the first edition Chaos or Ork supplements, the second edition Codex: Angels of Death, Codex: Sisters of Battle, Codex: Imperial Guard, and Codex: Ultramarines. These can be tricky to find, but are available in a wide vareity of places on the internet.
  13. This is the WH40K universe... the time-line isn't terribly rigid. Its actually not uncommon for ships entering the Warp to arrive at the destination decades before they left their port of origin. I seem to recall one Ork Warboss who proceeded to track down his past-self in order to kill him and get two of his favorite shootas.
  14. Not too mention, the studio would probably want GW to have the same canon when filming begins and when it wraps two years latter.
  15. Nimon said: First thing you are right they are not just snipers, I tried to give them things like security and to reflect that truly I think there are alot of skills that they should have like survival and a bonus to navigation surface, but I figured the player could chose those from deathwatch, codex or chapter advances if avalible. The skills are there, but I wouldn't rely too much on the outside sources. Assault Marines, Librarians, and the rest don't need to lean on codex or chapter training to fill their role. Nimon said: Second thing-One Shot One Kill is what snipers do, they kill HVTs(high value targets). Funny how no one objects to the Devestator taking out a quater of an army in the first round, but give sniper the ability to kill one guy and suddenly he is over powered. The issue I have with your write-up is that all your special abilities are sniper related; I think more emphasis should be put on fieldcraft, tracking, and reconnaissance. Nimon said: Thirdly my gun is based more off of a Rail Gun, which is what I see someone with 4x human strength going after huge bug monsters and daemons using. You want to give em the needler go ahead use it as you want. Once again, I'm forced to point out that Space Marine Scouts use needlers, shotguns, boltguns and bolt pistols; Heavy bolters and missile launchers. There aren't any rail guns in the Imperium's armories (short of some oddities - that might not be canon any more - among the Squat Clans and Titan Legions).
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