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  1. You're right, could change something indeed. Thanks
  2. Why it's spedified in the rulebook : "Starting with the attacker, both players in the combat suffer damage equal to the difference". Does that mean if all the attacker units are destroyed the combat phase end without he can give his damages to defender ? If damage are really simultaneous why writing in rules "attacker take damage first" ? what is the purpose of such a precision ?
  3. Here's my personnal reference sheet. Ok it's in french.. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B62cbuBD7-F2YUV0S0N3eTZtaGc/view
  4. Seems to be hard for the civil fleet because we normally can't recognize what ressource is behind which ship. I'm ok for a 2.0 edition which take god points of the others, a more simple begeninng and layalty deck, the allies mechanic of Exodus etc... To me must be a great project...
  5. Just wanna say we have only ONE YT-1300 pilot. Others are Millenium Falcon pilot : it's not the same ship. According to me it will be good if we have more scum YT-13O0 smugglers. Not s good as Lando or Han of course...
  6. It's is not silly to think that YT-1300 is used by smugglers. So why we have an alternate version of Boba Fett but not other YT-1300 pilot (not necessary Millenum Falcon pilots)
  7. Hello I have the game on my Mac and my Iphone did I have to buy the expansion for the two ???
  8. Claerly one more Red Dice is necessary I think Dodging must taking out Cover but it's not written in the rules.
  9. You know as me that you can really immerse in a game (or movie or book) if you love the characters... Yes the game is the same but you don't only play a plastic figure, you play YOU !!!
  10. I don't know if you want to design an expansion for this game (it will be great !!!) But please we have women and girlfriends playing with us. It's really hard to make her playing on such a game with big guns, numerous ennemies and bloodbath. How can we interest her if the only character she can play is a body-buildy spacemarine ? (forgive my bad english i'm french) I don't know the video game and don't know if there are female character but please put them in the game, we can imagine a sniper girl or an intelligence or medic woman... thanks
  11. Well I buy this App, I played with it, ok it was nice. When I choose the resolution for the first time I take may 1920*1200 screen, but after i played on my 1680*1050 screen. Now each time i want to play on my 1920*1200 monitor it shuffle all my icons out of the creen and I cannot change the resolution of the game... is anyone as the same issue ?
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