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  1. I'm honestly not too worried about it because most of my attacks are at long/medium. I just wanted to clarify. Thank you!
  2. Interesting. I'm not going to argue it, but I feel like that can be a bit much. Thankfully though my fleet does not bank on close range attacks. Hopefully we will get an FAQ on it soon with an official answer.
  3. Last Friday I was watching a game that included two ships that were armed with the Targeting Scramblers. A MC30 flew in to unload on a ship, and the Imperial player used the Scramblers from both ships on the single attack the MC30 made. Is it possible to make someone re-roll dice that you already made him/her already re-roll?
  4. Does anyone have any idea as to when we should be seeing this book in stores? It seems like it has been on the boat for quite a while.
  5. I recently just purchased a 24x30 plexiglass board and some expo markers. Roughly $20 in total for the board and four different color markers. It's amazing because it allows me to draw maps or give a visual to what I'm trying to describe to the group on the fly. I can also right down the amount of wounds or strain enemies have to keep track during more involved fights. Before our next session I will be purchasing five 10x10 plexiglass boards for my players and myself to use as note pads. Makes weighting and erasing much easier.
  6. Store: Area 51 201 N Barton St. Grapevine, TX (Across the street from the Sonic) Feb. 27th Sign up: 10am Dice Roll: 11am 400 Points Buy In: $10 You can sign up on the Facebook page. Just look up Area 51 X-Wing & Armada Community. From there you can find the event. This will help us set up easier to ensure that the layout of the tabletop room best accompdates everyone.
  7. Got my shipping notice! Was hoping to have it by this Friday but it won't be here until the 23rd. And I'm so glad the Ghost is in it!
  8. Seems like quite the jump in morality. Figured it would be something like getting 5 or 10 obligation in Edge of the Empire.
  9. So when creating a PC, you can modify their starting morality to start off with more xp/credits. But how much is their morality modified? Is it just GMs discretion?
  10. But in the end it really comes down to your discretion, and how you're running the show. If you're ,ore interested one story telling aspect, like I am,myth will take more time to discuss with your players the reasons for their actions and the consequences. You will know when to apply conflict. The number of points to assign in the guide is merely a suggestion to give you an idea of what kind of actions are deserving of X amount of conflict.
  11. First bit of art showing Old Ben Kenobi watching over the Lars Homestead.
  12. Mine won't be available until Friday unfortunately.
  13. It is unfortunate that we have stores like that. The one in my hometown is like that. Plus it's not really a family friendly environment once the sun sets, if you know what I mean. But in. A few years, I will be back down their opening my own FLGS so.... Exciting/stressful times ahead! On topic though, I am hoping it will be hitting my current FLGS up here. The owner is going to contact me if and when it arrives so I shall let you guys know. Maybe even do a Q&A
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