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  1. Thanks. That's somewhat disappointing but makes sense.
  2. I'm struggling with what constitutes an active deployment point and I can't find the information in guide/rulebook. So I get that the green points are normally the starting active deployment points, and that others can become active through mission rules. What I can't work out is if I deploy units to a yellow or red point do they become active. For example if a mission says "deploy an AT-ST to a yellow deployment point" does that yellow point become active for future status phases or is it a one off special deployment?
  3. Jervon said: I thing that you are missing the part of rules that say that at FIRST you are dealing with primary ability and only after that every player may choose to use secondary ability. So when someone decides to breake trade agreement it is done after the trade negotiations, so noone will have (in that turn) chance to make agreement after it is broken. I know this. my point is that you can, in effect, only break an agreement for one turn , which seems pointless, As everyone gets their trade goods as part of the primary (unlike the original card which required you to activate the secondary) I cant see much damage being done, unless you are taking the Trade Card next turn, of which there is no certainty. I just think that you would be better off holding onto your strategy allocation. I missed the fact that it still has to be approved by the holding player. Thats useful
  4. Just wondered if anyone was playing with some interesting house rules I could introduce to my gaming group. I will set the ball rolling, We dont get our Races or reveal objectives (we always play with age of empire option) until after the board is set up
  5. Are you sure they still need to be approved? It said that explicitly on the original trade card, but doesn't say so on the trade III card! If thats true then there is a little sense to it. However I think I may go back to the "you cant get trade from newly formed contracts" rule, but use it with the new card
  6. I just got Shards of the Throne Exp and played one game with it. Got to say - BRILLIANT EXPANSION However the Trade III secondary ability seems pointless. With it you can break a trade agreement, but the primary ability lets everyone make agreements and instantly get trade goods for them. So whoevers agreement you break just remakes it and still get the goods. Have I missed the point somewhere or is the secondary ability just pointless. If Im right Im instigating a house rule more in line with the old trade agreement rules.
  7. I dont think the delay will make as much difference as you think. Anyone who watched and enjoyed the series will see this in a shop and think "oh Yeah, that series was really good" and buy it anyway. Looking forward to this. Havent got the first edition but played it. Didnt want to get it as it was just 5 players unless you paid out for an expansion. This one being 6 will encourage me to buy it.
  8. With all the hype and wait for BB:TM I'm beginning to worry that this is going to major fail. I love BB, but cant help but feel that this isnt ging to be what I want. Anyone else agree, or disagree?
  9. Its a shame that this is just two players. IS it likely to get more players with expansions?
  10. Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends. Yes, your thoughts betray you. Your feelings for them are strong. Especially for... sister. So, you have a twin sister. Your feelings have now betrayed her, too. Obi-Wan was wise to hide her from me. Now his failure is complete. If you will not turn to the Dark Side... then perhaps she will..
  11. I had the old Games workshop edition of cosmic (80's) and the new versions artwork really struck me when i opened it up. The level of detail is tremendous. I love your choice of making Loser a cat-like being. I also love the fact the Zombie has a Loser skeleton in it, and the Mimic is imitating it. I have to admit I do want to squash that cat when I see it!!!
  12. The Claw is awesome!! Managed a joint win because someone played a +2 reinforcement out of frustration when he realised he couldnt win HAHAHA!!!!
  13. I played a game with all aliens allowed the other day and Industrialist came up. The Player that got it ended up hating it and decided not to play it again. Once all the other players heard its power they all decided to gang up on it out of fear. Everyone reserved cosmic zaps to make sure they could beat it (which worked a treat as the Vulch was in the game and he kept zapping the industrialist) and then everytime the industrialist came up everyone would stand against it. Wasnt long before he lost his power due to too few home planets. Even the plant, which consistently grafted the industrialists power , didnt win. As it stands the Vulch won in the end. I don't think the industrialist is broken, I think it requires a bit more strategy to beat on the part of the other players. As I said the player that got it decided not to pick it again as she didn't like being ganged up on, and she ended up coming last in the game.
  14. I agree with the fact that a generic superhero game is hard to market, but video games like inFamous and city of heroes have managed to get the public's interest. I think its possible to create a good generic hero board game that people would enjoy.
  15. Crooked Deals are special, thats why you can only get them in a reward deck. If anything says "turned into a negotiate" or wording similar then its always a plain old negotiate, I don't see where the confusion comes in.
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