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  1. I read all of this with Actual Cannibal Shia LeBeouf running through my head.... This pleases me! Now my Brute will be the slasher villain of my Empire fleet, thanks!
  2. As you say pyoinator, it sadly doesn't work, however I'd somehow completely missed the reinforce was even there!
  3. I am more excited than I thought I'd be about the Brute. From an aesthetic perspective I think it will look great alongside some /lns, and it's certainly looking like it's going to be a pretty solid ship of its own. I know what you mean there Kreen, the manoeuvre assist just looks fantastic, but then I suppose I've probably been secretly lusting over R4 for all this time. I think the Targeting Assist might benefit the low pilot skill bodies, as it discourages the PS kill at least a little, that or give you the chance of spending your calculate on defence and then getting more back. You're right about the lack of R1, very much leaning into the Synced Cannons I feel.
  4. I came here merely to say that I enjoyed this pun far too much! Thank you. I'll leave you all to your discussion now.
  5. These are all incredibly impressive, so much imagination and creativity!
  6. So I'll admit I was skeptical about how dangerous this list was, in that you'd need to kill 2-3 of them by turn 2, and then I tested it on Fly Casual. Now I am not a particularly good player at the best of times, and my Ace-fu is sadly lacking, but I can see how easy it would be in the hands of a half-skilled player to just ruin people with that! Dare I say it.... bring on the Concussion Bombs!
  7. Glad to hear it went well! It sounds like a good game. I think you're right, aces are a weird one. If your opponent has a few pieces that aren't in wings that you want to get rid of then they might pull their weight more. Were the bulk of the non-CR90 Republic gunning for Maul or generally tearing it up in a few places?
  8. So, and please excuse the fact that I am not a Republic player and basically only flirted with the Separatists before realising I couldn't justify a third full faction, it looks to me like you've got the makings of two Epic lists even without the huge ships. Do definitely include the Huge ships though, unless you're wanting to do multiple games where you ramp things up and only include the Huge ships in subsequent. A wing of Arcs plus a collection of the other ships, a couple of aces for some ace duelling in amid all the chaos would probably work, and if you're looking for more casual lists anyway then it probably doesn't matter if some of the choices aren't as powerful. For the Separatists a wing of the Vultures, and then mix in some of the others. Pure points-wise the Republic should expect to spend nearer 200 on their huge ship, as they have access to a true Corvette in the CR-90, while the CROC for the Separatists will flat out be cheaper and there are a load of recommendations re why you don't want to load it up as much, however bring Maul, maybe Grievous and as much of the rest as you can and it should still be pretty even. Apologies I don't know enough faction specifics to give you a full list, but you've got more than enough stuff to make some fun clone era epic lists. In your list making just consider ensuring both sides have something to combat the enemy wing and something to combat the huge ship and you're mostly there.
  9. Just show me where to aim my Tweet and I shall bring out the account that I do absolutely nothing with to make it happen! (I only ask for directions due to not being particular Twitter savvy and preferring not to inundate some poor other Ian Fraser with questions about our 5-winged Saviour (I need to use that more often!))
  10. Just... I can't even.... *wipes tear* it's so beautiful!
  11. It saddens me to have missed the initial cry to get Gunboats onto the table and into X-wing in the first place. So I can and will join you on this hill Odanan! Starwings! Starwings everywhere!
  12. Looking forward to seeing that! And now I need to clear the table and give it a go. I'm guessing that for Huge ships it's going to get a bit more "take the best actions for the enemy Huge ship" than it would be otherwise, but sounds worth a try.
  13. To check I'm not missing an interaction here, the 4 dice shots are only in range 1 correct? The build looks super solid and I've stolen it for a list I'm looking at at the mo, so thankeesai!
  14. Glad to see I'm not at least just being blind. YASB kicks up a message saying a legal tournament squad must contain between 2 and 8 ships, for both normal and Epic, and that only goes away when you have 8 ships total. For some reason I thought there was a change to the squad building limits in Epic, as having the same ship count limit for over double the points of the game seems a bit... limiting to say the least!
  15. Apologies for the slightly tangential question, but I cannot find the answer anywhere in my Epic rulebook (might just be being blind), but do the Squad building limits with regards to how many ships of the same type, or total you can have change for Epic games? It feels like a major factor in playing Epic without Huge ships, and part of me just wants to see how many TIE/ln's I can put on the field at once.
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