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  1. I usually go for random for speed, and because my regular group play a 4 way format so I have less control over placement than normal. Sometimes I'll place specifics so I can test stuff though. Really appreciate that option!
  2. I think that's the right way to do it, and is the plan going forward, at least for a while. How did you find the actions, ignoring some of the more complicated options at least, worth starting with from the start or add them in after flying for a bit?
  3. So I tried with my now 4 year old daughter a couple of months before her birthday. She really enjoyed the tactile aspect of rolling dice, matching shapes, using the templates and seeing the ships move, but was obviously a bit too young to quite understand the dynamics of the game as a whole. Mostly she just wanted to do as many red manoeuvres as she could because red is her favourite colour However it is a start that I intend to keep up!
  4. Ahha! Thank you for the clarification. That's really quite interesting.
  5. Having just gained my first huge ship, this thread gains new meaning for me! *attempts to attach the needless ship on painted table photo* *File to large* "Foiled again!"
  6. That there is fighting talk! Though I'll admit that scale was only partial, so I'm willing to add kiwis below pears...probably, and with the understanding that dragonfruit go below kiwis. Looks awesome, yet tastes of NOTHING! Perhaps Durian for the bottom (pun-intended) though at the same time I actually quite like it, it's more as an awareness that vast tracts of humanity don't.
  7. So basically mashing two different and completely functional tiering systems together 'for reasons'! 😩 Thank you foreign language gang! Your help, as ever, is invaluable and much appreciated! Now to add it to the random info database!
  8. Didn't the most recent FAQ remove the ability to drop/launch devices when cloaked?
  9. Can I just mildly leap off topic to query the need for a ranking system that randomly diverges from its logical pattern for no reason! Like, if you have a logical tiering, gold>silver>bronze, A>B>C>D>...., top>middle>bottom, 1st>2nd>3rd>nth, Millipede>Centipede>Spider>Beetle, Mango>Blackberry>Strawberry>Apple>Pear, etc ad infinitum, what is the purpose of suddenly sticking a Whiffle-bat category on top? Your system already has a top tier, its the first one (or the last one depending on your chosen progression system)! Surely you build around your existing tiers, so if need be downgrading things into lower categories if suddenly you need to add things into the top tier. Moving things between tiers as the tiers and individual items within them change is kind of the point of having tiers... right? This brought to you by not enough sleep, and 'what even is S-tier and why does it need to exist?!?!'
  10. Apologies if I'm missing something that's already been said. Re bonus attacks, could it not be that Huge ships are only allowed to make 1 (free) bonus attack, and any number of bonus attacks that require spending energy? With the assumption that each weapon source can only be fired once no matter what you're using to get to fire it (so Point-Defence Battery can only activate once, but when it does it allows you to use it 4 times). That means that Merchant One gets an additional free turret attack, and Corsair refit can spend energy to fire its turret (for example) once, or multiple energy to fire each additional slot once. Also means that IG88 stuff is still limited by energy, or actual free options. (This may be very poorly articulated, but currently this is the only way I can string these words together! )
  11. Longest journey I've ever done was my first time cycling up to and through north London with all my stuff in my backpack. Only 30 minute cycle, so hardly any distance at all, but as I was using the fastest / most direct route during rush hour, on a wet winter's evening it felt a lot longer due to the amount of traffic.
  12. I'm interested to see how Tarkin works if the ship he's on holds multiple locks in the first place. Does that mean that all the other ships gaining locks can pick from among the locked ships, because that opens up the fleet's ability to hit multiple targets, and means if you're split up and not all of them are within range 3 of the one target you're more likely to make use of it on multiple.
  13. See I keep hearing this and I get the logic, but at the same time with so much blue on the TAP's dial being speed 1 Cluster's have always felt better so that they can be in knife-fighting range, outmanoeuvring things in tight arcs and still laying on the ordnance. To be fair getting range 3 missile shots without committing to going into close range next turn, is a skill I need to practice!
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