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  1. Sweet! I bought High G training for 5 XP and Grit for 10XP. Char sheet updated.
  2. Rax keeps a wether eye on Imperial movements. "Almost there, chums. Just a couple more..." stealth again: 5eA+2eD+1eB+1eS 3 successes, 1 threat
  3. What's the difficulty for the next stealth check?
  4. I figure that if our luck holds, it holds, and if it doesn't then we're not really in any better spot if we start the shooting than if we don't. I thought that all of the charges were going off at the same time, which was after we had called in the Brick and were trying to extract.
  5. I say we don't attract any attention until we absolutely have to. Signal the truck, and start running like the dickens while the pyrotechnics keep the imps occupado.
  6. Which comes next, the stealth check or the Mechanics check?
  7. Rax keeps a steady flow of quiet information to the demo team, doing his best to help them evade Imperial patrols. Almost there... stealthing: 1eP+4eA+1eB+2eD 0 successes, 6 advantage Not certain what to do with the advantages, here...
  8. With 1 boost, it's the exact same roll as the last stealth roll, correct?
  9. So, when are we ready for the next stealth check, and what will I be rolling this time?
  10. Tears dice long ago contaminated mine. You don't know the power of the Cursed Dice, Colonel. I MUST fluff my roll.
  11. Rax squints as he surveys the scene, watch the sentry carefully to see if the man investigates further. mega Stealth roll: 1eP+4eA+1eB+1eC+2eD+1eS 1 success, 1 threat
  12. Crap, I thought the roll had already been made for me, rolling stealth right now
  13. I think I should be fine, but will let you know if I need to work on corrections or the like that will keep me busy again!
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