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  1. Okay, so, in a past post I asked what sort of ship might work well for Belters (asteroid miners). Now I need a bit more help if you please. Now, obviously if a ship is going fast enough and hits a rock hard enough the ship will go boom. Of this there can be no doubt. But it's not really cinematic and surely not much fun. So, I was curious how you'd run being hit a few times by an asteroid field? What sort of damage for instance would a motorcycle sized rock going as fast as a chuck-wagon impacting a ship be expected to inflict? I understand of course (of course) that it depends on size and speed of all parties involved) but how would you quantify the rocks that aren't immediately killers but might be maim-ers or cripplers? I'm not looking for hand-wavium or "Just-do-it-like-this-and-avoid-numbers-ism" either. If I wanted to just "I Believe in Genie" this away I wouldn't have come here looking for input folks
  2. So, let's say you were an asteroid belt miner, and you specialized in dragging big (but let's say not moon sized, say, 1/4 the size of a star destroyer to give a ballpark idea) rocks back to a mining station for turning into credits. What ship would be your ideal? Assuming you could modify it as you liked? And what kind of mods would you make to it? Only caveat is that the asteroid MUST be towed or pushed, it can't be carried internally.
  3. So, I'm looking for stats on two starfighters, one of which I'm sure is not in the printed literature so far and another I'm convinced is hiding someplace and my eyes have skimmed over it. The latter fighter is Darth Vader's x1 Prototype Advanced TiE thingummy. You know, the one that almost blew Skywalker out of the heavens in the Death Star's Trench. I'm sure it's around somewhere and I just can't find it. Can anyone point me to where its stats are at, or alternatively speculate on what they may be? The former fighter is the Eta Actis fighter he used while he was waiting for his x1 Prototype Advanced TiE thingummy. I mean I could just use the same stats as all the other Eta's but I have a funny feeling he might have modded it somewhat. I know this one's pure speculation but I'm curious what you guys think nonetheless. Thanks guys.
  4. Okay, I know, I know, a LOT of you will roll your eyes at this question and try to tell me how I shouldn't make stats for Darth Vader. Your opinions are duly noted, appreciated and responded to with a gentle admonition to siddown and have a slice of pizza. I don't want to hear from you. But I do know some of you out there have, as an experiment or otherwise, statted him out. So what do you think? What should his stats be? What should the stats on his lightsaber be? Lay-em on me.
  5. Hey Folks: So, I have some poor victims...err...I mean PC's travelling to Korriban, and I'd like to have them encounter the wildlife. I've found four rather interesting species of critter and I'm wondering how you guys would stat them out: First, the K'lor'slug, as seen here: http://swtor.wikia.com/wiki/K%27lor%27slug Second, the Shyrack, as seen here: http://swtor.wikia.com/wiki/Shyrack Then the Terentatek: http://swtor.wikia.com/wiki/Terentatek And finally, the Tuk'ata: http://swtor.wikia.com/wiki/Tuk%27ata Any ideas?
  6. That's not what I was asking for. FFG has not as of yet created a creatures book (though they do have some creatures here and there) and as such, much as with other things like ships and aliens, people have stepped forward to provide their own material. THAT is what I am looking for, I'm not looking for an end run around actually having to buy books, I want that to be clear now.
  7. Hey All: Has anyone here put together a bunch of creature adversaries in a compendium format?
  8. Yeah, here in Canada it's 12 bucks for shipping. Sorry, not worth it. Print on Demand is grand and all, but not at those prices.
  9. Really happy to see this project is proceeding. Best of luck to the author(s) and testers!
  10. I doubt Rebels Episodes will touch much on it/them because it's a kid's show and while it can get a mite serious, I doubt it'll get all that serious. You do make a good point about rewriting stuff though, the Powers that be at Lucasland seem to be exceedingly willing to throw out stuff if it's inconvenient.
  11. I don't know how much of the book you've finished and precisely what you want to put in it, but I am concerned that you're going to focus too tightly on the "emerging Rebel Monkey-wrenchers living by the skin of their teeth" part of the initial Rebellion and pseudo-rebellion that preceded it. I think a sourcebook that really does justice to the nascence of the Rebellion needs to encompass more than what I mentioned above. When precisely was the word "rebellion" uttered and by whom? What were the very first actions of the new Rebellion? What actions were taken in that awful time between the end of Episode III and the time not long before Episode IV when we knew the Rebellion was a thing? How would PC politicians and diplomats work to limit the encroachment of Palpatine's abomination upon their people? How would they keep their people safe while still trying to assist a movement that in this time frame is really just as fragile as the lightest whisper? We understand that there are real, honest to goodness, full blown, capital J Jedi (not the shadows of their former glory that can be found in the EotE or even AoR books) who weren't eradicated after General Order 66, what kind of campaigns could GM's create for them? What did the Empire do wrong in its early days? What protocols had it not quite gotten down pat yet? What technologies was it using in transition from the slapdash procurement of the Grand Army to the ruthlessly efficient and calculating procurement machine of the Imperial Armed Forces? What happened to all those Clones? Some became Stormies, some left the service. Some were executed for failing to kill their Jedi officers. How will you deal with them? How many ARC troopers and Kitarn Clone Commandos are left? What does their rather less biddable personalities mean for their place in the New Order? I don't say this to be harsh, but if this is really only going to be a book about "how to play FFG's Star Wars so it'll feel like you're playing Star Wars Rebels just like the TV show!" then while that Sourcebook will be valuable, it wouldn't be anywhere near as profound as a book that delves into what I've spoken of above. But I must say, kickass cover.
  12. Fatedtodie makes a good point, often times Fight Clubs are invaluable for gaining insight into how combat works. I always run them when I can.
  13. One of the things you have to understand about FFG's take on SW is that if you're looking strictly at combat or adversarial encounters to challenge your players you're often gonna run into this problem. Combat may not be lethal in the strict sense of what the word lethal means, but it is very easy going just by the numbers to remove multiple PC's from combat in a short order - and the same is true for NPC's so it's hard to gauge how much time combat will take and/or how hard it'll be just by comparing the stats of the combatants. So, instead of controlling fights that way, you have to use exterior, narrative factors to throttle up or down combat speed and effectiveness by assigning dice values to various factors. In that way, the environment and circumstances become a sort of pseudo-NPC. It's a different way to steer the flow of a combat and a game, but you'll get used to it.
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