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  1. So I wonder why the adversary decks do not have all of the npcs from the book. I know it has a few new ones, but was there a reason why some were left out? Are they maybe going to be released later? They are really nice cards, but I wish they had at least all listed from the books
  2. Thank you, after my post I ended up finding that link in an old reddit post and downloaded it. I was just trying to make sure FFG was aware of this, since I believe they should not remove the official link before providing a new version
  3. Mestre dos Magos


    This new FAQ pdf is missing Errata, which could be found in the 1.0 version of the file. Also, I know I am being picky but the previous pdf file had a much better layout
  4. I can no longer find the Errata/FAQ pdf link to download anymore. It used to be in the product page, but now it is gone. Yes I read the sticky topic about FAQ, but is that file supposed to replace the one that was available in the main support page? If yes, it is missing ERRATA
  5. This.... I would love to have a TI setting book Also, but i know it might not be too popular, i would like one for Tannhauser
  6. Watching the video, it seems you use the combat tokens fairly often. I am concerned with the quality and durability. Everyone who plays too much Starcraft, Game of Thrones, or other board games where you use often the order tokens will know how paper tokens fray and get marked with use. I hope they are made of plastic, but i am afraid they will probably be paper?
  7. Fantasy Grounds II, coupled with the wfrp3 community created and supported ruleset for it, is in my opinion the best experience you will get, for playing it online. The downside of course is the price, but I would say to you: try the demo out, see if your group would be up for it. Now, I own am Ultimate License for FGII, it is expensive: 150 dollars, most people would say it is too much and I agree, but if you try it out and like it, it is a good investiment in my opinion. It is activelly maintained and updated, and the ultimate license works like this: you buy it, and your friends (any number of them) can connect without a license, to your games. There are other options, you could buy the full license for 40 dollars, and your friends the lite version (allowing them to play) for 25. Still some will say it is expensive, I would say it is less than going out and watching a movie nowadays anyways… and cheap for the prolonged fun. Give it a try, download the demo, visit the wfrp3 community mentioned in other topics and test the ruleset out… I think i should also mention i use teamspeak or skype, to connect everyone too
  8. Wrapped said: Sometimes this game gives me vertigo. *phew* Just wait until we have a couple of expansion rules, hah!
  9. I like WHFRP, I agree tokens and cards were overused, but I reallt would like to see action cards, creature cards, etca released for SW It would of course be optional, but I for one (and i am sure I would not be alone) would purchase all the optional kits…
  10. I know new stuff for Tannhauser will halt, and I wish it would not be so, but oh well.. Anyway, I would like to see a revised-revised rulebook, or at least a leaflet with all characters and equipments, skills etca… in the same place. I find it is a little clumsy to have the revised rulebook and the small individual rulebooks of the other characters, in different places… Maybe a different book for reference? They could even work on some campaign book?
  11. That´s what I thought, although we did have minis in Chaos in the Old World, and to some extent, in Horus Heresy. I know I am bickering over small details, but I wanted better looking ones, those Busts look so weird
  12. Well, it is as simple as that. Those minis look terrible, why not proper minis? I know GW is a weird company and most probably it is afraid those minis would be used as proxy in their miniature wargame… is that it? Anyway, I dont like them…
  13. Contact FFG support, they will probably provide you the missing parts
  14. My only gripe is with the tokens, loads of them. I saw some pictures in BGG where players were using d6 dice as counters, so they would put one on top of a card, and use the pips in the dice to count as tokens. I bought some dice and will do that.. By using dice to count charges in action cards, and for fatigue and stress, the amount of tokens is cut down a lot…
  15. I feel your pain. Some retailers do sell print on demand, one that I know of, is coolstuffinc.com Maybe another one closer to you sell it too…
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