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  1. Hello everyone, I have a question in mind or sort of a statement, can the situation described below actually be right? I have a player in my kill team that is playing a devastator marine, he has chosen the squad mode ability "unrelenting devastation" , then he also has the "death is joy" background on his armor, and finally have the "storm of iron" talent. Let’s just say for the fun of it that my player rolls the highest possible, the enemy is a horde with a M=50 (which gives him +30 size mod) laser sight (+10 mod) target is at close range (+10 mod) full auto burst (+20 mod) he then ends up at somewhere around 110 in BS and rolls a 01, which is 11 degrees. Thus 11 hits, then we add and 1 more damage to the magnitude for every hit this equals 22 and then +1 extra for death is joy this (23) and finally we double it because of the "storm of iron" talent. Ending at a magnitude damage of 46 if the 11 original hits take 15 or more damage each (which they probably will). And this is without any sort of explosive or blast quality. Can this really be right?!?! Please right what you think or/and know
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