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  1. I'm starting play in a high level Deathwatch game soon, and I have a character to make. It's very much power level, in that I'll be set a character with 50,000 xp to spend. I'm going to make a techmarine, with the keeper of the forge speciality for one of his ranks. Being unfamilar with this speciality though, and having a -lot- of xp to spend, I was wondering if anyone could offer me advice on how to build him. It's also possible he'll possess a relic item, so advice and suggestions there too would be welcomed!
  2. In table 6-2, ceasefire gives +30 to checks, but is higher up then the conditions that give +10 and +20.
  3. I'm interested too, but is the adventure available for downloading yet?
  4. Tau: Bring in large number of colonists to settle the worlds behind the Greyhell Front, people who are shown to be utterly dedicated to the Emperor and would never be tempted by the Tau. Given a good amount of their expansion relies on winning support from humans, they'll be greatly slowed if the majority can't be swayed and would spit on them. Tyranids: Extreme, even for the Imperium, but virus bomb several worlds in their path and use strong psychic signals to draw more of Dagon southward and directly towards Tau worlds. It's not ideal, but it would offer time and chance for a hefty counter attack and would likewise force the Tau to withdraw forces from the Greyhell Front to meet the incoming hive fleet. Chaos: I need to consider this a little more.
  5. I'd actually say, ambidextrous, two weapon wielder (ballistic) and two storm bolters with metal storm rounds. That'd be a maxinum of 48 damage to a horde in one round.
  6. Thanks. Then my skype is alex.robertson696, looking forward to chatting to you.
  7. I'd like to express interest, should there be any spots left. UK based myself.
  8. I'm in the UTC timezone, but if it's possible I'd like to take part in this game.
  9. Mm, to comfirm that, starting xp will be 10,000, to put you at the start of rank 3.
  10. *Facepalm* And my skype name, which I keep forgetting to put down, is retias1.
  11. For your timezone Noctum, it would be 9pm to 1am. I don't know what you consider a late hour, but hopefully it's slanted so it won't be too late.
  12. And because I forgot to add this as well, would you all be good for our first general meeting this coming Thursday?
  13. Oki, this is sounding good so far. Thursday is sounding like the best choice for everyone to overlap in timezones. From the look of things, would 8pm-midnight UTC work for all you folks? The first meeting would likely be sorting out character, dynasty and ship creation. The characters everyone wants to play should be workable enough as a group, to cover all the main angles. BangBangTequila, I'm fine with a Sanctioned pysker, though I'm not too sure how it'll scale up tp RT level, but the games are meant to be interchangable, so it shouldn't be an issue. I'd need to brush up on the DH psyker rules there.
  14. Regarding experience level, I'd go for rank 2-3 to give people chance to define and specialise their characters a little more. Timezones are an issue, yeah. Can you tell me what days of the week are best for you, and what times (in UTC) you can manage? I'll try to set a good date and time for us all based on that. I would prefer 3-4 players for the game, with 3 of you already showing interest, and I'd like a PC as the Rogue Trader (but I'm flexible enough to let you be the warrant holder, without taking the actual RT career). If the Rogue Trader does use another career, it'll shape the ship and game differently, but we can settle that when the time comes.
  15. Likely once a week, for three/four hours. The time and day can hopefully be worked out with any players I might get.
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